New k-pop album releases - November 3 to 9, 2007
Brown Eyed Soul Vol. 2 – The Wind, The Sea, The Rain (released)

1. Intro (The Wind)
2. Is It The Wind?
3. My Story
4. Dream
5. To Be Grateful For A Long Time
6. Interlude (The Rain)
7. Anything (Through The Rain)
8. As Much As The Loving Memories (feat. Kang Hyun Jung of Bubble sisters)
9. Sweet Thing (feat. Dynamic Duo, Epik High)
10. Because Of You
11. Life & Love Are The Same (feat. Jung In)
12. Round & Round
13. Promise You
14. Nothing Better
15. Interlude (The Sea)
16. Just The Two Of Us
17. Please Wait
18. To Be That Kind Of Person
19. The Lord In The Storm (feat. Heritage)

– Brown Eyed Soul have returned after a long hiatus of four years!

Brown Eyed Soul are an amazing group known for their soulful voices and music producing skills. This new album [The Wind, The Sea, The Rain] consists of tracks that have more variety of genres (e.g. soul, jazz, ballad, etc) and the members put in a lot of effort to express their own color in the music. The title track is called "Is It The Wind?". Talented musicians such as Kang Hyun Jung (from Bubble Sisters), Jung In (from G.FLA), Dynamic Duo, Epik High, and Heritage are also featured in this album. – credits to purpletiger86

J Vol. 6 – InLove Again (November 8)

01 InLove Again
02 Love, Stopping the Tears
03 Kiss Me
04 Just 10 Days
05 That’s a Lie
06 Alcohol Innocence feat. Eun Ji Won
07 Ghost
08 No Matter How Many Times I Sleep and Wake Up
09 Because Love Makes Everything
10 On a Blinding Day duet. Alex
11 Leaving Rain
12 With Tears duet. Lee Jung
13 8318 duet. Jung Hoon Hee

Korea’s R&B Soul artiste, J, has finally come back with her sixth album. She has received undying love from her fans for her unique music. J has produced this album herself with more mature songs. Hitmakers have taken part in her sixth album and one can see J’s confidence. The title track, Give Me 10 Days, has a lyrical melody and it was composed by Oh Sung Hoon, who is responsible for composing Jang Woo Hyuk’s Real Man, MC Mong’s Eraser, and Shin Hye Sung’s Age. However, J wrote the lyrics to the song herself. The song is about a girl pleading for her love before breakup to give her 10 days to find a reason to hate him. There are also a number of ballads that fit the current season. We await J’s comeback. – credits to motoway065

Super Junior Vol. 2 – Don’t Don [repack] (November 5)

1. 돈 돈! (Don’t Don)
2. 소원이 있나요(Sapphire Blue)
3. You’Re My Endless Love(말하자면)
4. Marry U(New Version)
5. 갈증(Original Ver.)
6. Disco Drive
7. 미워(Hate U, Love U)
8. I Am
9. 사랑이 떠나다(She’S Gone)
10. 마지막 승부(The Girl Is Mine)
11. 거울(Mirror)
12. 우리들의 사랑(Our Love)
13. Missin’ U
14. Midnight Fantasy
15. Thank You
16. 갈증(Remix Ver.)
17. (Bonus Track)아주 먼 옛날(Song For You)

With the phenomenal success of Super Junior Vol. 2, Super Junior are now releasing a repackaged edition. Super Junior Vol. 2 Repackage features two new songs, A Man In Love and The Girl Is Mine, plus all 14 tracks from the original release like Don’t Don, an up-tempo rock/R&B number featuring a violin solo from S.M. trainee Henry, Disco Drive, a disco-flavored track composed by Yoon Jong Shin and I Am, a dance pop number featuring lyrics by members Lee Teuk, Eun Hyuk, Sung Min, and Dong Hae. Earlier in the year, Super Junior took on trot via their sub-group Super Junior T, and now they’re even giving bokgo a shot with the retro 80s-style dance number Midnight Fantasy. The 80s trend continues with Our Love, a cover of an old Yoo Jae Ha song. The album also includes ballads like She’s Gone, Thank You, and Marry U. – credits to YesAsia

Fly to the Sky – Vol. 7 No Limitations (repack) (November 8)
01 I’m Sorry
02 3rd Day
03 Promise By Yourself
04 I Still Love You feat. Heritage
05 Pretty Even Today
06 My Angel
07 I Love You
08 Let’s Get It On
09 Light Love feat. Hyun Moo & T.k.o. of Trespass
10 Left Behind Love
11 Handful of Memories
12 Hate Me
13 Though I Can’t Have It
14 Don’t Marry
15 Man 2 Man

Fly to the Sky, who received much love with their album No Limitations, and did well in the music charts with their songs My Angel and I Love You, have released a repackaged album with two new songs, I’m Sorry and Promise By Yourself. For this special repackaged album, the duo went to Las Vegas for a photo shoot and unreleased pictures from their photo shoot as well as an accessible diary are included in the album. Their new song, I’m Sorry, is suitable for the fall and winter season and Promise By Yourself is a dance track that’s different from their usual dance songs. – credits to motoway065

Suh Young Eun – Romantic 3 (released)

1. Footsteps
2. Beautiful Restriction
3. That’s Probably…
4. On Days When I Feel Teary
5. A Doll’s Dream
6. After The Play (Theater) Ends
7. I Believe
8. Snowy Night
9. Leaf Love
10. Smile

Having released two remake albums that were very successful, Suh Young Eun is now back with her third remake album [Romantic 3]. This new remake album consists of hit songs that were very popular during the 1990s. Her title song is "Beautiful Restriction" (originally sung by Kim Jong Suh) and there are a total of 10 great remake tracks. Known for her smooth and gentle voice, fans are already anticipating her new remake album to hear her great vocal skills. When asked why she picked Kim Jong Suh’s "Beautiful Restriction" as her title song, she said that she chose it because it is a great song that can prove her abilities as a singer as she makes her transition from being a ballad singer to a rock singer, as well as showing off her outstanding vocal skills. This is a wonderful remake album that fits the autumn season perfectly! – credits to purpletiger86

Gavy Project H5 (single) – 연 (November 7)

1. 연
2. 연 (string version)

In 2006, Project Group H7 released a digital single with two great tracks "Love All" and "Summer Dream". Both these songs were a great hit and made it to the online music charts. In the summer of 2007, Project Group H2 released a digital single with two tracks "I Love You And I’m Happy" and "Wish", which were both big hits as well. And now, another project group have been born, Gavy Project H5! All three of these groups are known for their powerful vocal skills. Gavy Project H5 will sing a medium tempo ballad song about a painful love. – credits to purpletiger86

Virgin Snow movie OST (released)

1. Virgin Snow
2. Prologue
3. 첫만남(Walking In Temple)
4. 첫눈(Title)
5. Bicycle (Violin Version)
6. Bicycle (Guitar Version)
7. Montage Of Nanae
8. Sword Fighting
9. 집에 가는길 (Looking For Nanae)
10. 아메 비 (Ame-Bi-Rain) – With Dialogue
11. 땡?이 (Skipping Class)
12. Guiding
13. 사랑 몽타주 (Love Montage)
14. 약속 (Yakusoku)
15. Montage…Ing
16. Love Theme(With Dialogue)
17. 2년후… (After 2 Years)
18. 회상 (Recollection)
19. Nanta
20. 재회 (They Are There)
21. Rain In My Heart (Japanese Version)
22. 나나에의 그림(Nanae’S Painting)
23. 메모리노트 (Memory Note)
24. Run To You
25. 기다려 준 만큼 (As Long As You Wait) – With Dialogue
26. Rain In My Heart (English Version)
27. Virgin Snow (Japanese Version)

King and The Clown’s Lee Jun Ki and NANA’s Miyazaki Aoi star in the highly-anticipated romance, Virgin Snow. Directed by Han Sang Hee, this glossy joint production provides the rare chance to see two of Japan and Korea’s top young stars together in a pure love story that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries. With location shooting in Kyoto and Incheon, the film is backdropped by beautiful scenery, providing the perfect setting and atmosphere for a brief yet everlasting love between a Korean college student and the sweet, mysterious Japanese girl who steals his heart.

The Virgin Snow soundtrack retells the romance of Min and Nanae’s romance in gentle notes, from their encounter, Walking in Temple, to their silent separation, As Long As You Wait. The One sings the end theme Virgin Snow which comes in both Korean and Japanese versions. Both the English and Japanese versions of the theme song Rain in My Heart are also included on the soundtrack. – credits to YesAsia

Other releases:

ZaZa Vol. 3 – Plus Music (released)
Jo Sung Hoon – So Far Away (released)
Sun Mi Vol. 1 – Sun Mi 1st (released)
Naomi (single) – 사랑을 잃다 (released)
Jin Project – 못된 놈 (November 6)
Do Shin Vol. 5 – 도신이가 노래한대요 (November 8)
Dear Cloud Vol. 1 – Dear Cloud (November 8)
Kim Mi Ryoe – Meet My Self (November 8)
Jed – Jed Show (November 9)
Slow June – Reverse (November 9)

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Kyobobook, Dosirak

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