New k-pop album releases - October 20 to 26, 2007
Tim Vol. 4 – Love Is… (October 23)

01 Explanation for Using My Heart
02 Thankful Miracle
03 Soliloquy
04 The War Inside Me
05 As Much As I Love
06 Serendipity
07 Wish List
08 Affection
09 I Don’t Regret It
10 You Are to Me
11 Wonderful Life
12 Walk on Water

Many famous composers such as Kim Young Hoo and Kim Tae Sung (wrote songs for BoA, DBSG, Park Jung Ah, Fly to the Sky, Lee Seung Chul, Big Bang, and Wheesung in the past) took part in Tim’s fourth album and unlike the usual easy listening songs Tim you expect from him, the songs on this album have more pop-ish melodies. The title track, As Much as I Love is a ballad produced by Kim Young Hoon where it showcases Tim’s voice. The song is about being hurt from love and not being able to forget it. Once you hear this song, you won’t be able to stop humming it. Consisting of 12 tracks, Tim’s 4th album is filled with songs of new color where Kater D, D, Roxx, and All 4 One’s Jamie Jones also helped take part in. In addition, Son Ho Young and saxophonist, Danny Jung are featured in track 11, Wonderful Life. – credits to motoway065

Shin Hye Sung Vol. 2 (repack) – The Beginning New Days Special Edition (October 22)

1. The Beginning
2. Island
3. First Person
4. Already Know Everything
5. Everything Is You
6. Soliloquy
7. Age
8. Must Be Great For Women
9. Filled With Tears
10. Center
11. The Day We First Met
12. 悲의비
13. L Luv You
14. Erase, Abandon, Forget…
15. 루(淚)
16. Want To Hold You

-Shin Hye Sung’s Official Second Album. ‘The Beginning, New Days- Special Edition’ Release!
-A sad love story that is reminded inside the heart “Erase, Abandon, Forget…”

The title song for Shin Hye Sung’s upcoming second special edition album is called “Erase, Abandon, Forget…”, which will be released on October 23rd. The composer for this song is Shin In Soo who composed many hit songs such as Shin Hye Sung and Lyn’s “After Love”, MC The Max’s “Heart, Please Stop”, Fly To The Sky’s “Even If The Heart Hurts”…etc. The sad lyrics were written by Yang Jae Sun who wrote great lyrics for Sung Shi Kyung’s “Like The First Time”, Shin Seung Hoon’s “I Believe”, Lee Soo Young’s “Rather”…etc. This special edition also includes two Japanese tracks which are “루(淚)” and “Want To Hold You”. These two tracks were included in this album in dedication to his fans in Korea. The album jacket concept was created by Kim Dae Hyung who gave Shin Hye Sung a complete make-over from a smooth and gentle image to a tough and strong image. The tough image concept has always been a concept that Shin Hye Sung wanted to show to his fans as well. Shin Hye Sung has put his whole heart and soul into this album. – credits to purpletiger86

Younha Vol. 1.5 – Comet (October 23)

01 Comet
02 More of Just the Two of Us
03 During the First Snow
04 Touch
05 Under One Umbrella
06 Holding Hands
07 If
08 A Bright Sky Tomorrow
09 Promise
10 Sunflower
11 Blue Light Lemon
12 Orange First Love
13 Remembrances are Wonderful Memories
14 Comet (Instrumental)
15 First Snow (Instrumental)

Younha is releasing a Korean version of her debut Japanese album, Go! Younha. The tracks enclosed in this album are the singles Younha released in Japan from 2004 to the present. The album includes the song, Comet which received much love from both Korea and Japan because it was the ending theme song for the anime, Bleach. The album consists of lively Japanese style ballads, along with powerful piano playing, making a total of 15 songs in this 1.5 album. – credits to motoway065

Cho PD Vol. 6 – Season 6 Money Talks (October 22)

1. Season 6
2. Make It Hot
3. Korea City
4. Day In My Life That’s About Me
5. First Love
6. Money Over Life
7. Annual Ring
8. Bean Paste Syndrome
9. Luxury Syndrome
10. Passing Lane
11. Music Is Dead
12. Pride

-Cho PD / Sixth Album – MONEY TALKS

It has already been nine years since his debut. Breaking out from his long hiatus, Cho PD is making a comeback. The main theme for this album is on “money”, which is what everyone in this world is interested in. The title song is called “Korea City”, which is about his thoughts on how the Korean people view the world and live their lives by spending money each day. This album is about the current issues on money in Korea and the reality of life. The three tracks to look out for are “Bean Paste Syndrome”, “Luxury Syndrome”, and “Music Is Dead”, which deals with money issues and the downfall of the music market. The two tracks in this album that makes us feel happy are “First Love” and “Day In My Life That’s About Me”. During an interview, Cho Pd stated that he’s living his life as a music creator, husband and a father. We can look forward to this album and how Cho PD changed from being a single man to a loving husband and a father. – credits to purpletiger86

Cho Shin Sung Vol. 1 – The Beautiful Stardust (October 22)

01 Hit
02 To My Sad Person
03 Where Are You
04 Romance
05 Once Again
06 Glass
07 Because I Couldn’t Say It
08 Love Hunter
09 Hit (Remix)
10 Where Are You (Remix)
11 Once Again (Remix)
01 DVD Music Drama
02 Making Film

Cho Shin Sung is finally releasing their first album this October. Before filming a music drama with Eugene, the group also modeled for uniforms. Previously debuted with 5 tracks, Cho Shin Sung gained much love with their song, HIT. HIT was written by Jo Young Soo who also wrote SG Wannabe’s Gwang, My Person, Arirang, Seeya’s Crazy Love Song, and Shin Hye Sung’s First Love. The song Hit is a dance track that allows the group’s powerful voices to be heard along with their rapping. In their second track, To My Sad Person, you can hear the group’s vocals and chorus. You can also hear the piano and the orchestra in addition to the strong drum beats. This album has 12 tracks as well as a special DVD with includes 36 minutes of music drama and the making of the film. A 2008 calendar is also specially enclosed. – credits to motoway065

Yang Dong Geun Vol. 4 – But I 드려 (October 22)

1. Everyone
2. Touch The Sky
3. Big Portions
4. Sour
5. Telepathy
6. Mr. Ho Bak Style
7. How U Feel
8. Like That
9. Finding The Beat
10. I’m Bad
11. Skit 1
12. We Ain’T john tesh Ed Up
13. Young Lady
14. Skit 2 (No Reverse)
15. 29 mini cooper
16. Own A Dog
17. Nod

This album is about Yang Dong Geun and how he’ll continue to strive for everything he wants no matter how the world impacts him negatively. Through this album, we will be able to find out about Yang Dong Geun and his twenty nine years of life. This whole album was produced by Smoke J and the tracks were composed by many famous composers from Korea and America. The reason Yang Dong Geun does hip hop is because hip hop music is his motto in life. The title song is called “I’m Bad”. – credits to purpletiger86

Tae Wang Sa Shin Ki (MBC Drama) OST CD+DVD (released)

1. Opening (Joe Hisaishi(조 히사이시))
2. 성전
3. 담덕의 테마 (메인테마)
4. 수지니의 테마 (외로움)
5. 기하의 테마 (운명적인 만남)
6. 운명
7. 화천회
8. 신들의 전쟁
9. 담덕의 테마 (용맹)
10. 거믈촌
11. 적군의 공격
12. 단결
13. 승리
14. 허락
15. 세월은 흐르고
16. 이루어지지 않는 사랑
17. 첫사랑
18. 수지니의 테마 (피아노 솔로)
19. 천년연가 (東方神起(동방신기))

1. [Dvd] 천년연가 (동방신기) Drama Music Video
2. 담덕의 테마 Drama Music Video

Without any doubt, the most anticipated Korean drama of 2007 is Four Gods (a.k.a. The Legend) starring Bae Yong Joon (Winter Sonata) as Korea’s legendary Gwanggaeto the Great, the 19th king of the Goguryeo Dynasty whose legacy of territorial expansion extended beyond Manchuria. Four Gods caused a major uproar in the media from the very beginning with its A-list cast of Bae Yong Joon, Moon So Ri (Oasis), Choi Min Soo (Holiday), and Park Sang Won (Sandglass). The 24-episode drama’s staggering $40 billion won production costs are rumored to have even exceeded the budget benchmark of sci-fi blockbuster D-War.

After numerous postponements, Four Gods finally exploded onto small screens nationwide on September 10, 2007. Viewer response has been positive, with some even placing the drama’s CG work in the same league as that of Hollywood film Lord of the Rings. After its airing, radio programs and internet sites were inundated with inquiries about the drama’s soundtrack which features majestic surround sounds that complement the grandiose scale of the drama.

Presiding over the scores of Four Gods is Japanese master composer Hisaishi Joe, best known for his work on Miyazaki Hayao films like Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, and Princess Mononoke. Hisaishi Joe brings a world-class presence and high esteem to the drama. He also collaborates with K-pop sensation Dong Bang Shin Ki for "A Love Song of a Thousand Years" (Track 19), the ending theme to Four Gods. – credits to YesAsia

I The Tri Top’s Vol. 1 – Boorish Love (released)

01 Calling Love
02 Going Crazy (feat. Noel)
03 Mischievous
04 Bad Love
05 Tacky Man
06 Cottage by the Train Tracks
07 You’re the One For Me
08 Old Memories
09 Laziness
10 She is a Wizard

(Check out this group if you like SG Wannabe style of music)

Their title track, Mischievous was composed by the lead vocal of the group, Ban Hyung Moon while Kim Jin Ah wrote the lyrics. The song is about a separating couple in which the guy tells the girl that if they break up, and do happen to get back together again, he would always do the opposite and take all the pain to himself. Other songs such as Bad Love and Going Crazy are ballads which contain messages about love. – credits to motoway065

Nemo 001 Single (released)

01 Now, We.. (with Big Bang’s DaeSung)

Nemo (Oh Sang Eun, former lead singer of Shinvi) has finally come back after 5 years with a duet song with Big Bang’s member, DaeSung. This track was composed by Kim Chang Rak and Oh Sung Kyung who are responsible for making great songs for Wheesung, Big Mama, Gummy, and SE7EN. Now, We has soft melodies and lyrics that are hard to forget, once given a listen. – credits to motoway065

Young Ji (single) – 비라니 (released)

-Young Ji’s ballad track “비나리”

1. 비나리 (Bi-Na-Ri)
2. 비라리 (Bi-Na-Ri) [instrumental]

Young Ji (Bubble Sisters member) released her debut single earlier this year with her title track “Habit”. She is now back with her new digital single “비라리”. Including her single album activities, Young Ji has also contributed to singing songs for drama OST albums. She sang the song “It’s Okay, It Should Be Nothing” for SBS drama [Catch A Kang-Nam’s Mom] and “Promise” for MBC drama [Time Of Dog And Wolf]. The title track for this single was composed by Kim Gi Bum (KGB) and written by Hwang Sung Jin. “비나리” is a word that means to pray, wish and hope. It is a sad ballad song about separation, loneliness, sadness and forgiveness. – credits to purpletiger86

Jung Jae Wook – Time (Digital Single) (October 25)

01 Let’s Stop
02 To My Girl’s Man
03 Opposite
04 Ill-Tempered

Jung’s first track, Let’s Stop is about learning to accept a breakup and remembering the happy moments. The melodious strings can be heard throughout this song. To My Girl’s Man is about loneliness that comes during love and not being able to protect one’s love fully. In this digital single, Jung Jae Wook has made a comeback not only as a great singer, but also as a composer; he composed track 3, Opposite in this single. Hong Bora, who is also known for composing tracks for Shinhwa, Uhm Jung Hwa, Yangpa, Tim, and others, has also helped Jung with this single. – credits to motoway065

Other releases:

Harmin (single) – 광기의 역사 (released)
Antz – Unfinished Dialouge (released)
Tae Jung (single) – Realize (released)
Ivan (single) – Intoxication (released)
Instant Romantic Floor Vol. 1 – Ifirst Love Class (October 22)
Mary Story Vol. 1 – Mary Story (October 22)
Crystal Rain – Eternal Love (October 22)
Han Soon Dal Quartet – My Wonderful Dream (October 22)
Add 4 Vol. 1 – 비속의 여인 (October 24)
Linae (single) – 기억상자 (October 24)
Kafka Vol. 2 – Nothingness (October 25)
Park Sun Joo Vol. 5 – Dreamer (October 25)
Outsider – Soliloquist (October 25)

Source: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak

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