Hanteo Monthly Sales Information:

Hitting the top spot in the monthly charts is Korean pop veteran Kim Dong Ryul. It’s been almost 4 years since his last album and his 5th has started out rather well, considering it was released in late January. Second place goes to Big Bang, who have done a great job with their sales this month. Hot Issue has yet to drop off the charts and is close to hitting their Always album sales total. Surprisingly, even that album has yet to drop from the top 10 monthly sales since last year and is currently at 9th place. In 3rd is Toy’s 6th album. Another veteran in the industry, he seems to be keeping pace, considering his album was released 2 months ago. Next is the ever amazing SeeYa, who have hit #1 recently on the soompi music charts. If the album is lucky, it can be successful and chart consistently like SeeYa’s previous albums. So Nyuh Shi Dae are 5th for this month. Though their album was released in early November, it has yet to drop. We might see sales continue to rise due to their latest single, Kissing You, climbing the charts.

F.T. Island land at 6th this month with their special album, The Refreshment. Though sales have been somewhat consistent, will the album prove to be another hit? It seems it still has some selling power in it. The youngest of Shinhwa, Andy, is holding out well for his first album. Though only at 7th this month, the album might experience the success of the other members who released albums this year. Much like Big Bang, the Wonder Girls are still going strong, even after several months on the charts. Will their album continue to sell? Maybe JYP has something up his sleeve. Last of the top 10 this month is Turtle with their 5th album. Even though this group isn’t as popular as some of the ones higher in the top 10, it’s no doubt that they are selling well.


1. Kim Dong Ryul – Vol. 5 "Monologue" (Purchase this album)

Sales: 21,100

Kim Dong Ryul - Vol. 5 \

2. Big Bang – Second Mini-album "Hot Issue" (Purchase this album)

Sales: 12,136

Big Bang - Second Mini-album \

3. Toy – Vol. 6 "Thank You" (Purchase this album)

Sales: 10,057

Toy - Vol. 6 \

4. SeeYa – Vol. 2.5 "California Dream" (Purchase this album)

Sales: 8,734

SeeYa - Vol. 2.5 \

5. So Nyuh Shi Dae – Vol. 1 "Girls’ Generation" (Purchase this album)

Sales: 6,547

SNSD - Vol. 1 \

6. F.T Island – Special Album "The Refreshment" (Purchase this album)

Sales: 6,439

F.T Island - Special Album \

7. Andy – Vol. 1 "Andy The First Dream" (Purchase this album)

Sales: 6,142

Andy - Vol. 1 \

8. Wonder Girls – Vol. 1 "The Wonder Years" (Purchase this album)

Sales: 5,656

Wonder Girls - Vol. 1 \

9. Big Bang – First Mini-album "Always" (Purchase this album)

Sales: 4,765

Big Bang - First Mini-album \

10. Turtle – Vol. 5 "Obangganda" (Purchase this album)

Sales: 4,279

Turtles - Vol. 5 \


Sources: YesAsia, Hanteo Monthly Charts

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