New k-pop album releases - November 17 to 23, 2007

Big Bang 2nd Mini Album: Hot Issue (November 22)

1. Intro-핫 이슈 (Hot Issue)
2. Stupid
3. But I Love U (Sampling By Rhu Of Redd Holt Unlimited)
4. I Don’t Understand
5. Crazy Dog (Sampling By You Inside My Fantasy Of Taijiboys)
6. Last Greeting

– Big Bang are back again with more hot issues. Big Bang’s 2nd Mini Album [Hot Issue]

Big Bang received a lot of popularity with their hit song "Lie" from their 1st mini album that was released earlier this year. They are now back with their 2nd mini album, which is being highly anticipated as well. Big Bang are a group with very talented members. In particular, the 20-year-old singer and songwriter G-Dragon is being recognized as a talented composer and lyricist. G-Dragon, who is also the leader of Big Bang, has contributed by composing and writing many songs. For this 2nd mini album, G-Dragon has composed 5 out of 6 songs and wrote all the songs in this album. He is also the producer for this album. The title song "Last Greeting" is a very addictive trance hip-hop song that has a strong beat and melody to it. It is a very energetic song that features G-Dragon and TOP’s powerful rap, along with Tae Yang, Dae Sung and Seung Ri’s smooth vocals. – credits to purpletiger86

Park Jin Young (JYP) Vol. 7 – Back To Stage (released)

1. Kiss
2. 니가 사는 그집
3. 니 여자
4. Delicious (니 입술이)
5. Single (Feat. Bobby Kim)
6. 딴따라 블루스
7. 사실은
8. 나 돌아가
9. 이런 여자가 좋아 (Feat. Dynamic Duo, 전제덕)
10. 위험한 장난
11. 엇갈렸어 (Feat. T)
12. 대낮에 한 이별 (Feat. Sun Ye (Wonder Girls))

Yo, JYP is back. Asia’s top producer-turned-CEO strips his soul bare for the act he enjoys the most – singing and dancing! Sure, it took him six long years to return with his seventh album, but his fans understand the reason behind the delay. In 2001, after wrapping up his sixth album promotional activities, Park devoted all of his energy to producing for Rain, Park Ji Yoon, Noel, and g.o.d. Then in 2004, Park attempted the impossible. With nothing but demo tapes in his hands, he flew to the US in hopes of penetrating the American music market. Within two years, Park’s reputation skyrocketed with top ten hits produced for Will Smith, Mase, and Casey. In June of 2007, JYP USA was founded, allowing Korean artistes like Min, G-Soul, and J-Lim to collaborate with Lil Jon, R. Kelly, and OutKast on joint album productions.

Park charged forward when many held back, and fought through a crowd of naysayers when many had already given up. The sole warrior who packed his spears inside his little bag of Korean dreams, and headed straight to America – that man is back. – credits to YesAsia

Lee Soo Young – Vol. 8 (Repackage) – Set It Down (November 21)

01 Midnight
02 Love is all Like That
03 Bob Hair Cut
04 Absent-Mindedly
05 Heaven
06 Violet Rain
07 Splendid You
08 Even These Days Come
09 Wind Blowing Softly
10 Lullaby (Interlude)
11 Lavenda
12 Long Time Relation
13 Twenty Nine
14 My Angel (Interlude)
15 Everything is Accomplished

01 Crazy in Love
02 Tears are Coming Down
03 Don’t Know Men
04 Crystal

Last September, Lee Soo Young “set down” all her greed so as to relax the minds of people that sing as well as those that listen to the songs. During her 20-month hiatus, Lee has encountered many different things. In her 8th album, Lee Soo Young wrote many songs filled with many of these stories and because she could not fit all of them into her album, a repackaged album was released. The track, Don’t Know Men” was composed by Vibe’s Ryu Jae Hyun while Shin Ik Joo composed Crystal. The song, Tears Are Coming Down was the title track from the compilation album, “Fairytale” while Crazy in Love was from the SBS drama, “Crazy in Love.” – credits to motoway065

Yurisangja – Christmas Scent (November 20)

1. Romance In December
2. White Christmas
3. Holy Night
4. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
5. Jingle Bells
6. Silver Bells
7. Don’t Cry
8. The First Noel
9. Feliz Navidad
10. December’s Elegy

-Yurisangja releases their first Carol album "Christmas Scent". The wonderful ballad duo that sends us love.

Having debuted for a long time, this is Yurisangja’s (Park Seung Hwa & Lee Sae Joon) first Christmas Carol album. The title of the album is "Christmas Scent". There are a total of ten tracks in this album (2 new songs and 8 popular Christmas songs) and the title song is "Romance In December". Due to Park Seung Hwa’s accident earlier this year, they were forced to put their tenth album on hold. Recovering from his accident, both of them wanted to release an album that would be enjoyable and comfortable for their fans to listen to, so they decided to release this Christmas album (which was originally supposed to be released next year). Although Park Seung Hwa was always exhausted, he was happy and had a quick recovery while working on the album. Lee Sae Joon was always by his side and their friendship has become stronger. – credits to purpletiger86

Lucid Fall Vol. 3 – Night At the Border (released)

1. 마음은 노을이 되어 (Feat. 전제덕)
2. 무지개
3. 국경의 밤 (Feat. 김정범)
4. 가을 인사 (Feat. 이적)
5. 노래할게
6. 빛
7. 날개
8. 바람, 어디에서 부는지
9. Kid
10. 라오스에서 온 편지 (Feat. My Aunt Mary)
11. 사람이었네
12. 당신 얼굴, 당신 얼굴 (Feat, 정수욱)

At the budding age of 19, Lucid Fall stunned everyone by winning the bronze prize at the 5th annual Yoo Jae Ha Music Competition in 1993. Formerly, the lead vocalist of the indie modern rock band MiSeonI, Lucid Fall entered mainstream popularity singing "With Your Hands" for the soundtrack of Bus Stop. The artiste, known as Korea’s Damien Rice, returns with his third release entitled Night At the Border.

Currently working on a Ph.D in Engineering at Lozan Graduate School in Switzerland, this multi-talented singer came up with the meaningful name of his album. The "Border" in his title refers to Switzerland, a landlocked country situated right in between the borders of neighboring countries, and also to his current endeavor of juggling music and science. His songs often contain poignant sentiments about the struggles of people in modern times. Moreover, his soft tender vocals that mimic the murmuring sounds of river flow beautifully complement the rich delicate melodies. Lucid was honored with the Best Pop Single award at the 3rd annual Korean Music Awards in 2006 – an achievement especially worthy of praise considering that the artiste did not carry out any promotional activities in Korea. – credits to YesAsia

Other releases:

Tia Vol. 1 – Deep Breath (November 20)
BoySh – 영원에서 (November 21)
Kim Dong Hee – This is Dong Hee (November 21)
Newk Vol. 3 – Glorious Warrior (November 22)
La Speranze Vol. 1 – 희망 (November 23)

Source: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia

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