New k-pop album releases - November 24 to 30

SG Wannabe 2008 – Story in New York (released)

1. First Snow
2. Christmas Story
3. Listen
4. One Summer Dream
5. Three Words
6. But
7. Still
8. Tell Me That You Love Me
9. Silver
10. Leave
11. Holiday (Original: Goodbye Love)
12. Everlasting On The Earth’s Surface

– SG Wannabe release a special album "STORY IN NEW YORK" that consists of Jazz and R&B songs.

This album includes three new tracks from their previous albums that have been rearranged into jazz and R&B versions. After finishing their fourth-album activities, SG Wannabe flew over to New York and explored around (attending concerts, musicals and live music clubs). SG Wannabe are known for singing medium-tempo ballad songs. For this album, they’ve changed their music style into more of a ‘New York Style’ which gives a new and different flavor to the songs. The three new tracks in this album are great ballads which fit nicely with the other tracks in this album. This album comes with journal entries from SG Wannabe and sixty photos that they took in New York. – credits to purpletiger86

Music Story Album The Violin/Zia’s New Songs Including (released)

01 Violin (Zia)
02 I’m Sad (Zia)
03 Doll (Zia)
04 A Man’s Love (Yoon Hyuk)
05 Violin (Piano Version) (Zia)
06 I’m Sad (Piano Version) (Zia)
07 Flying through the Deep Night (Nam Gyu Ri)
08 Crazy Love Song (Seeya)
09 I Know (KCM)
10 If I Leave (Jo Sumi)
11 Because Love Might Come (KCM, Park Hwayobi)
12 To Her Side (KCM)
13 One Person (Park Sang Min)
14 Hee Jae (Sung Shi Kyung)
15 Diary (KCM)
16 Even If 10 Years Pass (Song Seung Hun)
17 This is How it Is (KCM)

2007 Rookie Singer Zia has come back with her heavenly voice this winter. Her first single, Absentmindedly, was a hit as it had over 5 million online and mobile downloads. The songs in the compilation album, Violin, were written by hit maker Jo Young Soo and An Young Min. Other singers and actors, Park Sang Min, KCM, Park Hwayobi, Seeya, Nam Gyu Ri, Sung Shi Kyung and Song Seung Hun participated in the album. The title track, Violin, is an easy-listening ballad and a 30-member orchestra took part in the song. – credits to motoway065

Kim Kyung Ho Vol. 9 – Infinity (November 26)

1. Poison
2. As If It Was Like You
3. Habit
4. A Young Portrait Of Me
5. Sad Song
6. I Am Unable To Forget You
7. Insomnia
8. You Run Down Like The Rain
9. Me, Me, Me
10. Make It Go Away
11. Tunnel

– Korea’s Rocker Kim Kyung Ho’s 9th Album "INFINITY"

So far, he has released eight official albums, two live albums and one remake album!

Kim Kyung Ho released eight albums that were filled with unlimited rock songs in the past. This new album is also filled with great rock songs. Korean rock songs are not as well known as Korean ballads, dance or R&B songs. Kim Kyung Ho is well known for his powerful and shouting vocal skills. In order to get people to appreciate rock songs, he has changed his music style by singing more rock ballads that give him more of a gentle vocal tone. Unlike his previous albums, he has included more of a variety of genres. Kim Kyung Ho personally produced this album himself and many famous composers and songwriters have contributed to this album as well. – credits to purpletiger86

Lisa – Vol. 3 Featherlight (released)

01 Standing In Front of Me Again
02 I’m Drawing
03 Don’t Hate Me
04 So Be It
05 My Melody
06 Do Me Something Sweet
07 I Just Wanna Love You
08 The Person I Am to Meet
09 Always Me
10 First Time
11 Miss You
12 Featherlight
13 Love Where the End is Better than the Beginning (Bonus Track)

Singer, Songwriter Lisa has come back with her third album. Lee Seung Chul, Park Hyo Hin, Bobby Kim, Kim Jin Pyo, Dynamic Duo, and others have helped out with this album as the songs range from hip-hop to urban soul, allowing Lisa to show a different side of her. In this album, Lisa has prepared the album with familiar melodies and a controlled voice in her songs. Listeners can also feel the soul genre of Marvin Gaye in the songs. – credits to motoway065

PK Heman Vol. 1 – Lovers (November 26)

1. Intro
2. Evergreen Part.2 (Feat. Cindy)
3. Can’t Forget (Feat. Lee Ji Hye)
4. Eraser (Feat. Park Sang Min)
5. Would They Have Loved? (Feat. Four Men-ji)
6. Bonitta
7. A Shot Of Liquor (Feat. Haru)
8. Last Concert (Remake-feat. Jinil)
9. Hand Above Head (Feat. Kjun)
10. Let’s Marry (Feat. Ahn Chae Yeon)
11. Evergreen (Feat. Lee Ji Hye)
12. Don’t Leave (Feat. Park Jung Eun)
13. Can’t Forget (Inst.)
14. Eraser (Inst.)
15. Would They Have Loved? (Inst.)

Rapper PK Heman released a rap-ballad song "EVERGREEN" (which featured Lee Ji Hye) in January which ranked 1st on various hip-hop music charts. He is now back with his official 1st album. PK Heman’s songs are about how people’s feelings change after a break-up and how they deal with their emotions. The title song "Can’t Forget" was composed by Han Sang Won and it also features Lee Ji Hye. There are a total of 15 tracks in this album, featuring many great musicians such as Lee Ji Hye, Park Sang Min, Cindy, Park Jung Eun, Jinil, Haru, Four Men, Kjun and Ahn Chae Yeon. – credits to purpletiger86

Newk Vol. 3 – Glorious Warrior (November 26)

1. Into The Battlefield
2. Killing Field
3. Glorious Warrior
4. You
5. Get Up
6. Ordinary Life
7. My Child
8. Thunder Rising
9. Truth
10. 기다려줘
11. 너의 기억
12. 희망
13. Romeo & Juliet

In their new release Glorious Warrior, Newk declare a revolution in search of the past glory of heavy metal music. This bodacious heavy mental band gained credibility in their music through performing various live acts – a long journey since the formation of their band in 1993.

In comparison to the previous two albums, their third Glorious Warrior exerts more energy and intensity in the melody and offers grandiose lyrical tunes that are heavily influenced by European heavy metal music. Killing Field (Track 2), Glorious Warrior (Track 3), Ordinary Life (Track 6) and Get Up (Track 5), all possess addictive melodies that are poised to bring mainstream popularity to the group. Other highlights include heavy speedy number Truth (Track 9) and intricate majestic numbers, My Child (Track 7) and You (Track 4). Almost half of the album is written in English in lieu of targeting the overseas market. – credits to YesAsia

8Eight (single) – Music is my life Part 2 (released)

01 I Hear Memories

8eight, who received first place on MBC’s Show Rival, release their CM song, I Hear Memories. This song is included as a digital single in the Music Is My Life Part 2 Project Album where other artistes such as SG Wannabe, Sung Shi Kyung, Epik High, and K.Will participated. This song depicts 8eight’s bold vocals and rap. Hit maker Bang Shi Hyuk composed the song while Shim Jae Hee wrote the lyrics. One of the most prominent composers, Kim Hyun Suk, also took part in composition. – credits to motoway065

Nemo (single) 002 (released)

01 Stinging.. This Cruel Love..
02 Now, Us..

This is Nemo’s (a.k.a. Oh Sang Eun, formerly of Shinvi) 2nd single. The title track, Stinging.. This Cruel Love has a melody that gives strength with touching lyrics. Beyonce’s track Listen, from the Dream Girls Soundtrack, greatly influenced this song. The second track, Now, Us is a duet with Big Bang member DaeSung. The two singers converse melodiously in the song. This song isn’t easily forgettable by listeners because of the touching lyrics and melody. – credits to motoway065

Mina (single) – Good (released)

1. Good (Original Ver.)
2. Good (Remix)
3. Look (Dakey Remix)
4. Good (Original Ver.-Inst.)
5. Good (Remix-Inst.)

– Mina’s spectacular transformation! Digital single "Good"

Known as a sexy singer, Mina has returned with a different image. Mina released her 4th album "Minastasia" earlier this year and showed off a sexy hip-hop image. For this digital single, she will be pulling off a cute image with enjoyable lyrics to her title song "Good". This is a great Europe-style dance song with easy choreography that anyone can dance to. The song was composed by Jung Yeon Joon (member of Uptown) and written by Lee Won Geun. This is a cute love song that can be used to make a love proposal on Christmas. The rapper that is featured in this song is Lee Seung Hyun from the boy group ‘TAKE’. These two have become great friends while doing album activities in China. – credits to purpletiger86

Sunny Hill (single) – Winter Story (released)

01 Because It’s You (Winter Version)
02 Because It’s You (Winter Version) (Inst.)

Fall 2007’s Number One Rookie, Sunny Hill’s Winter Story: Because It’s You

This Fall, Sunny Hill received much love and were honored with the ‘Rookie of the Month’ for the Digital Music Awards. They have come back this winter with the winter version of their song, Because It’s You. This track was written by Lee Min Soo, who also composed Brown Eyed Girls’ first album’s title track, Coming Closer. The lyrics to Because It’s You are fresh, making your heart light and the Christmas feel to the song further adds the bright party sense to the song. This song will fill people’s hearts during the winter season. – credits to motoway065

Other releases:

Bless (single) – December 32nd (released)
Voice One – Travel #1 (November 26)
Paprika Vol. 1 (November 26)
Illumina Vol. 1 – Winter [repack] (November 26)
S-Jin (single) – Tears (November 26)
Yozoh: My Name is Yozoh (November 27)
Sogyumo Acacia Band Vol. 3 – 우리는 소규모 아카시아 밴드입니다 (November 27)
Verbal Jint – No Name (November 27)
Goonamguayeoridingstella Vol. 1 – 우리는 깨끗하다 (November 28)
Slow Jam – Crazy Night (November 29)
Toy Vol. 6 – Thank You (November 29)
Kirots: Yeah Yeah! 딸기 100% (November 29)
Galaxy Express – Ramble Around (November 29)
Seo Tai Ji – 15th anniversary best hit album [8 CD + 2DVD] (November 30)
W7 Project (single) – Snow Party (November 30)

Source: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Dosirak

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