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F.T Island – The Refreshment / Special Album (December 3)

01 Until You Come
02 That is Love
03 Person Whose Tears is Closer
04 Love Sick
05 I’m Happy
06 Thunder
07 Just Once Person
08 Deep Attachment
09 A Man’s First Love Will Last Until his Death
10 Told to Stop
11 Ftisland
12 Reo Reo
13 Primadonna
14 Greeting
15 Don’t Know the Rules of Love
16 First Kiss

01 [Music 2.0] Until You Come
02 That is Love
03 Person Whose Tears is Closer
04 Love Sick
05 I’m Happy
06 Thunder
07 Just One Person
08 Deep Attachment
09 A Man’s First Love Will Last Until his Death
10 Told to Stop

FT Island, who made their debut this past July, have released a special album about six months later with a new track. Titled The Refreshment, the album includes a 60-page photobook of the five cute members with the concept: teenage years. Autographs are also included in the album. The Refreshment consists of two CDs; the first one (Emotional Chapter) with three new tracks and the second one (Island Chapter) in Music 2.0 version where one can format their songs into piano, guitar, and drum versions. – credits to motoway065

Min Kyung Hoon Vol. 1 – Im-Pres-Sive (December 4)

1. Im-Pres-Sive
2. Sad Fool
3. Cry Only Today
4. Sand Castle
5. Die, Even If I Die
6. Cactus
7. Mute
8. Bad Love
9. Why…
10. Hool-Hool

-Min Kyung Hoon has returned!

Min Kyung Hoon is the lead vocalist from the popular rock band "Buzz" and he is back with his solo album. This album was produced by Go Suk Young and the songs were composed by Lee Sang Joon, Oh Kwang Suk and many others. To make this album fit perfectly with the winter season, the tracks consist of great ballad songs. The title song "Sad Fool" is a great rock-ballad song that was composed by Go Suk Young (who produced hit songs for Buzz such as "Coward" and "My Darling). An orchestra contributed to this song by performing a great classical-style piece. In releasing his solo album, he will also be holding a concert. This album also comes with 2CDs and a mini picture album. – credits to purpletiger86

The Name Vol. 3 – This is The Name (December 3)

1. Please Find Her
2. Already An Adult
3. Please
4. Love, Break-up and Memories
5. Go Away
6. Meet With A Smile
7. Love For The Second Time
8. The Purity After It Rains
9. Like The First Time We Fell In Love
10. April Has Arrived
11. Please Find Her (Inst Ver.)

The Name released his 2nd album last year and his title song "Love Is…" ranked at the top of various music charts. He is back with his new 3rd album [This Is The Name]. Talented as he is, The Name contributed by producing this album and composing/writing some of the songs as well. The title song "Please Find Her" was composed by Yoon Min Soo (member of Vibe). It is a sad ballad about a man who comes to realize how much he misses his lover, whom he can’t see anymore. Talented musicians such as Wheesung, Brown Eyed Soul, Kim Sae Jin and many others contributed to this album. – credits to purpletiger86

Toy Vol. 6 – Thank You (released)

01 You (Intro)
02 Bon Voyage
03 I’m the Moon
04 Happy End
05 Hot Farewell
06 Today’s Weather in Seoul is Clear
07 Pass By (Interlude)
08 Christmas Card
09 Song For Daughter
10 Leave Your Burdens to Me
11 French Cane
12 Invisible Man
13 Farewell 20 Years
14 Greeting
15 You

Basic Info on Each Individual Song:
01 You (Intro) – Short piano intro to start off the album
02 Bon Voyage – In order to bring in the electronic rhythm, a French style can be heard. Rollercoaster’s member Cho Won Sun is the main vocal of this track
03 I’m the Moon – Lee Kyu Hoon is the vocals of this song with fun lyrics. Album reviewer’s favorite track off the album
04 Happy End – A song produced by a band, where you can hear the drums, bass, guitar, and the piano. It is reminiscent of Shakatak and Steely Dan and like the title says, the song is full of happy lyrics and has a great melody
05 Hot Farewell – The title track of the album, this song has the 80s feel to it. Singer-songwriter Lee Ji Hyung sings this song.
06 Today’s Weather in Seoul is Clear – Much consideration was taken in choosing the vocals of this song because they were looking for a clear and straight voice rather than the R&B or soulful voice. Younha was chosen to sing this song.
07 Pass By (Interlude) – Interlude about the time during the breakup of a relationship
08 Christmas Card – The style of this song is what most people consider to be Toy’s style of music. Kim Hyun Joong. who has taken part in Toy’s albums since the 4th, sings this song.
09 Song For Daughter – Sung Shi Kyung sings this song about the feelings about having a family after marriage.
10 Leave Your Burdens to Me – Yoon Sang sings this song and Lee Byung Woo plays the guitar in this track.
11 French Cane – The title track being named after a flower, it was the flower they saw when he used to have a date with his wife by the valley. It is about being reminded of this every time he goes to the ocean in August.
12 Invisible Man – This song had much influence from Norwegian electronic duo, royksopp. Lucid Fall took part in the vocals of this song.
13 Farewell 20 Years – This track consists of guitars, drums, and the bass. This song is about reminiscing about the past when he was still young. Kim Min Kyu of Delispice sings this song.
14 Greeting – Vocals: Kim Yeon Woo
15 You – This song basically thanks everyone that was part of his life and helped out make this album as one. – credits to motoway065

Andy Lee (single) – Irrelevant Imagination (released)

1. Irrelevant Imagination (Feat. Yoo Bin from Wonder Girls)
2. Irrelevant Imagination (Inst.)

– Andy and Yoo Bin, Park Jin Young’s ‘HOT’ Winter Song "Irrelevant Imagination"

Andy (from Shinwa) has released his first digital single which features Yoo Bin (from Wonder Girls). In 2008, Andy will be releasing his first solo album and his song "Irrelevant Imagination" is included. This is a 1996 remake song which was originally sung by Jinu (member of Rollercoaster). Hit song maker Hwang Sung Jae rearranged this song to fit today’s music trend. Park Jin Young contributed by writing the lyrics for the rap part, which is sung by Wonder Girls’ member Yoo Bin. This digital single is gaining much attention due to the contributions of Park Jin Young, Yoo Bin and Hwang Sung Jae. – credits to purpletiger86

Voice One (single) – Travel #1 (released)

01 Winter Fairytale
02 You’re Bringing It Down
03 Winter Fairytale (Inst.)
04 You’re Bringing It Down (Inst.)

Voice One have finally come back after their digital single release, Love Story. The title track, You’re Bringing It Down is a song that will bring hope and reassurance for those who are in the slightest bit of pain. This song was composed by Jun Hae Sung. Their other track, Winter Fairytale was composed by Hong Sung Joo, who also composed their Love Story digital single. You can taste the wintery season from the lyrics and the instrumentals. The song sampled the Christmas carol, Jingle Bells. – credits to motoway065

Danny Ahn (single) – Love Ballad in 2007 Vol. 2 (released)

1. Fool (Feat. Tae Won)
2. Fool (Feat. Tae Won) (Inst.)

-Love Ballad Remake Vol.2!

The One and G.O.D.’s member Danny Ahn collaborated together earlier this year and released a ballad remake song called "Love". They are back with another remake song which features another great artiste "Tae Won". The song "Fool" is a Japanese song which was rearranged and created into a medium tempo ballad song. This single was produced by Jang Joon Ho and it features great musicians. – credits to purpletiger86

W7 Project (single) – Snow Party (released)

01 Love is Coming Down
02 My Christmas Story
03 My Grown Up Christmas List
04 Love is Coming Down (Inst.)

A winter album where various artists put a lot of work into.

The title track, Love is Coming Down, is a medium tempo song with rap. Hooni Hoon and MC Mong were featured in the rap portions while 2NB, Sugar’s HyeSung and Haleen, and Bubble Sister’s Young Ji took part in the vocals. – credits to motoway065

T-Max (single) – Lion Heart (released)

01 Lion Heart
02 Open Up My Heart
03 Lion Heart (Inst.)

3 member group, T-Max who released a Japanese style dance track in their previous single, Blooming, released their second single, Lion Heart. With great melody and lyrics, Lion Heart is a remake of Japan’s male group, SMAP. The song is about a song one wants to share with their loved one. – credits to motoway065

Other releases:

Galaxy Express – Ramble Around (released)
Gavy Queens – New Born (released)
Ha Ha (single) – 너는 내 운명 (released)
Ye-In (single) – 어쩌다가 2 (released)
Park So Yeon – Bnrnrnb (released)
Luv O’ Clock – Lima Syndrome (released)
Ra-E (single) – Love Story (released)
Eternal Morning Vol. 1 – Soundtrack To A Lost Film (December 4)
Shinhwa – Winter Story 2007 (December 5)

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