New albums and singles preview - 2008 January week 2

Wax Vol. 7 – Women Eats Love

1. Women Eats Love
2. If That Happened (Feat. Yoo Gun)
3. Only Tears, Only Tears
4. That Person
5. Bad Woman
6. Love Feelings
7. April’s Here
8. That Common Mr. Kim
9. You Are Tears
10. It Hurts
11. Women Eats Love (Inst.)

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– Wax’s official 7th album [Women Eats Love]
– To love… To separate… To yearn…” Wax” is a singer who expresses herself well through music.

Wax has sung many hit songs in the past such as “Fixing My Make-Up”, “I Ask In Favor”, “Don’t Swear At Me”, “I Want To Love” and “Mother’s Diary”. Wax is an artiste who can express many emotions related to love and separation. After a one-year hiatus, she has finally returned with her 7th album. Many of the ballads in this album are great to listen to during the winter season. The album is produced by famous producer Park Geun Tae and many talented musicians such as Yoo Gun, Lee Gi Chan, and Lee Sang contributed by composing and writing songs for her. The title song is called “Women Eats Love”, which was composed by Park Geun Tae and written by Kang Eun Kyung. It is a great ballad that has a dramatic melody, which fits perfectly with Wax’s strong vocals. (from purpletiger86)

Andy Vol. 1 – Andy The First New Dream

01 New Dream (Intro)
02 Love Song
03 Timing
04 U Turn
05 To Wish and to Wish Again
06 Shall We Love?
07 Face Turned Red
08 I’m Thinking About You
09 Never Give Up
10 Irrelevant Imagination
11 Lie
12 Music In My Heart

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Andy is releasing his first solo album titled ANDY the First New Dream, ten years since his debut in the group Shinhwa. He has collaborated with many hitmaker-composers such as Park Chang Hyun, Hwang Sung Jae, and Wi Jong Soo, releasing dance, rap, as well as ballad tracks. Already known for his great rapping skills, Andy will show off his special side and sweet vocals. In addition, many of his fellow musicians are featured in this album as a token of friendship. Consisting of twelve tracks, his digital single Irrelevant Imagination features Yoobin of Wonder Girls. Music in My Heart and Lie, which he sang in his first musical "Music in My Heart", are included as well. As for the album jacket, the concept has a masculine feel and fans can see this through the 40-page booklet. (from motoway065)

Brown Eyed Girls (Mini Album) – With Love

01 Love Action (feat. Jo PD)
02 L.O.V.E
03 Farewell Letter
04 Love Action (Rap by Miryo)
05 Love Action (Inst.)
06 L.O.V.E (Inst.)
07 Farewell Letter (Inst.)

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Brown Eyed Girls, known for their powerful vocals, have released a mini album which includes both dance and ballad songs. Their title track, L.O.V.E, is a dance track with an electronica feel to it. The girls wanted to get the most out of this new genre and were able to achieve this through the help of saintbinary, who is the nation’s best electronic editor known for various works. Their second planned single, Love Action, features Jo PD, making it their second collaboration with him following their popular Hold the Line. This dance track has fun beats pleasant to the ear and was in competition with L.O.V.E as being the title track. As for the last track, Farewell Letter, it was supposed to be included in the group’s second album but was not added due to its contrast in style with the album. Fans are finally able to listen to it in this mini album. (from motoway065)

Monday Kiz + V.O.S + Ilac (single) – Friendship

1. Such Love – Monday Kiz (Jin Sung) & V.O.S (Hyun Joon) & Ilac
2. Shouldn’t Have Loved – Monday Kiz (Jin Sung) & Ilac
3. Such Love (Instrumental)
4. Shouldn’t Have Loved (Instrumental)

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– Monday Kiz (Jin Sung) + V.O.S (Hyun Joon) + Ilac = Friendship!

These three men (Lee Jin Sung from Monday Kiz, Choi Hyun Joon from V.O.S and Ilac) are some of the most talented singers in the Korean music industry. This will be the start of their new journey together to show off their fantastic harmonization in front of their fans. The title song for this project single album is called “Such Love”, which is a song that showcases their style and individuality. They’ve worked and practiced hard to create the best harmonization when all three of their voices are combined. This song was also composed by Min Myung Gi, who had previously worked with talented musicians such as KCM and SG Wannabe. The second track is a special track that was composed, written and rearranged by Lee Jin Sung. These three men are going to Japan to film their music video, which is created by director Son Jung Hwan. (from purpletiger86)

Joo (single) – Young Girl

01 Because of a Guy
02 Like Yesterday
03 Face
04 Premiere
05 Because of a Guy (Inst.)
06 Like Yesterday (Inst.)

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JOO of JYP Entertainment debuts this year with her first single album, titled Young Girl. As the album title states, JOO is a young girl herself but with her explosive singing ability and potential, she can be branded as the “New Diva.” The title track, Because of a Guy, is a ballad written by Park Jin Young (JYP). This song was especially cherished by him and despite the high demand for the song, he gave it to JOO. The song is about a girl stumbling after a breakup and anyone who has ever loved in his or her life will find themselves nodding to the beat. JOO’s voice fits very well with the song and it is very soothing and reassuring. (from motoway065)

Jin Ju (Mini Album) – White

01 The Rain (Remastering Version)
02 Back to the Beginning
03 Run to You (Remastering Version)
04 Premiere (feat. MC Follow/Remastering Version)
05 Back to the Beginning (Snow Version)
06 Run to You (Inst.)
07 Back to the Beginning (Inst.)
08 Back to the Beginning (Chorus Version)
09 And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going (Dream Girls OST)

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Remake of And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going from the Dream Girls OST!
Jin Ju’s First Mini Album [White]
When one thinks about the word white, innocence and purity first come to mind. One reason the album title seems appropriate is because of her name, which means pearl in the Korean language. In Jin Ju’s mini album, rather than the resonant techniques that she is known for, listeners are able to listen to the songs easily and sing along to the lyrics. (from motoway065)

Noblesse Vol. 3 – Last Romanticist

1. Last Romanticist
2. End
3. No Regrets (Feat. Beige)
4. Old Fox’s Soliloquy (Feat. 4 Men)
5. Don’t Know About People’s Business
6. One Winter Day (Feat. Young Ji)
7. What To Do
8. Morning Call
9. Have The World
10. I’m Going To You
11. Last Christmas
12. How Much Do You Want To Be Happy? (Feat. Yo Ah)
13. How Can A Person Be Like That? (Feat. Go Yoo Jin)
14. Nocturne

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– Noblesse’s official 3rd album [Last Romanticist]

Beginning the new year of 2008 with a new start, singer and songwriter Noblesse (Yoo Sung Kyu) is returning with his 3rd album. Although he is not well known in the mass media, his passion for music can be felt in all the albums that he had released. In 2007, he released two single albums and the tracks in those single albums are included in this 3rd album. This album is filled with his feelings about love and separation. He wanted to make this a very special album in which we can hear the sounds of the spirits. (from purpletiger86)

Kang Chae Yi Vol. 1 – Be Addicted To Love

1. Intro (Separation)
2. Wet Handkerchief
3. Fantasy
4. Love…
5. Love, You Fool (Feat. Yoon Do Hyun)
6. Cooled Off Tears
십오야 (Ship Oh Ya a.k.a Bright Full Moon On The Fifteenth Night)
8. Drawing Out Love
9. Deep Attachment
10. Because It’s Raining
11. Daffodil

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– New singer and songwriter Kang Chae Yi’s debut album!

There are many rock bands such as YB (Yoon Do Hyun Band), Kim C (Hot Potato), Kang San Ae, Jung Tae Chun and Park Eun Ohk, who’ve all worked very hard to bring rock to the mass public in Korea. However, it wasn’t easy for many rock bands to become popular and show off their musical talents. It’s about twice as hard for rock bands to get recognition and come up with their own color and label. After ten years of hard work and training, Kang Chae Yi is finally making her debut. This is a talented female musician who composes, writes and rearranges songs. There are a total of 11 tracks in this album and each track goes in depth about love stories. Many talented musicians such as Jeon Hae Sung, and Yoon Do Hyun have contributed to this album. Jeon Hae Sung produced this album and Yoon Do Hyun sang a duet with Kang Chae Yi called “Love, You Fool”, which is a medium tempo ballad. (from purpletiger86)

Big Mama (digital single) – Danbi
1. Money..? Honey..?
2. Money..? Honey..? (Inst.)
3. Money..? Honey..? (Guitar Ver.)

– January 2008, the Big Stars from the music industry and the movie industry meets!
– Big Mama sings the theme song for the movie “Once Upon A Time”

The theme song for the movie “Once Upon A Time”, which is set in the 1940s, is sung by the talented group “Big Mama”. The song is called “Money..? Honey..?”, which was composed by three composers Hong Jung Soo, Park Young Min and Lim Bo Kyung. Big Mama contributed by singing the theme song after falling in love with the movie scenario. They are expected to also contribute by advertising and supporting the movie at conferences and singing the theme song at their mini concerts. (from purpletiger86)

Kang Kyun Sung (digital single) – A Serenade

01 This Time It’s Different
02 Dance With Love (feat. Nuk Sup Shan)

Noel’s Kang Kyun Sung, who is now an established songwriter, has come back with a new digital single, A Serenade, after a successful debut last October with the title track, Every Time I See You. Unlike his first solo album where Kang had lots of ballads and R&B tracks, this single has songs with solid rhythm as well as style that only he can express. This new single consists of one R&B and one dance track. The title track, This Time It’s Different, is about wanting to show one’s true feelings to a loved one. Fans can also see a new side of Kang through the second single Dance With Love, which features Muk Sup Shan of hip-hop group I,F. This song is full of funky beats and fun lyrics. (from motoway065)

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