Lim Jeong Hee Vol. 3 – Before I Go, J-Lim (released)

01 Before I Go J-Lim
02 When You’re Crazy in Love (Feat. OutKast Big Boi &J.Y.Park "The Asian Soul")
03 Appearance
04 Opposite of Love
05 Do It (Feat. Miryo From Brown Eyed Girls)
06 Love (Feat. Pdogg)
07 Go to Her
08 Can’t
09 This Kind of Love That Kind of Love (Feat.J.Y.Park "The Asian Soul")
10 Farewell Declaration
11 Listen (Feat. K.Will)
12 When Love Ends

Lim Jeong Hee has finally come back after a year of effort. Hip-Hop group OutKast, who agreed to produce Lim’s album, gave Korea a gift; member Big Boi of OutKast is featured in the title track, When You’re Crazy in Love, as well as the music video. Through her first and second album, Lim Jeong Hee was the best new artiste in 2005 and was even invited to Alicia Keys’ showcase. The title track, When You’re Crazy in Love, is a song that came into being through the collaboration of Bang Shi Hyeok and Lim Jeong Hee herself. It is an up-tempo track with strong hip-hip beats. Other artistes are featured in this album, most notably, Big Boi of OutKast as well as JYP. This album is filled with 12 tracks composed by top producers such as Park Shi Hyeok, Kim Seh Jin, and PJ. – credits to motoway065

Note: Lim Jeong Hee will leave Korea to debut as J-Lim in the US after this album. That’s why the album title is "Before I Go, J-Lim". We wish her good luck and success. Fans should cherish this album as we may not hear a new Korean album from Lim Jeong Hee for a while.

M Vol. 3 (repackaged) – Explore (released)

CD 1
1. Showdown
2. The ‘M’ Style (Feat. Tablo)
3. La Noche Bonita
4. Boy Friend
5. Am 07:05
6. Play My Song (M With Tiger JK & T)
7. Pretty Woman
8. Explore ‘M’
9. Stomp (Feat. Dyna-Mic)
10. One Last Cry
11. L.O.V.E.
12. My Child (98/03/24)
13. You’re The Only One… (Acoustic Edition Part II)
14. The ‘M’ Style (Electric-D. Mix)

CD 2
1. [VCD] Stomp M/V
2. The M Style M/V
3. 3rd Album Showcase (Making)
4. Concert (Making)
5. Birthday Party (Making)
6. Music Video (Making)

– M (Lee Min Woo) released his official third album three months ago and is now back with a newly designed 2CD “Explore M Repackage” album!

Famous hip hop musicians such as Tiger JK (from Drunken Tiger) and Yoon Mi Rae (also known as T) contributed in his third album. Due to music arrangement issues, the song “Explore M” was not included in the official third album, but we will be able to finally listen to the song through this repackage album, along with the acoustic version of the song “You’re The Only One”. There are a total of 14 tracks in this album. The last track on this album is “The ‘M’ Style” remix version which features Tablo (from Epik High). This song will be M’s follow-up song after “Stomp”. To give his fans more pleasure in listening to his music, he included a special VCD that includes his two music videos, making of his showcase, concert, birthday party and music video. This VCD is compiled with clips of M that were not shown to the public. – credits to purpletiger86

Wax and Lee Ki Chan (single) – Love Leaves Again (October 11)

1. Love Leaves Again… (Wax & Lee Ki Chan)
2. Love Leaves Again… (Wax)
3. Love Leaves Again… (Inst.)

This digital single features Korea’s best producer Park Jin Young (who composed and wrote the lyrics to the song) and two of the best ballad singers Lee Ki Chan and Wax. This song is Lee Ki Chan’s No. 1 hit “Love Leaves Again”, which was very popular in the past. It is known that this song is popular every Autumn and is one of Wax’s favorite songs to sing on the karaoke machine. Through this special digital single project, we will be able to listen to Lee Ki Chan and Wax’s duet version of the song as well as Wax’s solo version. – credits to purpletiger86

Happy Chair (single) – Forte (released)

1. 잘한일
2. 혼자라도
3. White Season
4. 잘한일(Inst.)
5. 혼자라도(Inst.)
6. White Season(Inst.)

Korea’s ballad queen Lee Soo Young gives newcomer group Happy Chair a "thumbs up" by writing the lyrics for the main track "A Good Deed" in their debut single Happy Chair Single – Forte. Rumor has it that Lee Soo Young jumped on the opportunity when she by chance heard the melody of "A Good Deed" streaming out of the recording studio. "A Good Deed" talks of bidding well wishes to couples who have grown apart, and features an elegiac melody in perfect harmony with majestic lyrical sounds delivered by a 30-person symphony.

All four members of the group possess their own exotic inimitable vocal style. "Alone" (Track 2) is a rock ballad written by Ha Yoon who previously wrote "Love, What To Do" for Ivy’s second album, Ivy Vol. 2 – A Sweet Moment. Formerly a lead vocal of Emerald Castle, Ji Woo took in the reins as producer for Happy Chair Single – Forte. His previous works include Lee Ki Chan Vol. 9 – Para Ti and Lee Soo Young Vol. 8. With all eyes on Happy Chair, these four boys are expected to find their seats high up in the charts very soon. – credits to YesAsia

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Source: Hanteo, Kyobobook, Dosirak