Davichi Vol. 1 – AMARANTH (released)
1. I Love You Even Though I Hate You
2. Putting On Lipstick
3. The Bad Me Who Is Hurt
4. Sad Promise
5. Old Love
6. Sad Love Song
7. Starry Night
8. Is That How It Is?
9. Barely
10. The Opposite Of Break-up

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– A sad ballad song that features singer Lee Hyori and actress Lee Min Yeon in the music video!
– Anticipated new female group “Davichi” finally release their 1st album!

Davichi is a new female R&B group that consists of two members named Lee Hye Ri and Kang Min Kyung. Davichi’s title song, “I Love You Even Though I Hate You”, was created by Korea’s best music video director Cha Eun Taek. The style of the music video was created as a road movie. Actress Lee Mi Yeon and singer Lee Hyori are featured in this music video. They both come out with a totally different image that we have never seen before and this is Lee Hyori’s first time appearing in another singer’s music video other than her own. Davichi member Kang Min Kyung was known as a popular “ulzzang” (pretty face) on the Internet and even had her own fan café in 2005 that had more than 4,000 members. Many famous composers such as Park Geun Tae, Jo Young Soo, Kim Do Hoon, Ryu Jae Hyun and Park Hae Woon have contributed to Davichi’s 1st album. The title song is a great ballad with a very sad melody and it was composed and written by Ryu Jae Hyun (member of Vibe). Other tracks like “Putting On Lipstick”, “The Bad Me Who Is Hurt”, “Sad Promise” and “Old Love” are all great songs to look out for as well.


ERU (single) – Mannequin (ERU Returns Repackage) (released)
1. Mannequin (Chorus Edit)
2. Handkerchief

Eru’s 3rd album, released last year, was a great album that consisted of many great ballads. The title song for this single is called “Mannequin”, which is a nice modern ballad with a great melody to it. The lyrics are about a single man having a one-sided love and always being lonely and depressed. This is a song about the beauty of facing one’s love pain in a positive way rather than avoiding it. Aside from Eru’s voice, we will be able to hear Hwan Hee’s (Fly To The Sky) voice as well. Listen carefully and find out which part he sings!


J (single) – Liquor And Innocence (released)
1. Liquor And Innocence (Feat. Eun Ji Won) (New Ver.)
2. Liquor And Innocence (Feat. Eun Ji Won, Brown Eyed Girls "Mi Ryo")
3. Liquor And Innocence (MR)
4. With Tears (MR)
5. Tenth Day (MR)

– A true R&B diva with a smooth voice… J’s second digital single!

Singer J has returned with her second digital single titled “Liquor and Innocence”. It is a great hip hop song which features Eun Ji Won and Mi Ryo (member of Brown Eyed Girls). J did a total makeover to change her image. This is J’s first hip hop song that shows off her dance skills and which features a female rapper on stage. There are two versions of the title song in this single. It was composed and written by Bang Shi Hyuk. J is expected to show off her sharp image and dance skills.


Jang Keun Suk (single) – Black Engine (released)
1. Black Engine

Young actor Jang Keun Suk played a character that was a rock star in his recent movie “Fun Life”. Jang Keuk Suk met up with hit maker Park Jin Young for his new song called “Black Engine”. Because Jang Keuk Suk is not an actual singer, but an actor, Park Jin Young created a song that was simple and easy for him to sing. The music video for the song came out before the actual single and it gained much attention from netizens. This song is used for the commercial of a clothing brand “Etude” that Jang Keuk Suk is currently modeling for. The song has an electronica rhythm that is very addictive and repeated throughout. Although the genre of this song is known as “electronica hip-hop”, it is a unique song that fits the clubbing scene well.


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Ajoo (single) – 1st Kiss (released)

Bellamafia – Overstep (February 4)

Peter Vol. 1 – Showman (February 4)


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