Album Review: Brown Eyed Girls - With L.O.V.E Mini Album

Brown Eyed Girls – With L.O.V.E Mini Album

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01 Love Action (feat. Jo PD)
02 L.O.V.E
03 Farewell Letter
04 Love Action (Rap by Miryo)
05 Love Action (Inst.)
06 L.O.V.E (Inst.)
07 Farewell Letter (Inst.)

It’s been only four months since the release of their sophomore album, ‘Leave Ms. Kim’, but Brown Eyed Girls have already come back to the K-pop music scene with their mini album, ‘With L.O.V.E’. The girls have tried out new styles, different from their previous songs which were mostly of the hybrid soul genre (R&B fused with Hip-Hop). Their title track, ‘L.O.V.E’, has already rapidly climbed up the music charts and reached No 1 on various music programs. The mini album consists of three singles, a remix, and three instrumentals.

The title track of the mini album is ‘L.O.V.E’, an electronic dance track composed by Saintbinary, who is arguably the nation’s best electronica editor. The song starts off with string instrumentals leading to the girls’ soothing vocals. Miryo’s rapping skills also interlace well with the rest of the song. Because ‘L.O.V.E’ incorporates dancing and the tempo and the style of the song are different from their usual singles, Brown Eyed Girls’ fans may be surprised at first.

Their second planned single, ‘Love Action’, features Jo PD, making it the second collaboration with him following their popular ‘Hold the Line’. Although the girls have yet to promote this track, there is already a music video out for it, so fans should be on the lookout. This dance track starts with lively saxophone instrumentals and continues with fun beats pleasant to the ears. The girls are able to harmonize and definitely bring out the upbeat spirit, which may bring listeners to their feet. I particularly enjoy Miryo’s version of the song as she personally wrote the rap lyrics, bringing a Brown Eyed Girls vibe to it.

My personal favorite from the album is track three of the album, ‘Farewell Letter’, because it is most reminiscent of Brown Eyed Girls’ usual style. Unlike the other two songs, this song is a medium-tempo R&B track. From the beginning of the song, listeners can hear the calmness and sadness in the girls’ voices. The girls are able to show off their vocals skills more through this song, which is a definite plus.

Overall, I found this mini album different but nonetheless enjoyable. However, as a fan of their previous styles, I hope that the girls will stick to their hybrid soul music in the future. This was a nice change, however, because fans were able to see a new side of the girls and by moving towards mainstream music, their fan base has expanded. In conclusion, because of my preference for their older style and because there were only three tracks, I would give this album a 4/5. Nice work, Brown Eyed Girls!


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