New k-pop album releases - October 27 to November 2, 2007
SNSD Vol. 1 – Girl’s Generation (November 1)

01 Girl’s Generation
02 Ooh La-La!
03 Baby Baby
04 Complete
05 Kissing You
06 Merry-Go-Round
07 When I Call You (Tears)
08 Tinkerbell
09 7989
10 Honey (Wish)
11 Into the New World

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) release their first album with Lee Seung Chul’s song, Girls’ Generation. A duet track, 7989 with group leader, Tae Yeon and singer Kangta.

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) who have been doing well in the 2007 music charts are releasing their first album this November. New songs and performances are to be shown. The group debuted last August with their first single, Into the New World, and within 2 months of their debut, they were number one on the M Countdown charts. Girls’ Generation (SNSD) are going to show their overflowing energy that teens have and give fans music pleasant to the ears. – credits to motoway065

DBSG (single) – Travel Book (released)

1. Travel Book

-DBSG’s “Travel Book”, official digital sound source service open!

The song “Travel Book” is a great pop ballad that has a smooth melody which blends nicely with the DBSG members’ spectacular harmony. This track was announced to be an unpublished track and fans are highly anticipating their digital single! – credits to purpletiger86

MC the Max Vol. 5 (3rd repackage) – Fall…In Love (released)

01 Call Out Love
02 Returns
03 Heart, Stop
04 When Love Ends (MV Mix)
05 Love Throws Love Away
06 Hope
07 Sandglass
08 If I Only Had You..
09 Oh! Plz (feat. Rumble Fish’s Choi Jini)
10 Even If I Close My Eyes
11 Rain
12 Moment
13 What a Wonderful World
14 Tears

01 Love Throws Love Away (Fall Mix)
02 Love’s 時
03 Love is Meant to be Hurt
04 Don’t Be Happy
05 Bye for Just a Bit
06 Punishment
07 I Wanted to Love
08 I Believe in Love
09 Finding Love
10 When Love Ends
11 Even Sunflowers’ Throats Hurt at Times
12 Filled with the Sun
13 Sixth Sense
14 Red Sky

MC the Max are releasing another heart-wrenching love song this Fall. Last April, they released two versions of their fifth album, Part I and Part II and this October, they are combining both parts together in addition to a bonus track, Call out Love, to complete this package – a total of 28 tracks. Their new song, Call out Love, has a very lyrical melody and is a typical “MC the Max” ballad filled with emotions. The song, Heart, Stop, was composed by Shin In Soo and written by Yang Jae Sun and the song is meant for the Fall season. It is about separated lovers that can’t forget their past and are feeling lonely and fans of ballads are going to enjoy it. In addition, there is a Fall Mix version of their third single, Love Throws Love Away. – credits to motoway065

Kim Jo Han Vol. 5 – Soul Family With Johan (released)

1. Say It (You Are My Everything)
2. Should Have Loved A Little (Feat. Tae Yang)
3. Sorry For The Love Being Late
4. So In Love Part2 (Feat. G-Dragon)
5. Stupid Me (Feat. Hoony Hon)
6. Blind Happiness
7. If It Was Fate
8. Tell Me (Feat. Kim Jin Pyo)
9. I Like You
10. That Is Love
11. This Broken Heart Of Mine
12. Bye…

– Returning with a new image, the R&B King ‘Kim Jo Han’ [SOUL FAMILY WITH JOHAN]
– The Best Album That Features The Best Artistes’ (Big Bang’s G-Dragon & Tae Yang, Kim Jin Pyo, Hoony Hoon, Jeon Jae Duk…etc.)

After a long hiatus of two years, the R&B King ‘Kim Jo Han’ is making a comeback with a new image. Kim Jo Han put his heart and soul into creating this album for a year and four months. Kim Jo Han personally produced this album himself with the help of composer Lee Hyun Seung, producer DJ Gyum and Co-Producer DJ Fractal. The title track is called “Sorry For The Love Being Late” and the lyrics were written by Kim Jo Han’s close friend and famous ballad singer Sung Shi Kyung. Known as an R&B singer, Kim Jo Han will show a different side to him as a ballad singer through this track. Other songs to look out for are “Should Have Loved A Little” (featuring Tae Yang), “Say It” (lyrics by Tiger JK) and “Stupid Me”. Check out Kim Jo Han’s music video featuring Girl’s Generation member Jessica and rising star Lee Sun Ho. – credits to purpletiger86

Dynamic Duo Vol. 3 (repack) – Love is enlightened (October 30)

CD 1
1. Rewriting The Resume
2. Pirate (Feat.Ydg)
3. Dream (Feat. Bada)
4. That’s Why I’m Crazy (Feat. Park Jung Eun, Dave Lopez For Flipsyde)
5. Global Music (Feat. Kero One)
6. A Piece Of Copper
7. Don’t Despair (Interlude)
8. Don’t Despair (Feat. Ahrom From Bubble Sisters)
9. Attendance Checkup (Feat. Naul From Brown Eyed Soul)
10. Murderer’s Montage
11. Dictator (Feat. Sixpoint)
12. Happy Day (Feat. Heritage)
13. Complicated
14. That Man and Woman’s Situation (Feat. Bobby Kim)
15. U-Turn (Feat. Verbal Jint)

CD 2
1. Heartbreaker (Feat. JW from Nell)
2. Our Destiny Can’t Be Mixed Together Like Oil And Water (Supertouch Remix) (Feat. Park Hwayobi)
3. I’m Crazy (Feat. Park Jung Eun, Dave Lopez Of Flipsyde) (Psypodias Remix)
4. Complicated (Clean Version)
5. I’m Crazy (Feat. Park Jung Eun), Dave Lopez Of Flipsyde (Acoustic Version)

Dynamic Duo are back with their third album [LOVE is ENLIGHTENED] repackage version! The title track for this album is “Heartbreaker”. Listening to this track will make us question if this is the Dynamic Duo that we know because it is a different style of music from we are used to. This song is about someone who chooses love that is unacceptable over everything else in the world even while knowing that he/she will not be blessed. We will be able to enjoy listening to their wonderful rapping skills and great lyrics. Other songs to look out for are “I’m Crazy”, “Our Destiny Can’t Be Mixed Together Like Oil And Water” and “Complicated”. The main theme of this album is on LOVE! – credits to purpletiger86

Eun Ji Won (single) – 사랑 死랑 思랑 (October 31)

1. Deep Blue (Feat. Morning Star)
2. Adios (Feat. Mister Tyfoon)
3. Pinocchio
4. Its True (Feat. Baek Ji Young)
5. Adios (Feat. Mister Tyfoon) (MR Version)

– “The Party Has Started” Groove up! Style up! The love beat and life melody

Eun Ji Won debuted as a solo artiste back in 2000, and has since released four albums as he slowly made his way up as a hip hop musician. Eun Ji Won is back with his new single album after a long hiatus of two years and six months. Eun Ji Won’s message about love, dream and life is expressed in the tracks. The title song “ADIOS” was composed by talented hip hop musician ‘Keeproots’, which is a Latin style hip hop song. Famous musicians such as Drunken Tiger, Christopher and Mister Tyfoon have all contributed to this single. This single is great enough to be loved by everyone, especially hip hop manias. – credits to purpletiger86

Lee Seung Hwan Mini Album – Mallang (November 2)

01 Jingle Ha-Day
02 My Heart Isn’t like That
03 Love Misunderstanding Wound
04 First Love
05 The Wind’s Song Isn’t Sad

Lee Seung Hwan is coming back this November with a mini album titled Mallang (Soft). Because the songs in this album are something that both Lee Seung Hwan and the masses enjoy, he has in a way killed two birds with one stone. In this new album, Lee is to sing ballads in addition to hip-hop with Latin rhythms. For his fans, five cds are specially enclosed with a backstage pass. The five lucky people can access the places only officials normally can and are also able to hang out with Lee in his waiting room. – credits to motoway065

SuHo (single) – To…U No. 2 (November 2)

01 Just Like This… (feat. K.Will)
02 Love..More (feat. Kim Tae Woo)
03 Dance With Me (feat. Goo Yoon.Heuluh, Yoo Bi)
04 Don’t Cry My Love (feat. Yeh In)
05 Don’t Trust Me (feat. Juni (Smacks))
06 Just Like This.. (Inst.)
07 Love..More (Inst.)

Meet Singer, Songwriter, Rapper SuHo

Fans are anticipating SuHo’s comeback, as the singer is finally returning after 1.5 years. SuHo’s music leaves an after-effect like the warmth of coffee. SuHo himself not only produced the seven tracks in this album, but he also wrote the lyrics to them all and even composed a couple. Various artistes such as Kim Tae Woo and K Will also took part. The song, Love..More was a gift from KCM. When SuHo and KCM went fishing, the melody of the song came into his mind and he recorded it into his cellular phone where he later used it to compose one of SuHo’s tracks. The song, Don’t Cry My Love, is very rhythmical and singer Goo Yoon is featured in the song. – credits to motoway065

Other releases:

Yarn – Best Vol. 1 (released)
Le Grand Chef Movie OST (October 29)
Lobbyist (SBS Drama) OST (October 29)
Tales Vol. 1 – Beyond Love (October 30)
Primary Score Vol. 1 – First Step (October 30)
Tensi Love Vol. 1 – Music is ALLaround (October 30)
Cho Yong Pil – 30th Anniversary Album Vol. 1, 2, and 3 (October 30)
Jekyll Vol. 2 – The Lyrical For Hyde (October 30)
Brown Eyed Soul Vol. 2 – The Wind, The Sea, The Rain (October 31)
What! Vol. 2 – Spirit Vs Soul (October 31)
AM (single) – For You (October 31)
Jee Hoon (single) – Stay Together (October 31)
Suh Young Eun: Romantic 3 (November 1)
Hourmelts – Twenties = Love (November 1)
M (Movie) OST (November 1)
Macro Vol. 1 – Music is my Life (November 2)

Source: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak

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