New albums and singles preview - 2008 February week 3

Jewelry Vol. 5 – Kitchi Island (February 20)

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1. I am I and you are you
2. …holic
3. One More Time
4. Might Not Know
5. The Cradle Song
6. Black Diamond
7. Everyone, Shh
8. Stay With Me
9. Don’t Know Why
10. Might Not Know (Instrumental)
11. One More Time (Instrumental)

Jewelry gained much popularity with their hit song “Superstar”, which showed off both their vocal and musical skills. After wrapping up their 4th album promotional activities, they all split up to show off their own talents. Members Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah released their own solo albums that represented their own individual styles and tastes in music. Jewelry have now returned with a stronger voice and powerful dance choreography. Replacing Jo Min Ah and Lee Ji Yeon are new members Ha Joo Yeon and Kim Eun Jung. Ha Joo Yeon is also known as Baby-J, the rapper for Seo In Young’s hit song “I Want You” from her solo album. Kim Eun Jung was picked through an audition and has trained for two years. This 5th album is filled with Jewelry’s thoughts on music, fashion and life.

★ Album title song: "ONE MORE TIME" ★

Jewelry’s 5th album title song, “One More Time”, is a remake song that was originally sung by In-Grid. Composer Park Geun Tae arranged this song and Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo wrote the lyrics. It is a fun and upbeat dance song with an electronica sound and an accordion that is repeated throughout the song making it more addictive.


We are Jewelry…
We are singers that shine brighter than the stars when we are up on stage…
There are many songs that exist in this world…
If you and I are known as popular, that means all the people put effort to become the same…
But we are different…
Our stage…Our songs…
Our album…is different…
Something that’s common, but not…
Something that looks the same, but not…
We are the one and only Jewelry that exist in this world…


Sweet Sorrow Vol. 2 – Sweetics (February 21)

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1. Because You’re Here
2. I Love You
3. Farther Away
4. Snorkeling
5. Pretty
6. Strive
7. Lost
8. Bump
9. Where Are You
10. Hey, Buddy

– Sending out a sweet message to everyone, Sweet Sorrow’s 2nd album

This is an album that was completely created by the members themselves. They’ve composed, written the lyrics, arranged, produced and even taken part in vocal directing. On top of that, many talented musicians such as Kim Hyung Suk, Jinu (member of Roller Coaster), Kang Hwa Sung, Hwang Sung Jae, Park Sung Joon and Jung Jae Il contributed to this album. The title song “Farther Away” is a nice ballad about a couple that remain in love inside their hearts, but can’t return to the times when they were happy together.


Byul – The Best (released)

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1. Wine Glass
2. Why Don’t You Know?
3. Greeting (Feat. Na Yoon Kwon)
4. Rules Of Dating (Feat. Tk)
5. Teardrops
6. Cupid
7. December 32nd
8. Water Balloon (After December 23rd)
9. My Man’s Girlfriend
10. The Heart Knows
11. How Much I Love You (Feat. Bi)
12. Like A Fool
13. Okay Today (Feat. MC Mong)
14. Things That Need To Be Thrown Away
15. Yes I Am
16. It’s Okay Even If You Hate Me
17. I Think I

– “Byul”, love story of six years [The Best]
– “Ballad Diva”, Byul debuted in 2002 with her hit song [December 32nd] and six years has passed by…

This is Byul’s best album that consists of all her hit songs, with one additional new title song called “Wine Glass”. The song is about a sad woman who broke up with her boyfriend and pours all her sorrows into a wine glass. There are a total of 17 songs in this album, which also includes two duets and one OST track that she sang for the popular drama “Full House”. All the songs in this album are memorable songs that will be remembered 20-30 years down the line.


M (mini-album) – The Sentimental Reason (released)

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1. Just One More Night
2. Believe In Love
3. Love, Pretty Two Letter Word
4. Back To The Funk – M’s Life
5. Believe In Love (M’s Sentimental Ver.)
6. Just One More Night (M’s Romanticize ver.)

– Lee Min Woo’s (M) wonderful present to all his fans on Valentine’s Day.

There are a total of six tracks in this mini album and the title track is called “Love, Pretty Two Letter Word”. This is a romantic and sentimental album that consists of jazz, soul and funky style of songs. Talented musicians such as Jang Hyuk, Seo Young Do, Kil Eun Kyung and Kim Dong Ha contributed to this album as well. In addition to releasing this album on Valentine’s Day, Lee Min Woo will hold his concert in Seoul on February 16 and 17.


Baek Ji Young & Yuri (single) – Love Is…Lalala (released)
1. Love Is…Lalala

– Baek Ji Young and Yuri, a special song by best friends!

The song for this digital single is “Love Is…Lalala”, an upbeat song that is a mix of Korean traditional style and hip-hop beats. The music video for this song was created as a 3D animation and tells of a traditional story. The music video itself is very comical and the 3D animation characters that Baek Ji Young and Yuri come out as will show off their sexy, yet traditional dancing skills.


Jang Nara (single) – It’s Alright (released)
1. It’s Alright
2. It’s Alright (Inst.)

Hallyu star Jang Nara has returned as a singer to take part in singing for an OST album. Jang Nara sang the title song “It’s Alright” for the “Madam Ahn Hyun Dong” OST. It is a very beautiful song with a lyrical melody to it. The song was composed by Kim Jin Woo and written by Hwang Sung Jin. Jang Nara is currently doing activities in China and she was picked to sing for the Beijing Olympics along with a tenor singer.


Other releases:


It’s Holiday Vol. 1 – U.N. Holiday (released)

Kang Ino – The Road (released)

60row Vol. 1 – Love (released)

Yarn (digitial single album) – Love Is (released)

Sung Jae (single) – Gift (released)

R.O.Z (single) – The Ballad of Spring (released)

Minos – Ugly Talking (February 19)

Shin Jae Jin – Deluxe Girl (February 19)

The Apop – She is gone but her ghost still haunts me (February 21)

Tomikita – In Dreamz (February 22)



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