New k-pop album releases - September 29 to October 5, 2007

Big Mama Vol. 4 – Blossom (October 3)

1. Heaven (Feat. Mc Mong)
2. Betray
3. Promises In The World
4. Greeting
5. Over The Rainbow (Lee Ji Young solo)
6. Even If You See My Eyes (Park Min Hae solo)
7. Fla Fla Fla
8. About Ending
9. Bad News (Shin Yeon Ah solo)
10. Because I Love You…(Lee Young Hyun solo)
11. Scream
12. Fla Fla Fla (가재발 Mix)
13. Break Away (Acoustic Ver.)
14. Betray (Mr)
15. Greeting (Mr)
16. Heaven (Mr)

– Singing with beautiful melody and harmony, Big Mama’s 4th album [Blossom]

Big Mama have put much effort and hope into this album for six months. To make this album the best, they have received more than 500 demo tracks to choose from. Unlike their past albums, they’ve decided to work with different composers and focus strictly on the melody of each song. Each of the Big Mama members will also be showing off their variety of personalities and powerful performances. The producer for this album is both Jo Young Soo and Big Mama. Producer Jo Young Soo is well known for creating great songs with beautiful melodies. He produced 4 tracks in this album, which are "Betray", "Heaven", "Greeting" and "Promises In The World". Other musicians such as DJ Zio (from Freestyle) and Kim Hyung Kyu contributed as composers. Big Mama’s 4th album is expected to be highly anticipated. – credits to purpletiger86

Maybee Vol. 2 – Luv Cloud (October 4)

1. From Bluebridge
2. I Weeped
3. Stupid Person
4. Till We Go Crazy
5. 10 AM
6. Sudden Movement
7. That Person
8. Sha Lal La Song
9. Daydream
10. Go Maybee
11. Last Dance With Him
12. Stupid Person Classic Ver.
13. Till We Go Crazy Rock Ver.
14. Happy Virus

Maybee’s second album is filled with much more feelings than her first. Her producer for her first album, Kim Gun Woo, has also helped her with her second. Famous composers such as Ha Jung Ho, responsible for Fly to the Sky’s I Love You and Lee Sang Joon, who wrote Buzz’s You Don’t Know Men, took part in Maybee’s new album. Luv Cloud consists of 14 tracks and they don’t all fall under the ballad category. Instead they fall under different categories, whether it’s pop rock, jazz, or bossa nova. Maybee’s title track, Stupid Person, is a ballad and was composed by the same composer (Kim Gun Woo) responsible for her title track, Daso, off her first album. The song, Stupid Person, is about a girl whose love relationship with a guy is dying and so no matter how much she tries to forget him and look happy without him, she will only look stupid. – credits to motoway065

Kim Dong Wan Vol. 1 Repackage (October 4)

01. Dongwan Is (Intro)
02. Listen…For Shinhwa Changjo
03. Because It’s My Fault
04. Handkerchief
05. Three Musketeers (Feat. MC Mong, Huh In Chang)
06. Scream (Feat.D.Bace,Dj Tukutz Of Epik High)
07. Love Is Disgraceful
08. My Love (Feat. Eric)
09. I Love Summer (Feat. Andy)
10. Remaining People (Duet With Shin Hye Sung)
11. A Person That Shouldn’t Love (Duet With Byul aka Star)
12. Serious Talk
13. Scream (Remix)

– Kim Dong Wan successfully debuted as a solo artiste with his 1st album title track "Handkerchief". He is now back with his repackage album "Because It’s My Fault".

– A 2008 calendar with beautiful pictures personally taken by Kim Dong Wan and a diary made by a famous graphic designer.
– A song (composed and written by Kim Dong Wan) dedicated to his precious fans who protected him for nine years.
– An album filled with loving memories that he had shared with his fans.
– 20 lucky people (who buy Kim Dong Wan’s repackage album) can get the opportunity to go on a vacation to Jeju Island with Kim Dong Wan.

Kim Dong Wan shed off his dance singer image and made a successful comeback as a ballad singer back in August. The title song "Because It’s My Fault" is composed by PJ and written by Choi Kap Won. He wishes to show his fans his mature side as a ballad singer. This album is solely dedicated to Kim Dong Wan’s fans and 20 lucky members can be chosen to go on a vacation with Kim Dong Wan! – credits to purpletiger86

Monday Kiz (single) – Incompletion (October 1)

1. One Night (Rap Feat. B.Box)
2. Invisible Tears
3. Rusty Heart
4. Happy Sin
5. Invisible Tears (Instrumental)
6. Happy Sin (Instrumental)

-Monday Kiz’s 1st single album "Incompletion". A very precious single album!

Praised as one of the most talented male duo, Monday Kiz debuted with their 1st album title song "Bye Bye Bye" back in 2005 followed by their 2nd album title song "El Condor Pasa" in 2007. Due to member Kim Min Soo’s car accident, they were unable to release their 3rd album. All recordings were put to a stop, but they made a decision to release an incomplete single album with some of the tracks that will be in their 3rd album. The song, "Invisible Tears", was composed and written by Lee Sung Hwan, which is a sad minor ballad song. The song, "Rusty Heart", was composed by Park Hae Woon and written by Kang Eun Kyung, which is a nice pop ballad song. – credits to purpletiger86

Banana Boat Vol. 1 – With A Twist (October 2)

1. Let’s Play
2. Help Me
3. Person Hard of Seeing
4. One. Two. Three
5. Protect Her
6. A Story You Can’t Trust
7. Boo Bee Party
8. Summer Imagination
9. Goodbye Ceremony
10. That’s What Love Is
11. Let’s Play (House Ver.)

Banana Boat have come back after a year with their first album titled, “With a Twist” with a new member, Amy. Last August, Banana Boat gained much love with their debut digital single, “Funny Summer Story”. Their title track, Let’s Play, has a funky Miami beat and just as the song suggests, it is full of fun and excitement. Choi Sung Il, who produced Tei and E.O.S member, Lee Jung Hoon, has helped Banana Boat with great songs. – credits to motoway065

Sunny Hill (single) – Love Letter (October 4)

1. Because It’s You
2. Good-Bye New York
3. Ringtone
4. Leave
5. Because It’s You (Instrumental)
6. Good-Bye New York (Instrumental)
7. Ringtone (Instrumental)
8. Leave (Instrumental)

The members of Sunny Hill have trained since their high school years because they had the ambition and dream to become singers. With three long years of effort, the members, Seung Ah (20), Joo Bi (21), and Jang Hyun (22) have finally released their single. Their title track, Ringtone, is an R&B-style track about sending a person a ringtone instead of breaking up from the relationship. Because It’s You was composed by Lee Min Soo, who also wrote Brown Eyed Girls’ Coming Closer and it’s a medium ballad track with lyrics about liking anything because one has a loved one. Good-bye New York is an up-tempo track where you can hear the brass and jazzy piano, while Leave has an electronica feel to it. -credits to motoway065

Other releases:

Kim Hyun Joon Vol. 2 – 친구야 (October 2)
Lee Sang Eun Vol. 13 – The Third Place (October 2)
Julia Hart Vol. 4 – Hot Music (October 4)
Byun Jin Sub Vol. 11 – Drama (October 4)
Kebee Vol. 2 – Poetree Syndrome (October 4)
Mahatma Vol. 2 – Perseverance (October 5)
Happy Chair – Forte (October 5)
Kang Kyun Sung Vol. 1 – A Path of Love (October 5)

Source: Hanteo, Kyobobook

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