Shin Hye Sung – That Man’s Story (released)


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1. That Man’s Story (He Said…)
2. Echo
3. It Was You
4. Wish
5. Greet (Hyesung’s Ver.)
6. Echo (Inst.)
7. It Was You (Inst.)

Lyn – That Woman’s Story (released)

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1. That Woman’s Story (She Said…)
2. My Man
3. It Was You
4. Even When It’s Erased
5. Already Know Everything (Lyn Ver.)
6. My Man (Inst.)
7. It Was You (Inst.)

Shin Hye Sung and Lyn – That Man And That Woman’s Story (released)

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1. It Was You (Shin Hye Sung, Lyn)
2. That Man’s Story (He Said…) (Shin Hye Sung)
3. Echo (Shin Hye Sung)
4. Than Woman’s Story (She Said…) (Lyn)
5. My Man (Lyn)
6. Wish (Shin Hye Sung)
7. Even When It’s Erased (Lyn)
8. Greet (Hye Sung’s Ver.) (Shin Hye Sung)
9. Already Know Everything (Lyn Ver.) (Lyn)
10. It Was You (Inst.)

– A man who treasured his love for a very long time… Shin Hye Sung
– A woman who cannot erase the memories of love… Lyn
– “That Man And Woman’s Story” released!!

February 28th, 2008…
Korea’s representatives for ballads, Shin Hye Sung and Lyn, have returned! Shin Hye Sung and Lyn received much love for their duet, “After…Love”, last year. They are back again with another song featuring a different love story. This is a special project album that consists of 3 CDs in one package. The songs are sung from a man and woman’s perspective on love. Most of the songs are traditional ballads and the main title song, “It Was You”, was rearranged so that both Shin Hye Sung and Lyn can showcase their own styles and moods for the song. Both of them also wrote the lyrics for the songs on this project album. They will express their honest opinions about love through their songs and each story will start off with their sad narrations.


Park Hye Kyung – Remake Album (March 3)

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1. Beautiful Separation
2. To You
3. The Relationship Between Love and Friendship
4. My Presence That Shine Upon My Heart
5. I Believe
6. That’s Probably…
7. Very Long Lovers
8. The Shadow Of Separation
9. Scented Memories
10. Reality

– This spring, Park Hye Kyung will talk about a love story of her own.
– Park Hye Kyung’s Special Remake: “When A Woman Falls In Love”

After a hiatus of two years, Park Hye Kyung has returned with her new special remake album ‘When A Woman Falls In Love’. This album consists of Latin-style songs that have an acoustic sound to them. Unlike most remake albums, "When A Woman Falls In Love" consists of many great hits sung by male artistes. The title song, “The Relationship Between Love And Friendship”, is a wonderful love song about the feelings between friends who turn into lovers. Pinocchio originally sang this song and Park Hye Kyung did a great remake by giving a different style and emotion to the song. Young actress Park Bo Young, who received great praise for her role in the SBS historical drama “The King And I”, will make an appearance in Park Hye Kyung’s music video. Aside from the title song, check out other remakes such as Kim Gun Mo’s “Wonderful Separation”, Shin Seung Hoon’s “I Believe”, Yoon Sang’s “The Shadow Of Separation”, Choi Yong Joon’s “That’s Probably…”, Yoo Jae Ha’s “My Presence That Shine Upon My Heart” and so on and so forth.


PDIS – PDIS (March 6)


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1. Intro (In To The Story 2008)
2. Drag (Feat. May Doni, Lee Han)
3. Pride (Feat. Tiger JK, May Doni)
4. I Love You (Feat. Joo Hyun Mi)
5. Queen Of Charisma (Feat. Um Jung Hwa)
6. You
7. Woman On The Beach (Feat. Lee Jae Hoon, Yuri, Kim Gun Mo, DK4RG)
8. Love For All (Feat. Jung Joon Ha)
9. Hold The Line 08’ Remix (Feat. Brown Eyed Girls)
10. Free Music (Feat. Brown Eyed Girls)
11. Sweet Potato
12. Outro (Hold The PDIS)
13. Drag (Bonus Track) (Original Mix)

– Korea’s representative of hip-hop music Jo PD and producer Yoon Il Sang’s “Project Album PDIS” release!

In the summer of 2006, Brown Eyed Girls received much love for their hit dance song “Hold The Line”, which was produced by Jo PD and producer Yoon Il Sang. The PDIS album has a crossover concept, with songs of a hip-hop style mixed with other genres. Many talented musicians such as Joo Hyun Mi, Tiger JK, Um Jung Hwa, Brown Eyed Girls, Jung Joon Ha, Lee Han and May Doni are featured in the tracks. The title song for this album is called “Drag”, which is of an electronic and house genre. It features Jo PD’s rap and May Doni’s powerful vocal skills. Another song that’s already receiving much attention is Yoon Il Sang’s song “I Love You”. It features Jo PD’s rap and Joo Hyun Mi’s great vocals. This song is very unique because it blends modern and traditional melodies into one song. This project album was completed with high expectations!


Byul & Na Yoon Kwon (single) – All Star Vol. 2 (released)
1. With The Window Open
2. With The Window Open (MR)

– Popular composer Jo Young Soo, Byul and Na Yoon Kwon’s second story…
– ALLSTAR Project, part two!

Byul, Na Yoon Kwon and composer Jo Young Soo meet again for another hit song! The duet for this single is called “With The Window Open”, which is a great ballad with a sad melody that is full of emotions. Byul and Na Yoon Kwon collaborated on the big hit "Peace" three years ago. The male group V.O.S sang the song for the first ALLSTAR single, “Young Day”, that featured their powerful vocals. “With The Window Open” is a song with a beautiful melody and showcases Byul and Na Yoon Kwon’s sorrowful voices. This song is expected to be a big hit this spring!


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Source: Hanteo, Kyobobook, Melon, Dosirak