New k-pop album releases - December 8 to 14

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Park Jung Hyun (Lena Park) Vol. 6 – Come To Where I Am (December 12)

1. Funny Star
2. Writing of Tears
3. Its Different
4. The Heart Is First
5. The Other Side
6. Hey Yeah
7. Trust Me
8. Break-up Is Evil
9. Absent-mindedly
10. A Moment
11. Smile
12. Everyday Prayer

-Park Jung Hyun has returned as a singer and songwriter!

After a long hiatus of two years, Park Jung Hyun has finally released her 6th album. For ten years, Park Jung Hyun had shown her musical talent by writing lyrics for a few songs in each album that she had released. Through this new album, she has successfully shown her talent in being a singer, songwriter and self-producer. She has put her whole heart and soul into this album by contributing to everything to make this album perfect. This new album is especially special to Park Jung Hyun because she sang the songs that she had personally created. The title song "Writing of Tears" is a great R&B/ballad song that shows off her powerful vocals. The 12 tracks in this album consist of great ballad, R&B, pop and jazz songs. – credits to purpletiger86

Shinhwa (single)- Winter Story 2007 (released)

Shinhwa – Winter Story 2007

1. Game
2. I’ll Never Let You Go
3. The Day It Snows (The Snowy Night)

Shinhwa are back with their new single "WINTER STORY 2007" after 11 months. There are a total of 3 tracks in this single and their title song is called "Game".

■ A song that was specifically created for Shinhwa, "GAME"!

"Shinhwa" and composer "Lee Sang In" have come together again!
Shinhwa’s title song "GAME" was composed by composer "Lee Sang In", who created many hit songs for many great artistes. This is a powerful dance song that shows off the members’ great vocal skills and Eric’s fast rap. Although this is a dance song, it does not follow the usual music trend that’s popular in Korea. It is a song that only Shinhwa can sing and show off their powerful dance choreography on stage. This song is expected to be another hit that will represent them as one of the best male groups in Korea.

■ All Six Members Being Together And Celebrating!

Their album jacket was created by Kim Hyung Sun, who has worked on Shinhwa’s 8th, M’s 3rd and Lyn’s 4th album jackets and many others in the past. The concept for this album jacket is a winter party with the six Shinhwa members. This album jacket is filled with natural images of the Shinhwa members. Unlike their previous album jackets which mostly had group and individual pictures, this album jacket has the members in pairs so that it looks like they are having a real wine party. We will be able to sense and feel the strong friendship the members have with each other while flipping through the pages of the album jacket.

■ Japan, China Asia Tour FOREVER Shinhwa!!!

Last year when they released their 8th album [State Of The Art], they successfully held a tour in China, Thailand, Singapore, Japan and many more. They will be touring around Asia again this year. After releasing their "WINTER STOY 2007" single, they will be holding a concert in Japan (8th and 9th) and China (15th). They are expected to sing the songs in their new single for the first time during their tour.

Track 2 – I’ll Never Let You Go
This is a great R&B/Ballad song that was written by lyricist "Lee Yoon Jung". It shows off the members’ smooth vocals and lyrical melody. This song is dedicated to their fans who have strongly supported and given them unconditional love for 9 years.

Track 3 – The Day It Snows (The Snow Night)
This Japanese-style dance song was composed by composer Lee Seung Hwan, who’s also a member of the project group "The Story". Eric contributed a lot to this song by writing the lyrics and directing the members’ vocals. – credits to purpletiger86

Clazziquai – Vol. 3.5 – Robotica (December 11)

01 Freedom
02 Iconic Love
03 Robotica
04 You
05 Why
06 Beautiful Stranger
07 Love Mode feat. Verbal (M-Flo) (Hwa Remix)
08 Prayers (Shinichi Osawa Remix) / Shinichi Osawa (Mondo Grosso)
09 Our Lives (Fpm Hyper Society Mix)/ Fantastic Plastic Machine
10 Fiesta (Daishi Dance Remix) / Daishi Dance
11 Lover Boy (As Pap as Pop Mix) / Han From W
12 Next Love (DJ Kayip Remix) / Kayip
13 Love Mode feat. Pe’Z & Verbal (M-flo) (Pzq Mode)

ROBOTICA is a remix album where many renowned Japanese artistes took part in. Artists Fantastic Plastic Machines (F.P.M) and Mondo Grosso helped remix Clazziquai’s title tracks of their previous third album, Our Lives and Prayers respectively while Daishi Daishi helped give the song Fiesta a whole new feel and outlook to it. Verbal of m-flo and PE’Z, an instrumental band, also helped produce a second version of Love Mode. Along with the remixes, six new tracks are also included. DJ Clazzi wanted to produce more electronic songs and he hoped to accomplish this through these songs. – credits to motoway065

SM Winter Town 2007 (December 11)

01 Only Love – SM Town
02 On December 27th – BoA
03 Evergreen – DBSG
04 First Snow – Super Junior
05 We Wish You a Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad – CSJH the Grace
06 Winter Wonderland – Kangta
07 Love Melody – SNSD
08 Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Hyun Jin
09 When a Snow Scatters – Chu Ga Yul
10 Oh Holy Night – Jang Ri In
11 Christmas of Childhood – Song Gwang Shik
12 Bonus Track: Traveling – DBSG

Let’s Share the Warm Love with SM Town!
SM Town Winter 2007 Album ’07 Winter SMTOWN’ this December 7th!

SM Town’s new seasonal album, ’07 Winter SMTOWN is out this December 7th. Forty artistes including Kangta, BoA, DBSG, CSJH the Grace, Super Junior, Jang Ri In, and SNSD participated in this colorful album. The title track, Only Love, is a pop ballad sung by SM Town. Other songs include Kangta’s Winter Wonderland which showcases his rhythmical vocals and BoA’s On December 27th where her emotions can be felt. DBSG’s Evergreen and Super Junior’s First Snow are also included making a total of 12 songs in this winter album fans would enjoy. – credits to motoway065

M to M Vol. 3 – The Colorful Voices (December 10)

1. Completely Black
2. Everything
3. Love Song
4. Hold Hands
5. Evil Man
6. Introducing My Girlfriend
7. Poor Love
8. Break-up Ceremony
9. Love Song (Feat. Yeon Ji)
10. Return (Feat. Mi Ryo)
11. Love, Love, Love
12. Just A Day
13. Break-up And Than Love
14. If You Close Your Eyes
15. Because I’m A Man

M To M have returned with their 3rd album after a hiatus of 2 years. M To M are a male R&B trio who’d released their 1st album (Tell Me That You Love Me) in 2004 and their 2nd album (Three Words) in 2005. Famous composers such as Jo Young Soo, Kim Do Hoon and Min Myung Ki contributed to this album. There are a total of 15 tracks in this album and the title song is called "Completely Black". This album is one of the most highly-anticipated albums for December. – credits to purpletiger86

Eternal Morning – Vol. 1 Soundtrack to a Lost Film (released)

01 Eternal Morning
02 Plastic Umbrella
03 Love Is
04 White
05 The 8th Day
06 Rainclouds In My Room
07 Holden Caulfield
08 Fingerprints
09 Black Shoe
10 City that Never Sleeps
11 Father’s Watch
12 Eternal Mourning

Epik High’s entertainer, Tablo, has made a project team, Eternal Morning with PE2NY (pronounced Penny). Titled Soundtrack to a Lost Film, the album consists of instrumentals in which one can visualize imaginary movies through each song. The title track, WHITE, is an instrumental mixed with piano and strings and conveys the various colors well. These songs cannot be felt through the lyrics but rather in the music itself. Eternal Morning hopes to bring out each movie through the feelings each song reveals. – credits to motoway065

White Romance Vol. 1 (released)

1. I’ll Be There (The Nuts, Sei, Jessica H.O.)
2. Christmas Song (Jessica H.O.)
3. I’ll Be There (Remix Version)
4. I’ll Be There (Original Version) (Inst.)
5. I’ll Be There (Remix Version) (Inst.)

This is a great single that features The Nuts, Sei and Jessica H.O. Producer Kim Won Ee composed and wrote the lyrics for the songs. The title song is "I’ll Be There" and there are two other versions of the song on this single, the remix version and the techno house dance style version. The solo song sung by Jessica H.O., called "Christmas Song", shows off her powerful vocal skills. – credits to purpletiger86

Kan Mi Youn (single) – Winter (released)

01 White Winter (Duet with Noel’s Na Sung Ho)
02 Solitary Winter

Kan Mi Youn, who had a successful solo career with her song Old Woman, has done many activities in China. After one year and two months, Kan has come back to Korea with a digital single which consists of two remake songs, White Winter and Solitary Winter. The duet track, White Winter, is a remake of a famous ‘90s track by male duo Mister Two, which many listeners enjoy during winter time even to this day. Kan sang this duet with Noel’s Na Sung Ho. Solitary Winter is also a remake of a ‘90s song sung originally by Kang Soo Ji. – credits to motoway065

Enjel (single) – You Fool (released)

1. You Fool
2. You Fool (Inst.)

-Enjel aka Chae Eun Jung’s ballad single "You Fool"…

Chae Eun Jung was a former member of the female group "Cleo". She returned as a solo artiste and released her first solo album earlier this year under the name Enjel. After the release of her first solo album, she had done promotions for her title song "Pop" and "Out", which were both upbeat dance songs. She will now start doing promotions for her new ballad single "You Fool". This is a sad ballad that was composed by GNU and the lyrics were written by Enjel, which is about a woman who has no choice but to leave the man she loves. – credits to purpletiger86

Other releases:

Storm – Stormy Kitty Remix (released)
Tommy Six – Flicker of Hope (released)
Maronie Girls – Winter (released)
Aquibird – Windhill (released)
Leeds – The Old School (released)
The Quiett Vol. 3 – The Real Me (December 13)
Bust This – Hello! Bust This (December 13)
Morrison Hotel Vol. 1 (December 14)
DJ Son/Potlatch – Black Swarms (December 14)

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