2/18/08 — Choi Jin Shil and Jung Joon Ho (최진실, 정준호) will lead the 16-episode weekend drama "My Last Scandal (내생애 마지막 스캔들)" scheduled to be aired by MBC on 3/8, following the final episode of "Winter Bird".


This comical-mellow drama portrays an ordinary divorced woman bumping into a top star who once was her first love and then falling in love again with him. CJS plays the bizarre and vivacious housewife Hong Sun Hee (홍선희). JJH plays the top star Song Jae Bin (송재빈). JJH states, "Prior to this drama, I missed a few opportunities to collaborate with Choi Jin Shil. I am glad that we could costar in this good drama."

Actor Jung Woong In (정웅인) plays the role Jang Dong Hwa (장동화) who is a CEO of an entertainment agency. He is somewhat cynical but has a warm personality giving Jae Bin full supports.

The Last Scandal of My Life

The Last Scandal of My Life


My last Scandal

Jung Woong In: