New albums and singles preview 2009 - February week 4

Park Jung Hyun Vol.7 – 10 Ways To Say I Love You (released)
01 Chica Chica
02 Innocent Lena Park
03 Person Like Me, Person Like You
04 Touch Me
05 Secret
06 Sunday Brunch
07 Elegy
08 Love Is Not Like This…
09 On the Way to Meet You

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Lena Park, who has released album after album, has never disappointed listeners. With over ten years of experience under her belt, she has returned with her seventh album, titled 10 Ways To Say I Love You. This album doesn’t contain just any love song, but those that pertain to the nervousness, sweetness, and pain associated with love. In addition, Lena Park produced the album. The title track is Secret.





Noblesse (mini-album) – Sadness (March 3)
01 Breakup Overture
02 Breakup Report (feat. Seo Jin Young)
03 Because My Heart Is One
04 My Life Was You (feat. Oh Yoon Hye)
05 Love
06 Breakup Overture (Inst)
07 Breakup Report (Inst)

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Noblesse releases his first work of the year with sad music that only he can show with full color. Everyone who has gone through loneliness, pain, and troubles will be able to relate to this album, which revolves around the theme of sadness. Also featured in the album are sweet vocalist Seo Jin Young and powerful-voice Oh Yoon Hye, who took part in the title track Breakup Report, and My Life Was You, respectively.





A Story Sadder Than Sadness OST (released)
01 Memories –Various Artists
02 A Story Sadder Than  Sadness – Kim Bum Soo
03 Sometimes – Various Artists
04 There Is No Other Person Like That – Lee Seung Chul
05 Are You Listening – Lee Seung Chul
06 Face I Miss – Nam Gyuri
07 Sorrow – Black Pearl
08 There Is No Other Person Like That (Part 2) – Lee Seung Chul
09 Le Pieur – Various Artists
10 Adieu – Various Artists

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The soundtrack for the movie, A Story Sadder Than Sadness, has finally been released! The movie starring Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Bum Soo, and Lee Bo Young is basically a mellow story about thinking about others over oneself even until the end. Famous artistes such as Lee Seung Chul, Kim Bum Soo, and Nam Gyuri have participated for the soundtrack. The title track is Face I Miss, sung by Nam Gyuri.





The Shinbi (single) – Hero (released)
01 Hero

Last year both Shinji and Solbi released their respective solo albums and received much love from fans. This year, the two have returned together under the name “Shinbi” with a sad pop ballad, titled Hero. The two were able to get closer after going on the show Intimate Note and thus were able to collaborate on this duet number.  The song was written by J. Fever and was composed by Kim Seh Jin.





Other releases:

Nassun – Happyface (released)

E.Bul Vol. 1 – Fire In My Heart (released)

24/7 (single) – 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week (released)

Enjel (single) – I Miss You (released)

Jimmy Strain Vol. 1 – Emotion Frequency (March 4)

Min Sul Vol. 1 – 우리 계절이 지나면 (March 4)

Kingston Rudieska – Ska Fidelity (March 4)

Davichi (mini-album) – 8282 (March 4)

Heu Reun Vol. 1 – Heu Reun (March 4)

Ibadi (mini-album) – Song For Ophelia (March 6)



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