New albums and singles preview - 2008 February week 2

Ha Dong Kyun Vol. 2 – Another Corner (February 11)

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01 All I Want (Intro)
02 Brown Eyes
03 Fate
04 Love Her (Part 2)
05 Hey, Butterfly
06 Can’t Forget
07 If We Were to Love Again (feat. Kim Bora, Meng Jina, Jun Haewon)
08 Whether it Rains, Whether it Snows
09 In Your Room
10 Friendship Song
11 Alley Love Story (feat. Jun Haewon)
12 When it Rains, You’ll Leave
13 Us Two
14 Please Remember the Good Times

Ha Dong Kyun (from R&B group Wanted), who won the hearts of the females in 2006 with his song Please Love Her, has finally come back this year with his second album. He will return to the stage through the promotion of the single, Hey, Butterfly, which is about the heartache a breakup brings. In addition to great ballads such as Whether It Rains, Whether It Snows, there are quite a few upbeat tracks included in Ha’s new album.


45RPM Vol. 2 – Hit Pop (February 14)

01 Ooh-Wee
02 Prim Person
03 Small Thud
04 Innocent Person
05 Doo Bi Doo Bop
06 Tonight
07 Summer Day
08 Show Time
09 About Love
10 A Whisper that Finds Happiness
11 Hey DJ
12 Unstoppable Three Brothers
13 Prim Person Remix
14 Please (Bonus Track)

45RPM have come back with their second album since the release of their first back in 2005. With their first album, 45RPM were known for their fun rhythm and sleek rapping skills. With fourteen brand new tracks, their second album is an upgrade from their first. The title track, Small Thud, is a remake of the 70s song originally sung by Jung Hoon Hee. She has helped 45RPM out by featuring in parts of the song. Jung’s traditional Korean melody and 45RPM’s rap bring a new flavor to this song. Other songs to watch out for are A Whisper that Finds Happiness, Please, Show Time, and Summer Day. The song, Hey DJ, is a disco track reminiscent of the 80s style. Various artistes such as Gummy and underground hip-hop artistes including PeeJay, J-DoggSugar Flow, and DJ Murf were featured in the album.


Voice One (single) – Travel #2 (February 11)

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01 One Tear Drop
02 Only You
03 One Tear Drop (Instrumental)
04 Only You (Instrumental)

Voice One, who have already released their first single album, Travel #1, have come back to continue with their music video series. This group consists of Jang Hye Jin, Monday Kiz, and Ilac. Their title track, One Tear Drop’s music video is a continuation of their title track from their first single album. Their music video is to be shot at Hong Kong. Their songs show great harmonization as they become one, leaving great love and a good impression for their fans.


Naomi – Black ½ Mini Album (February 12)

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01 Prelude Landscape
02 Landscape
03 The Woman I Am
04 Bad Love
05 Sentimental
06 Spiral
07 Go Away
08 Lose Love
09 Bad Love (Instrumental)

Naomi, who has an unbelievably powerful voice, is the present and future of the music industry. She has trained for seven rigorous years, singing different genres such as R&B, Soul, and Jazz. Last year, Naomi released a digital single titled Lose Love, where she ranked No 5 on online charts. The title track for her upcoming mini album is Bad Love, which is a soul-pop track that successfully showcases Naomi’s voice. In some ways, the song is reminiscent of Beyonce’s Listen.


D.Bace (single) – Season 2 (February 12)

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01 Somebody (feat. Psy)
02 Only You (feat. SiGi)
03 All to You Remix (feat. Hoody)
04 Somebody (Inst.)

D.Bace have come back this February after four years determined to have a fresh start, just as the album title, Season II, suggests. Their title track, Somebody, was composed and written by Psy, who is currently in the army. He is featured in the song as well. Their previous song, All to You, was also specially remixed by Psy and Lee Hyun Do.


Other releases:


Unknown People – Tell A Vision (February 11)

Kang Hyun Joo – 아름만 들어도 (February 12)

Napoleon Dynamite Vol. 1 – Nuclear Launch Detected (February 12)

Ajoo (single) – 1st Kiss (February 14)

Sti Vol. 1 – Here Is A Raw Discovery (February 14)



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