Album review: Tim Vol. 4

Tim – Vol. 4 Love Is…

01 Explanation for Using My Heart
02 Thankful Miracle
03 Soliloquy
04 The War Inside Me
05 As Much As I Love
06 Serendipity
07 Wish List
08 Affection
09 I Don’t Regret It
10 You Are to Me
11 Wonderful Life
12 Walk on Water

Tim has finally released his highly anticipated fourth album six months after a digital single and a little over a year since his last studio album. Consisting of twelve tracks, Tim’s album is filled with songs of new color and more pop-ish melodies compared to those in his previous albums. Many famous composers such as Kim Young Hoo and Kim Tae Sung who were responsible for producing songs for BoA, DBSG, and Big Bang have created songs for Tim as well.

Tim’s fourth album starts off with ‘Explanation for Using My Heart’ (Track 1) – a medium tempo track which he successfully masters with his soothing voice. This song helps in the smooth transition to Soliloquy (Track 3), one of the songs I recommend from this album. Also medium tempo track, ‘Soliloquy’ starts off with calming instrumentals, leading to Tim’s melodic voice. ‘The War Inside Me’ (Track 4) is a upbeat song something different from Tim’s normal works. The synthesizer sounds listeners hear throughout the song captures their attentions and Tim’s dramatic voices only further captivates them to finish through the song, hungry for more. This upbeat song is a must listen. The title track, ‘As Much As I Love’ (Track 5) is a ballad, which is what Tim has always been known for. As usual, this song does not let any expectations down. He successfully masters this song about being hurt from love and not being able to forget it. Another mentionable track would be ‘Walk on Water’ (Track 12) which is a Christian ballad sung in English. Tim is able to bring out his religious beliefs as well as his American roots through this song. Christian listeners as well as native English speakers may especially enjoy this track.

Recommended Tracks: 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 12

I felt that Tim’s fourth album was more enjoyable as he sang different genres other than ballads which were prominent especially in his second album. There are a handful of tracks that are addicting on first listen which is a plus. I recommend everyone to try out this album!

Rating: 5/5 (Even if you’re not a fan of this artist/group this album is a must buy.)

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written by motoway065


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