New albums and singles preview - 2008 June week 4

Jang Yoon Jeong Vol. 4 – Jang Yoon Jeong Twist (July 1)
01 Jang Yoon Jeong Twist
02 Like a Kid
03 Lie
04 One More Time
05 Try to Catch Me
06 Woman’s Life
07 Abruptly Bubi Bubi
08 Sunflower
09 I Need a Man
10 Paulownia Tree Blues
11 One Night Only
12 Softly Softly
13 Capsule
14 Jang Yoon Jeong Twist Remix
15 Jang Yoon Jeong Twist Inst.

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Trot Queen Jang Yoon Jung is to release her fourth studio album in July. Her title track is “Jang Yoon Jung Twist” which is a twist song. The dance moves will be very colorful. People of all ages can enjoy the song as well as its lyrics and Jang’s vocals help make this possible. Because her name is included in the song, it further shows the effort Jang put into the song.


Hong Kyung Min Vol. 9 – Keep Going (July 1)
01 Come Back Come Back
02 The Way
03 I Didn’t Know
04 Short Greeting
05 Give
06 Throw Away
07 Boomerang
08 Call Me Call Me
09 Until the End of the World (Drama OST)
10 It’s Okay Now
11 What to Do, Like That, Like This
12 Diary Page
13 Thank You – New Ver (Drama “New Heart” OST)
14 Thank You – New Ver (MR)

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Hong Kyung Min who will release his ninth album, “Keep Going”, is also going to release a dance track as the title track, the first in six years. The song title is “Come Back Come Back” and it is of the 80s style. It shows off Hong’s strong vocals. For the past few years, Hong had always come back to the music scene with a ballad track, but this time, composer Jo Young Soo wanted to make it different. The subtitle track is “The Way” and it was composed by Kim Tae Hyun, whose notable works include “Sonata of Temptation.” This is a duet track with Jewelry leader Park Jung Ah. The third subtitle track is “I Didn’t Know.” In addition to these songs, there are two tracks which were included in soundtracks, they are “Until the End of the World” and “Thank You.” The latter song was re-recorded with a new version.


Uhm Jung Hwa – D.i.s.c.o Mini-album (July 1)
01 Kiss Me (ft. YMGA)
02 DJ (ft. Cl)
03 D.I.S.C.O (ft. Top)
04 Party (ft. G-Dragon)
05 Shake It (ft. Perry)
06 Celebration

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Uhm Jung Hwa, who has successfully tried out the electronica genre with her last two albums, “Self-Control” and “Prestige”, has come back with a mini album, “D.I.S.C.O” which anyone can easily enjoy. For this album, Uhm Jung Hwa has collaborated with artistes from YG Entertainment. Many famous producers such as Teddy and Kush (for Taeyang’s “Look at Only Me”), Perry, and G-Dragon (Big Bang’s “Lie”) have participated in this album. There are a total of six tracks and the title track is DISCO, produced by the Teddy-Kush combo. It samples from “Heartache No. 9” by Delegation which mixed disco and recent sounds. TOP of Big Bang features in a short, but impactful rap. In addition to YG producers, YG rappers
are also featured in these songs including YMGA which is a hip-hop duo consisting of Masta Wu and DM, Perry, G-Dragon, and anticipated female rapper, Cl. Uhm Jung Hwa, who debuted in ’93, has been titled Queen for 15 years. This mini album will only further enhance her status.


Oh Jong Hyuk – Okay, I am ready (July 3)
01 We Be the One (feat. Mr. Gordo)
02 Get Away (feat. $Howgun)
03 Give Me Your Love
04 Only up to Today (feat. Oh So Yun)
05 I Want To be Frank, But

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OJ Oh Jong Hyuk who was part of popular idol group Click B, has finally come back to his fans. The title track of his first mini album is “Get Away” is composed by the “Brave Brothers.” It has dance beats and electronic sounds, which fit with the popular music trends. The music video focuses on Oh Jong Hyuk’s stylish good points and the track’s beats. In addition to the title track are songs that are of American pop and R&B styles. Oh Jong Hyuk is able to come out of his ballad days with this well prepared debut mini album.



SS501 (single) – You’re My Heaven (released)
01 You’re My Heaven
02 You’re My Heave (Inst)

SS501 who are not only gaining popularity in Korea but in Japan as well, are releasing a digital single. This single “You’re My Heaven” (Lyrics: Song Soo Yoon; Composer: Han Jae Ho/Kim Seung Soo) has a sweet and mellow melody. It also has jazz, pop, folk, and reggae rhythms. There are also acoustic guitar sounds in the song and the rap is pleasant to the ears. The love message the song expresses is great for couples to be in the love mode.


Other releases:


Shin So Hee mini-album (released)

Bizzy – Bictionary (released)

Park Sang Min (single) – 바다로 가자 (released)

Lee Sang Eun (single) – To Princess (released)

Choi Jung Chul (single) – 결혼 (feat. Ga In) (released)

Jadu (single) – The Love Part 5 (released)

Na Young (single) – Change (released)

Zee Young Sun – Zee Young Sun Best Album (released)

Oh Song! mini-album (July 1)

Jerry.k Vol. 1 – Devil (July 1)

Every Single Day Vol. 4 – The Bright Side (July 1)

Various Artists – Best Ballad Vol. 4 (July 1)

My-q Vol. 2 – This is for you (July 2)

Ajoo – Paparizzi (July 3)

Ahn Chi Hwan – 노래모음 (July 3)

Lee Yeon Shil – 시악시의 마음 (July 3)

Sunny Hill – 2008 내가 여름이다 (July 3)

Papain Vol. 4 – End And (July 4)


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