Artist of the week - J-Walk

Jang Soo Won (vocals)
Date of birth: July 16, 1980
Height: 176.0cm
Weight: 52.0kg
Bloodtype : A
Family: has one older brother
Education: Sehwa High School, Kyunghee University, Theater and Film
Debut: 1997-Scheches 1st Album
Hobbies: Watching Videos, Soccer and Basketball
Ideal Woman: A cute and understanding woman

Kim Jae Duk (vocals, rap)
Date of birth: August 7, 1979
Height: 174.0cm
Weight: 55.0kg
Bloodtype: B
Family: One younger sister
Education: Paekje Institute of the Arts, Kyunghee University, Theater and Film
Debut: 1997 Schekches 1st album
Hobbies:Soccer and Dance
Ideal woman:Kind and understanding woman


Our featured artiste this week is male duo J-Walk, formed by ex-Schekches members Jang Soo Won and Kim Jae Duk. As we knew, Schekches was one of the most successful old skool k-pop boy bands in the late 1990s. After breaking up, members Kang Sung Hoon, Eun Ji Won, and Lee Jae Jin all became solo artistes. Jae Soo Won and Kim Jae Duk formed this new group J-Walk. They were the latest to debut, but they have found success on the music chart perhaps more than other ex-Schekches members.

J-Walk debuted in 2002 under Kiss Entertainment, releasing two albums in 2002. Their debut hit "Suddenly" was very popular among fans, and it went as high as No. 2 on the music charts. However, their follow up album "Someday" was not as successful. After the 2nd album, J-Walk disappeared from the k-pop scene. Many labeled them a "one-hit wonder".

In 2007, J-Walk signed with Vitamin Entertainment and released a mini-album after a 5-year layoff (in between, Kim and Jang did join members of Click-B to form a project group JNC and released an album in 2004, with mixed reviews). They can finally shed the label of "one-hit wonder" as their latest song "여우비" (Light Rain) was able to hit the top 10. Now in their mid-to-late 20s, J-Walk’s music has become more mature this time around. Recently, they got a boost when ex-Schekches members re-united briefly to help them promoting this new min-album. We are looking forward to their 3rd full album soon.


Suddenly (1st album, 2002-03) : Just Falling Love, No, Suddenly, The Day We Broke Up, Secret, Come On, I’ll Love You Like This, Big Show, My First and Last Love, Turning Back The Clock, Like A Sad Movie

Someday (2nd album, 2002-10) : Please God, Perhaps…, Someday, Half Crazy, Again, Chain Of Love, I Want, I’m Sorry I Love You, From Me, Saying I Don’t Miss You Is A Lie

Light Rain (mini-album, 2007-10) : Sun Shower, Outside Love, Focus, Sunshower (J-Beat Mix feat. Myeong-Joon), Outside Love (Acoustic Ver.), Focus (Inst.), Outside Love (Inst.), Sun Shower (Inst.)

Credits: KBS World, edward1849, ~S2~

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