Nam Gyu Ri 4.26.1985 (22 years old)
Leader and Lead Vocal

Kim Yeon Ji 10.30.1986 (21 years old)

Lee Bo Ram 2.17.1987 (20 years old)


This week’s featured artiste is the three-member female group See Ya. The name of the team “See Ya” comes from “See U Always,” which means the band wish to live eternally though their music for their fans. The members of the trio underwent intense training for a year-and-a-half studying under the best singer and producers in K-pop. The three members all show a common love for soul music. The trio proved to be the first rookie team in the K-pop scene that was created with more than a billion won of investment in just over a year’s time. It is also said that SG Wannabe provided vocal training, with each SG Wannabe member teaming up with a See Ya member and professionally training that student. The See Ya team consist of leader and lead vocal Nam Gyu Ri (aged 22), followed by Kim Yeon Ji (21), vocal, and Lee Bo Ram, the youngest at 20 and another vocal of the group.

Since their second album, See Ya have done more pop music instead of focusing on purely R&B. They also have a more sophicated and elegant image now. These changes proved to be very successful. In just two years, See Ya have become the top female group in Korea with many hit songs.


Vol.1- The First Mind
01 Scent of Woman
02 Shoes
03 Because I Love You
04 Hollyhock
05 Promise U
06 Again from the Beginning
07 Crime
08 Breaking Up
09 Tears and Fears
10 If Loved
11 Just
12 It’s My Fault

Vol. Lovely Sweetheart
01 Love Greeting
02 Shall We Marry
03 Fond of Love/You are my Man
04 Dirty Dancing
05 How Can I Forget You?
06 My Love
07 That Person Loves Me
08 Summer Dream
09 Love is Leaving
10 Impress Me
11 Ice Doll
12 Unconditional Love
13 Stranger


See Ya Vol. 2.5 – California Dream (released)
1. Sad Footsteps (Shoes II)
2. Still Like It
3. Classic
4. Love Song
5. Hateful
6. Nowadays I Am (Unstoppable Marriage OST)
7. Night Flying
8. Right Back At That Place
9. Crazy Love Song
10. The Day
11. Affection

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Single – SeeYa & Brown Eyed Girls: To My Lover
01 Jung
02 The Day
03 Jung
04 The Day (version 2)
05 Jung (Hiphop Version

Compilation – All Star: Composer Jo Young Soo Project Album
03 Hateful

Single – Night Flying[Nam Gyuri Ditigal Single for Unstoppable Marriage OST]
01 Night Flying

OST – Invisible Man Choi Jang Soo
03 Crazy Love Song


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