New albums and singles preview - 2008 January week 3

KCM Vol. 4 – Kingdom (released)
1. Classic
2. One Day Diary
3. Sad Snowman (Feat. Rio)
4. Rules Of Dating (Feat. Zia)
5. I Use To Love (Feat. Carlos)
6. Because I Love You
7. Beauty And The Beast
8. Eun Hye (name of a woman)
9. I Am (Feat. Suho)
10. Fluttering
11. Goodbye
12. Because Love Might Come
13. Classic (Piano Ver.)
14. One Day Diary (Piano Ver.)

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Ballad singer KCM’s official 4th album [Kingdom]

KCM released his 3rd album in 2006 and now he is back with his 4th album. The whole album was produced by Korea’s best composer Jo Young Soo. This album consists of KCM’s sad ballads and many varieties of genres. The title song is called “Classic”, which is a great ballad that brings out a nice orchestra instrumental and KCM’s powerful vocal skills. This song was created by Jo Young Soo and Ahn Young Min. Another song to check out is track 2 “One Day Diary”, which is also created by Jo Young Soo and Ahn Young Min. It’s another great ballad that has a nice acoustic sound and melody to it along with meaningful lyrics. The song “I Use To Love” is a hip hop song featuring Carlos (member of Up Town), who also wrote the lyrics for the rap part. The song was composed by Kim Tae Hyun and written by Kim Hae Sun. It is a song that showcases Carlos’ rap skills, which blend well with KCM’s high-tone voice. Female singer Zia also contributed by singing a jazzy duet with KCM. There is also a dance song that KCM personally composed himself, called “I Am”. There are a total of 14 tracks in this album and every single track is worth listening to.

ISU & JinYi (single) – Requiem (released)
1. Requiem
2. Requiem (Inst.)

– A duet song by ISU (M.C the MAX) & Choi JinYi (Rumble Fish)

This is a nice remake of a Japanese song that has been rearranged with Korean lyrics. Choi JinYi wrote the Korean lyrics to this song while M.C the Max members played the instruments. The nice instrumental in this song blends ISU and JinYi’s voices together, giving a nice harmony. The music video was directed by director Ahn Hong Chul. Both ISU and JinYi make an appearance in the music video. This duet is sung by the best two vocalists and it is expected to become a big hit.

The Nuts (single) – Graduation Trip (released)
1. Lets Again (Graduation…)
2. Lets Again (Graduation…) [Inst.]

– The Nuts, Second Single “Graduation Trip”

The Nuts start off the New Year by releasing their newest digital single called “Graduation Trip”. This song was composed by Lee Tae Yoon and written by Lim Hyung Soo. Lee Tae Yoon personally played his base guitar for this song to make it top-notch quality. The song is about students who graduate from school and leave their close friends, making changes in life as they become adults. This song wants all graduating students to always keep in contact with their friends and never change until they meet again.


Other releases:


Beautiful Days – Boy + Girl (released)

Mystic Puzzle Vol. 1 – Mystic Puzzle Land (released)

Maronie Girls (single) – Winter (released)

deeVine – I Can Show (released)

Choi Sang Ryul Vol. 1 – Break The Rule (released)

Yang Hyun Kyung Vol. 3 – 2007 Fusions and Memories (released)

Maze – Struggle for Myself (released)


Source: Hanteo, Kyobobook, YesAsia, Melon, Dosirak


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