Name: Min Kyung Hoon
Birthday: October 6, 1984
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 65kg
Hobbies: Playing computer games like Starcraft
Favorite colors: White & Blue
Debut: 2003 as the lead vocalist for Buzz
Solo Debut: 2007 Vol. 1 Album "Impressive"

Our featured artiste this week is former Buzz lead singer Min Kyung Hoon. He was already very popular during his days with Buzz. Now Min is back as a solo artiste this time. He has shed his pretty-boy image and returned as a more mature and emotionally-enriched solo vocalist. In order to remove all traces of Buzz from Min, his solo album is filled with soft and melancholy ballads. But the change is not so drastic that Buzz fans won’t recognize Min’s style. Classical ballads were infused with the conventional style of Buzz. For instance, his title song “Sad Fool” is reminiscent of his former hits “Coward” and “My Darling” in their grand scale. Min has concerts planned for two days in December to mark the release of his solo album. Given his track record of successfully holding more than 60 concerts since his debut in 2003, the latest concerts are also certain to be hugely successful.


Min Kyung Hoon Vol. 1 Impressive (2007) : Impressive, Sad Fool, Let’s Cry for One Day, Sand Castle, Though I Die, Cactus, Mute, Bad Love, Why, Hool-hool

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Credits: KBS World