New k-pop album releases - November 10 to 16, 2007
Byul – Special Single Album (released)

01 Glass Cup
02 The Heart Knows
03 Fly Again (9 End 2 Outs OST)
04 Too Far Away (Kim Hyung Suk with friends)

Like a diamond in the sky, Star Special Single Album twinkles through its lyrical poetry of love. Following a string of hits such as "Safe or Not", "Lachrymal Glands", and "Hate You – Love You", young diva of ballad Byul displays her signature sound with "The Heart Knows" (Track 2). In collaboration with the renowned lyricist Kang Eun Kyung, who previously wrote Ivy’s "Must Be A Fool" and Yangpa’s "What is Love…?", and hit maker Bang Shi Hyuk (a.k.a. Hitman Bang), "The Heart Knows" recalls familiar addictive tunes offering a cathartic experience for broken souls.

Besides the titular track "The Heart Knows", Star Special Single Album includes another new song entitled "Glass Cup" (Track 1). Written by Hwang Chan Hee, whose previous work with Yonha made her the star that she is today, "Glass Cup" features a sophisticated melody that’s beautifully in synch with Byul’s mesmerizing vocals. Other highlights in the album include Fly Again from the soundtrack of 9 End 2 Outs , and "Too Far Away" featuring Kim Hyung Suk. Borrowing strength from its title, Star Special Single Album illuminates well beyond its sorrowful words. – credits to Yesasia

ANYBAND (single) (released)

01 TPL (Talk Play Love)
02 Promise You

Hybrid band, Anyband shouts to the world with Talk, Play, Love as they try to save a world without music. Originally planned to release three songs, two songs however, were picked out, titled, TPL (Talk Play Love) and Promise You. These songs are given birth through “Language Sensation” and hip-hop Tablo, diva BoA, “Appealing Voice” Xiah and Jin Bora, the “melody maker.” From the two tracks, TPL (Talk Play Love) was composed and written by Tablo himself. Korea’s top stars collaborated in Anyband and we await their future promotions. – credits to motoway065

Park Ji Yoon (single) – Secret Garden (released)

1. The Feeling Of A Happy Day (Field Recording Edit)
2. Winter Spring Summer Autumn And Back To Winter (Field Recording Edit)
3. Dry Memories (Field Recording Edit)
4. The Feeling Of A Happy Day (Extended Edit)
5. Winter Spring Summer Autumn And Back To Winter (Extended Edit)
6. Dry Memories (Extended Edit)

-Park Ji Yoon’s Background Music For Secret Garden

Park Ji Yoon has released a project album that is filled with pictures that she took and three songs that she wrote herself. She challenged herself by singing jazz songs. Another surprising fact is that she did her album recording at her home inside her room. If we listen to each track carefully, we’ll be able to feel and imagine Park Ji Yoon going into her room, drinking tea, writing and taking pictures. This project album is filled with her pictures, writings, small sounds and her music. This album was produced by Jun Da Beat Scientist who is a hip hop musician. – credits to purpletiger86

The Nuts (single) – A Memory Trip (November 15)

1. Long Stone Wall
2. Love Is
3. Long Stone Wall (Inst.)
4. Love Is (Inst.)

After a long break, The Nuts have returned with their new digital single. The title song "Long Stone Wall" is about a man who finds the courage to confess his love to the woman that he had loved for a very long time. The Nuts member Lee Tae Yoon (Base Guitarist) personally composed and wrote the lyrics for this song. The second track "Love Is" was also composed and written by Lee Tae Yoon. This song is about a man who tries to forget and hate the woman that left him, but he realizes that he’s trapped inside a dark room where he misses her presence. What’s unique about these two songs is that both are very sad songs, yet the beat and the melody of the songs are fast.

Other releases:

Dear Cloud Vol. 1 (released)
Kite Vol. 1 – Who Am I (released)
O’Who – The First Single (released)
G-Fla (single) – The Lady Who Is A Musician (November 12)
Tia – Deep Breath (November 13)
DOT – Drive On Top (November 13)
Song Young Joo – Free To Fly (November 13)
Seong-A (single) – Bad Girl (November 13)
Lucid Fall Vol. 3 – 국경의 반 (November 15)
Park Jin Young Vol. 7 (November 16)

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Kyobobook, Melon

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