New k-pop album releases - October 13 to 19, 2007
Lee Seung Chul Vol. 9 – The Secret of Color 2 (October 18)

1. Part Time Lover
2. Don’t Speak
3. I Love You
4. Propose
5. Teardrops
6. That Day…Those Memories
7. Because I Love You More
8. These Words That I Want To Say
9. Your Sky

Thinking that this might be his last album, Lee Seung Chul spent a lot of time and effort on this album to make it perfect! This album [The Secret Of Color 2] is a continuation of his fourth album that he released back in 1994 with the title [The Secret Of Color]. Unfortunately, his fourth album did not gain as much popularity as his other albums due to the fact that he did not have much interaction with his fan club and being away in New York for four months to record his fourth album. For his ninth album, he recorded six new tracks in Korea before flying over to meet with All 4 One to receive three more tracks. The title song "I Love You" was composed by Kang Ji Won, who also composed the song "Clock" in Lee Seung Chul’s 8th album. It is a very addictive song with a strong melody and lyrics. – credits to purpletiger86

Koyote Dance Best and 9.5 (released)

01 Love Formula
02 Love and War
03 Passion
04 Blue
05 Passion
06 Trance
07 Pity
08 Emergency
09 Disco King
10 Together
11 Fireworks
12 Bingo
13 White Fairytale
14 Walking Slowly
15 Like This
16 1,2,3,4
17 I Love Rock & Roll

01 Intro
02 Warning
03 Moon Night
04 Time
05 Should I Believe You?
06 Lover
07 Separation
08 Hurricane
09 Circle
10 Happy Mode
11 One Year and a Half
12 Serenade
13 Day
14 Wall
15 Rendez Vous
16 Love Changes
17 Hero
18 Others
19 Line
20 Fighting! Fighting!
21 Unforgettable
22 Over
23 Fate
24 Change of Mind
25 Stop
26 Blue
27 Speeding
28 Let’s Play
29 Joy
30 Sad Heart
31 Love Sick
32 Happy Song
33 Hypnosis
34 Carol Medley – Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
35 Carol Medley – Feliz Navidad
36 Carol Medley – At a Ski Resort
37 Jeans Girl
38 Storm
39 Now
40 Big Smile

This album is a collection of songs from their third album all the way to their ninth, in addition to two new tracks. Older hit songs include Passion, Blue, Trance, Disco King, and Bingo. Hit makers Kim Do Hoon (known for making songs for Lee Hyori, Wheesung, SG Wannabe) and Kim Seh Jin (known for making songs for Lyn, Typhoon) composed Koyote’s title track, Love Formula. You will be able to hear more of Shinji’s sophisticated vocals in this song. – credits to motoway065

Sung Shi Kyung digital single – Break-up one more time (Octrober 19)

1. Break-up One More Time
2. A Familiar Woman
3. Break-up One More Time (Inst.)
4. A Familiar Woman (Inst.)

-Sung Shi Kyung’s First Digital Single

This is Sung Shi Kyung’s first digital single that consists of two great ballad tracks. He is expected to release his highly-anticipated sixth album early next year. He has been working on his sixth album while running a radio station as a DJ. This new single has two wonderful ballad tracks that fit perfectly for the autumn season. Well known singer and composer Yoon Jong Shin composed the title song "Break-up One More Time". It is a sad song about breaking up and having no choice but to give up on love. – credits to purpletiger86

Bae Sul Gi Vol. 2 – Flying (released)

01 Flying
02 Come Closer
03 The Day It Rained
04 Seul Gi Say
05 Without Knowing
06 Right Now
07 What Happened Love
08 Ride With Me
10 Separation and Scissors are Alike
11 Crazy Party
12 Come Close (MR)

Bae Seul Gi, who received much love in 2006 with her songs, Strong Woman and Tomboy, has come back with her second album. Bang Shi Hyuk who has helped produce for Bi and god, has composed Bae’s title track, Seul Gi Say. This dance track has strong beats with a new feeling. There are also medium tempo tracks in this album, which suits the upcoming Fall season. Various stars such as Pdogg, Sly Berry, Wonderkid, and T Bear feature in this album. As for the music video, it will be filmed in Beijing for Bae Seul Gi’s Chinese fans. – credits to motoway065

J-Walk – 2007 Mini Album (October 16)

01 Light Rain
02 Only Love
03 Focus
04 Light Rain J_Beat Mix (Feat. Myung Joon)
05 Only Love (Acoustic Ver.)
06 Focus (Inst. Ver.)
07 Only Love (Inst. Love)
08 Light Rain (Inst. Ver.)

J-Walk have finally made a comeback after 5 years. Their title track, Light Rain, is composed by Kim Do Hoon who made hit songs such as Yang Pa’s After Knowing You and Hyori’s TocTocToc. Light Rain, which has a traditional feeling to it as well as sophisticated tempos, is about a person not being able to forget a loved one after separation. This music video features actress Han Yeh In, who played the role of Yoon Eun Hye’s younger sister in the drama series, Coffee Prince. – credits to motoway065

Suh Ji Young Special Album – SYJ Special (October 17)

1. Doll’s Dream
2. Summer Jingle Bell
3. Burn
4. What Kind Of Wait
5. Morning
6. Don’t Worry
7. Afu ( 자리비움)
8. Star
9. One’s Love
10. That Longing Day
11. Doll’s Dream (Inst.)
12. Burn (Inst.)

Suh Ji Young released her second album early in the year with her title track "Hey Boy". Unlike her second album concept, which was sexy and cute, she’ll be making a comeback as a gentle woman. This album consists of four remake tracks, six tracks from her previous albums and two instrumental tracks. The title song "Doll’s Dream" was produced by Jung Sung Hun. Suh Ji Young worked on the remake tracks with composer Lee Min Soo and arranger Lee Jin Yeom. Suh Ji Young picked six great tracks from her previous two albums that would fit perfectly for the autumn season to include in this album. – credits to purpletiger86

Choi Jung Chul Vol. 3 – Identity (released)

1. 사랑은 왜 해
2. 외롭다 (Intro)
3. 외롭다
4. 초심으로(Radio Edit) (Feat. Cho Pd)
5. 위대한 여인 (Feat. Cho Pd)
6. My Love Ⅱ
7. If I Could
8. I Believe
9. 잠시라도
10. 넌 참 좋은 사람
11. 초심으로 (Extended Version)

Is Jung Chul facing an identity crisis? The singer changed his name back to Choi Jung Chul for his third album, Identity, but there is a deeper significance to the name change. In his own declaration of independence, Choi Jung Chul now stands tall after many painstaking years of struggling to find his footing as a singer, overshadowed by his famous mother Nami’s colorful achievement in Korean music history. Pushing his own full name signifies his confidence in his music as well as in himself.

Topping the list of tracks in Choi Jung Chul Vol. 3 – Identity is "Why Love" (Track 1), a sentimental ballad that shows Choi’s vocals exerting a softened lyrical style in comparison to his two previous albums. "Original Intention" (Track 4) and "A Great Woman" (Track 5) are collaborations between the singer and renowned producer Jo PD. The two tracks offer a delicious blend of Choi’s colorful tones and Jo PD’s musical sophistication. Other noteworthy tracks include jazz number My Love 2 (Track 6) composed by Yoon Il Sang, pop melody If I Could (Track 7), lyrical ballad "For Even One Moment" (Track 9), and "You Are Such A Good Person" (Track 10) composed by MRG, who wrote many of Lee Soo Young’s hit songs. The journey of finding one’s identity may be a lifelong process. For Choi Jung Chul, Identity marks the beginning. – credits to YesAsia

Evasive Inquiry Agency (KBS Drama) OST (October 16)

1. 自由飛行
2. 보물섬 (Koonta & Nuoliunce)
3. 사랑을 찾아서 (Bubble Sisters)
4. Troublemaker
5. 슈퍼히어로 (Lee Seung Hwan)
6. Off Limits
7. 필요충분조건
8. Twisted World
9. 맘대로 해 봐!
10. Love Is Magic (Rangshow/ From Black Tea)
11. Too Sad To Smile..
12. Simple Things
13. What A Fantastic!
14. 아마추어 인생
15. 못먹어도Go! (Napoleon Dynamite)
16. Far Away From Heaven
17. Hoolay~!! (Grayscale)

Stars like Ye Ji Won (Old Miss Diary), Lee Min Ki (Love Truly), Ryu Seung Soo (Thank You), and Lee Eun Sung (Dasepo Naughty Girls) hit the red carpet in the hilarious coming-of-age comedy Evasive Inquiry Agency. This KBS drama revolves around a series of strange events that occur following the accidental discovery of a corpse and gold. Fans and critics alike have been raving about the amazing editing techniques that make many scenes seem like pages straight out of a comic book.

The Evasive Inquiry Agency OST, produced by renowned musical director Choi Chul Ho, is as unique as the drama itself. The soundtrack offers a wide spectrum of musical styles from Lee Seung Hwan, Bubble Sisters, Koonta & Nuoliunce, and many other artistes. For the first time since making his debut 19 years ago, K-pop’s legendary king of live music Lee Seung Hwan branches out to the world of K-drama soundtracks with "Superhero" (Track 5). Written and composed by his highness, the song bears an encouraging message about how one should be the superhero of his or her own life. Other tracks include Bubble Sister’s "Looking For Love" (Track 3), Korean reggae hip-hop group Koonta & Nuoliunce’s lyrical "Treasure Island" (Track 2), indie band Napoleon Dynamite’s accordion-accompanied "Go" (Track 15), K-pop newbie Rangshow’s Love is magic (Track 10), and promising newcomer Grayscale’s Hoolay! (Track 17). – credits to YesAsia

Other releases:

2007 MBC University Gayo Show (released)
Mahatma – Perseverance (released)
Xepy L Blue – Online Adventure (released)
Gutz (single) – Gutz (released)
Innovator – Time Travel (released)
Soon Soo – 2007설레다 (released)
Moon Ji Young – Dagagaki (released)
Various Artistes – 2007 Special Day (released)
Choi Jae Hoon – Above Water: Still Water Runs Deep (released)
Yeun (single) – 왜 난 아직도 (released)
Lee Sang Won – The Romance (October 16)
Sprinkler Vol. 1 – Dreamer (October 16)
Hye Mi Vol. 1 – Smoothy (October 16)
Scorpion – 극과 극 (October 16)
Chae Hwan – Fighting (October 17)
Tae Hwang Sa Shin Gi (MBC Drama) OST (October 17)
Lee Ye Rin – Come Closer To Me (October 17)
Nord Flue 1st EP (October 18)
I The Tri Top’s – Boorish Love (October 19)

Sources: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak

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