Kim Dong Ryul Vol. 5 – Monologue (released)


01 Departure
02 Well, I mean..
03 Old Song
04 Jump
05 Like a Child
06 The Concert
07 Nobody
08 Back View
09 Let’s Start Over
10 Melody

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Kim Dong Ryul has come back after four years with his fifth studio album, titled Monologue. This is great news for Kim’s fans who were thirsty for his works. In his new album, rather than having the greed for music, he wanted to simply make great music for the people. Kim Dong Ryul was responsible for writing all the lyrics to the songs from this album, many of which are honest experiences as well as stories that occurred during his 15 years in the music industry. Many people have said that Kim’s style in music has changed a lot, but this may be due to his job as a radio DJ for a year and a half. There seem to be more guitar instrumentals in his songs. The new year opens its doors with great music from Kim Dong Ryul.


Sun Ha (single) –Fahrenheit (released)


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01 String
02 Chantey Chantey
03 Take It
04 Queen Bee
05 Work I Hate

We are all awaiting this new singer Sun Ha – a runner-up in the 2006 Miss Korea pageant – to debut with her title track Chantey Chantey, while showing off her sexy, yet at the same time manly style. Just by the album title, Fahrenheit, we can feel the strong will and passion in her enthusiasm for music. Sun Ha has endured tough vocal training while recording this album in order to find her own color. The single album consists of five songs.


Yim Jae Bum (digital single) – Winter Letter (January 31)


01 Winter Letter

Winter Letter is to appear to the masses as a digital single this January. Yim Jae Bum is the owner of the luxurious voice in many hit songs such as ‘Wound Deeper than Love’, ‘For You’, and ‘Confession’. This sad single was co-composed by Jo Woo Jin and Kang Eun Kyung. With great quality and melody, this sweet winter love story will stir listeners’ hearts.


Hye Ryoung (digtial single) – Don’t Just Pass By (released)


01 Don’t Just Pass By

Hye Ryoung’s digital single, Don’t Just Pass By, is an automatic hit as it was a joint production of renown producers, Park Geun Tae, Cho Young Soo, and Ahn Young Min. Hye Ryoung does a great job singing in a sad voice to express the lyrics of the song, which tells about someone looking at her past lover but seeing him being happy with his new girlfriend. However, as she watches, she notices the many things that they weren’t able to feel back when they were together and she expresses her true feelings. Young Soo is also featured in the song to convey the sad atmosphere to a greater extent.


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Source: Hanteo, Kyobobook, Melon, Dosirak