English Name: Lisa
Korean Name: Jung Hee Sun (정희선)
Date of Birth: Feburary 25, 1980
Hobbies: Basketball, skiing, jogging, fitness workout
Talents: Handicrafts, art, piano, clarinet, lanaguages (English, German, Swedish)
Favorite Musicians: Stevie Wonder, Eric Bennet
Our featured artiste of the week is Lisa. Lisa spent half of her life living overseas as a diplomat’s daugther. At the age of 12, she was introduced to the world of music and began her first step as a musician. While showing excellent abilities in her studies, Lisa participated in school bands, showing everything she had of her own musical talent. While a high-school student in Poland, Lisa was also awarded the first prize in the International Youth Music Festival held in Switzerland.
Lisa strengthed her stand as a vocalist while singing in a band during her college years at Hong-Ik University. She applied for an internet song festival with a home-recorded demo album she had made in high school and her talent was recognized by local producers, who then aided her into officially debuting into the Korean pop music scene.
Lisa has released three solo albums and also sang duet with other singers like Hwan Hee and Lee Seung Chul. The title song "I am Drawing" of her recently-released 3rd album "Featherlight" became her first top-20 hit, despite Lisa not having come out to perform on music shows.
1st Finally (Vol.1 2003): Yesterday Once More, Did We Really Love Each Other, Tonight, Just2BWiotu
Mind Blowing (Vol.2 2006): Mind Blowing, You Realize Love After It’s Gone, With You, Flower, Think Twice, You and I, Remember Who You Are
Featherlight (Vol.3 2007): Standing In Front of me Again, I’m Drawing, Don’t Hate Me, So Be It, My Melody, Do Me Something Sweet, I Just Wanna Love You, The Person I am to Meet, Always Me, First Time, Miss You, Featherlight, Love Where The End Is Better Than The Beginning
credits KBS World, xsimply juicy