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Sorry for the slow beginning guys, but I will be sure to keep track of these as the year progresses. Now, to start, Big Bang were definitely the hottest thing in 2007 and with two albums still in the top 10 at the start of the year (especially Always), it’s no doubt that they will be a powerhouse group throughout 2008. However, with that said, Toy has yet to let down his guard, even after being on the chart for several weeks. SeeYa’s special album has charted really well even though it was only recently released. It wouldn’t be too hard to see this album as another hit for them. After spending time in the bottom of the top 10, F.T Island have already moved up to 4th spot, proving that even though this is a special album, it’ll be hard to stop the success they’ve had. Turtles have recently released a new album and by the looks of it, will definitely show some chart strength.

Another veteran of Kpop has recently returned. Wax, also known as one of the top ballad queens, has recently released her 7th album. This album might see a rise in sales as the title track gains popularity. Girls’ Generation, another one of 2007’s newest additions are slowly climbing the charts, probably due to their new single release. SG Wannabe have yet to fall off the top 10 as well, and have recently climbed to 8th spot. However, they have been losing steam lately.

Finally, the Wonder Girls just don’t give up. Still clinging onto 9th spot, it’s surprising to still see them on the charts, especially considering that their album was released quite a while ago. Recently, they have dropped two positions, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see them stay in the top 10 next week.

1. Big Bang – Second Mini-album “Hot Issue”

Sales: 3,280

Big Bang \

2. Toy – Vol. 6 “Thank You”

Sales: 3,091

Toy \

3. SeeYa – Vol. 2.5 “California Dream”

Sales: 2,389

SeeYa \

4. F.T Island – Special Album “The Refreshment”

Sales: 2,065

F.T Island \

5. Turtles – Vol. 5 "Oh Bang Gan Da"

Sales: 1,876

Turtles \

6. Wax – Vol. 7 "Women Live On Love"

Sales: 1,552

Wax \

7. (Up 1) Girls’ Generation – Vol. 1 "Girls’ Generation"

Sales: 1,363

Girls' Generation \

8. (Up 1) SG Wannabe – Special Album “Story In New York”

Sales: 1,336

SG Wannabe \

9. (Down 2) Wonder Girls – Vol. 1 "The Wonder Years"

Sales: 1,255

Wonder Girls \

10. Big Bang- First Mini-album "Always"

Sales: 1,174

Big Bang \

Sources: Hanteo Weekly Charts, YesAsia

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