See Ya Vol. 2.5 – California Dream (released)
1. Sad Footsteps (Shoes II)
2. Still Like It
3. Classic
4. Love Song
5. Hateful
6. Nowadays I Am (Unstoppable Marriage OST)
7. Night Flying
8. Right Back At That Place
9. Crazy Love Song
10. The Day
11. Affection

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– See Ya return with their new special album "California Dream"

On Dec 17 last year, See Ya released their latest single and music video "Sad Footsteps (Shoes II)", which received a lot of positive feedback. It was their first time appearing in their own music video. There are three new tracks included in this album. Also included are two collaboration songs that member Kim Young Ji and Brown Eyed Girl’s member Jae Ah sang together, "The Day" and "Affection", Nam Gyuri’s song "Flying Night" (from Unstoppable Marriage OST), Lee Bo Ram’s song "Right Back At That Place" (from Full House OST), and Nam Gyuri and FT Island’s member Lee Hong Ki’s "Nowadays I Am" (from Unstoppable Marriage sitcom OST). All these songs were rearranged. The album jacket will be shot in LA and Las Vegas to go along with their album title "California Dream". See Ya released their 2nd album last year in May and gained much love with their hit songs such as "Love Greeting", "Shall We Marry?" and "Ice Doll". (from purpletiger86)


Big Bang – For the World (released)

01 VIP (Intro)
02 Big Bang
03 How Gee
04 Lie
05 So Beautiful
06 La La La
07 Together Forever
08 Always

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Big Bang, who were successful last year in Korea, are heading for Japan for the new year. They have already released their first mini album, titled For the World, simultaneously in Korea and Japan. This new album includes a new single titled How Gee, along with seven previously released songs that truly represent Big Bang, making a total of eight tracks. Their title track, How Gee, has taken a sampling of Black Machine’s How Gee, which was popular in the 90s, and mixed it with Big Bang’s style. The saxophone sounds are prominent in this song. G-Dragon and T.O.P’s flowing English rap can be heard along with TaeYang, DaeSung, and SeungRi’s diverse vocals. (from motoway065)


Turtles Vol. 5 – Going South (January 10)

01 Going South
02 10:04
03 Sing-La-La
04 Shake
05 My Name
06 Already on Fifth
07 To Reduce
08 To Y
09 Hello Pooch
10 Be a Person
11 I Hope For This
12 Logo Song Collection

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Turtles, a fun group with catchy music, have finally come back with their fifth studio album 1.5 years since their fourth when they promoted Aeroplane. Their title track, Sing La-la, is a Euro dance track where they sing about their past experiences during their seven-year span. This song will have listeners wanting to stand up and shake to the beat. My Name is also a Euro dance track where you can hear Turtle-man’s powerful rap. Turtles’ fifth album is something most people would easily indulge in. (from motoway065)


New Heart (MBC Drama) OST (January 8)
1. Promise
2. Monologue [Monday Kiz (Ji Sung) & M To M (Choi Jung Hwan)]
3. Only One Love For Me… [Taru]
4. Title
5. Thanks [Hong Kyung Min]
6. Bye Bye Bye [Park Il]
7. Don’t Know About Love [Kim Dong Hee]
8. Morning Star [Yojo & Sentimental Scenery]
9. Theme For Hae Suk
10. Click
11. Never (drama version) [Fanny Fink]
12. Reason
13. Great Pair Of Hands
14. Late Snow [Choi Yoomi]
15. Theme For Doctor Choi

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– MBC’s Wednesday/Thursday Drama [New Heart]
– Medical dramas will always become a big hit!
– Featuring Monday Kiz (Jin Sung) & M to M (Choi Jung Hwan)

MBC’s medical drama "New Heart" aired last December and received 20% TV ratings for its first episode. This is hallyu star Ji Sung’s comeback drama after finishing his military service. The ending title song, "Monologue", is sung by Jin Sung from Monday Kiz and Choi Jung Hwan from M to M. The song starts out with a strong orchestra that fits perfectly with the medical drama theme. Singer Hong Kyung Min sang the song "Thanks", which is the theme song for Ji Sung’s character "Eun Sung". New artiste Kim Dong Hee sang the song "Don’t Know About Love", which is the love theme song for both Eun Sung (Ji Sung) and Hae Suk (Kim Min Jung). This drama was highly anticipated even before its first airing, due to the fact that the OST was created by the same producers who created the “Coffee Prince Shop #1” OST. (from purpletiger86)


Digital Singles:


Bada & Windy City – Think About Chu (released)

01 Think About Chu
02 Think About Chu (Inst.)

Bada, arguably Korea’s best female singer, and Windy City, who are known for their punk, reggae and soul music, have finally met! The two sides serenade each other about their feelings in Think About Chu, which was originally sung by Asoto Union. It was said that during the recording, they did many ad-libs in addition to their respective parts, making the outcome so much better. (from motoway065)


Kim Woo Joo – Beautiful Day (released)
1. Beautiful Day
2. Star
3. Beautiful Day (Inst.)
4. Star (Inst.)

-"Kim Woo Joo", returns with a single album in 2007

Kim Woo Joo debuted in 2005 and was known for his handsome face and great vocal skills. He gained much popularity with his song "Let’s Separate" from his 2nd album. After releasing his 2nd album, he flew to Japan, held concerts and appeared in several commercial ads. He also released two Japanese singles. He is back in Korea to promote his latest Korean single "Beautiful Day". This single was produced and composed by Park Ki Ho. The first track "Beautiful Day" is a medium-tempo ballad that showcases Kim Woo Joo’s mature and gentle voice. It’s a great song that is dedicated to loving couples. The second track "Star" is a fun dance song that also includes rhythmical jazz chords. While busy promoting his albums in Japan, he would find the time to fly back to Korea during his breaks and record his Korean album. He has received so much love and support from his fans through his homepage and fan cafe while he was away in Japan. This new single was created in dedication to his devoted fans. According to his production company, we’ll be able to see a new side of Kim Woo Joo through this single. (from purpletiger86)


Other releases:

Cho PD + Yoon Il Sang (single) – PDIS (released)

Jin Joo – White: mini album (January 10)

Atombook Vol. 1 – Warm Hello From The Sun (January 10)

Makustle (single) – Love Letter (January 11)


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