SS501 (3rd single album) – Deja Vu (released)
1. Deja Vu
2. A Song Calling For You
3. Destiny

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SS501 held their fan meeting in Guam with their Japanese fans from March 6 to 9. They returned to Korea on the 9th and held their comeback performance for their 3rd single on M.NET M Countdown on March 13. SS501 have been busy doing promotional activities in Japan for a year. On March 4, they received the “Best 10 New Artist” award at the Japan Golden Disk Awards Ceremony.

The title song, “Deja Vu”, was composed by Kim Tae Hyun, who has composed hit songs for SS501 in the past such as “Unlock” and “Fighter”. This is a very strong track that has a great melody and lyrics. The members of SS501 will showcase their own individual and vocal styles. The 2nd track, “A Song Calling For You”, was composed by Han Sang Won and it is an upbeat dance song that showcases SS501’s cute choreography. They held a special stage singing this song at a Chinese concert last month. The 3rd track “Destiny” is a nice hip-hop dance track that has strong drum and guitar sounds. As this is their awaited comeback in Korea, they decided to pick 3 tracks from different genres. SS501 will appear on “MBC Show! Music Core” on March 15 and “SBS Inkigayo” the day after.


SNSD Vol. 1 (repack) – Baby Baby (released)
1 Girls’ Generation
2 Ooh La-La!
3 Baby Baby
4 Complete
5 Kissing You
6 Merry-Go-Round
7 Tears
8 Tinkerbell
9 7989 (Kangta & Taeyeon)
10 Honey
11 Into the New World
12 Kissing You (Skool Rock Remix)
13 Let’s Go SNSD! (Long Version)
14 Let’s Go SNSD! (Short Version)

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SNSD have released a repackaged version of their first studio album with a new title song, ‘Baby Baby’, which is about the girls’ shy love confessions. ‘Kissing You Skool Rock Remix’, which won first place among the netizens for the ‘SNSD Remix Contest’ held on , is included in the album. This remix has a pop rock feel to it. In addition to this remix, a special medley of SNSD’s singles: Into the New World. SNSD, Ooh La-la, Baby Baby, Honey, and Kissing You, comes in two versions; nine-minute and six-minute respectively so that fans may listen to all the songs at once. This album also comes with a new jacket cover to fit the ‘Baby Baby’ concept. The girls are clothed and surrounded in baby pink, baby blue, and other pastel colors to show their soft and doll-like feel image again. (from motoway065)


Kangta – Eternity (released)
1 Eternity
2 Still With You
3 Reminiscence
4 Since You’ve Gone
5 7989 (Duet. SNSD Taeyeon)
6 Still My Heart
7 Eternity (Inst.)
8 Reminiscence (Inst.)

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It has been three years since Kangta’s last solo album and "Eternity" is his final present for fans throughout Asia before he leaves for the army. There are six ballad tracks and two instrumentals, making it a total of 8 tracks. The title track, Eternity, was composed and written by Kangta himself. A pop ballad, this song is about how one suddenly remembers one’s past love and wants to tell her a story. The second single of the track, Reminiscence, is a ballad only Kangta could master. It was composed by Ha Jung Ho and the lyrics were written by Yoon Sara. A duet track with SNSD’s Taeyeon, which was originally in SNSD’s debut album, is also included in Kangta’s. (from motoway065)


Moon Hee Jun Special Album (March 18)
1. Obsession
3. Soul
4. Git it up
5. G-shape Of The Aria
6. You In My Pocket
7. To Live is To Fight
8. Paper Airplane
9. A Small Village Called Memory
10. Take it…Fire!!

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Moon Hee Jun has finally returned after a long hiatus of two years due to serving his military service. He released his special album on March 13 and it has a total of ten tracks. The title track for this album is “Obsession”, which was introduced during his concert and there are six other live concert tracks in this album as well. As Moon Hee Jun sings about the dangers of love, we will be able to see changes in his musical style and feel a more delicate and modernized melody in his songs. The two tracks that received great response from the fans at his concert were “G-shape Of The Aria” and “A Small Village Called Memory”, which has been rearranged by Moon Hee Jun. Other tracks such as “Wish”, “Soul” and “Git It Up” were songs that Moon Hee Jun composed and wrote during his H.O.T days. They were all rearranged into rock versions from the originals. Just like his previous albums, Moon Hee Jun has once again taken control of producing his entire album, from composing and arranging to writing his own songs.


Hwa Yobi Vol. 6 – Sunshine (March 17)
1. Emergency (Intro)
2. I Love You…
3. Men Don’t Know
4. Dilemma
5. Quite Stupid
6. Even A Step
7. Fly Away
8. I was thankful
9. Flow And Stop (Feat. Untouchable)
10. Long Kiss Good Night (Feat. Suho)
11. Things I Want To Forget
12. I Don’t Want To Lie

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Hwa Yobi has finally returned with her awaited 6th album [Sunshine]. Many fans were worried when they heard that Hwa Yobi was suffering from vocal cord cyst, which led her to get vocal surgery last year. As this has been a long awaited comeback for Hwa Yobi, her 6th album is also highly anticipated by her fans that’ve been waiting to hear her singing voice. Love is the main theme for all the tracks in this album and she has beautifully expressed the scars and pains she had experienced as a singer and as an individual. The title track, “Men Don’t Know”, was written by Hwa Yobi and composed by Lee Sang Joon. This song has an addictive melody and meaningful lyrics that showcase Hwa Yobi’s vocal range.

8Eight Vol. 2 – Infinity (March 18)
1. Let Me Go (Feat. Jo PD)
2. I Love You
3. Somethin’ Somethin’
4. One Love
5. Going To Ask
6. In The Morning
7. She’s Here
8. Me, Joo Hee (Feat. Pdogg)
9. Another Footstep
10. Grab On To The Collar (Feat. Min Hae of Big Mama)

8Eight are a talented group that made their first appearance on television through a variety show called “Show Survival”. They were praised for their singing abilities on the show and quickly made their way to the entertainment industry, releasing their 1st album last year with the hit song "Forget Love and Sing", which received very good reviews.

8Eight have returned with their 2nd album [Infinity – if you turn "8" around 90 degrees, it becomes the infinity sign]. The title song, “Let Me Go”, features Jo PD, who has been composing many hit songs for talented musicians lately. It is an upbeat and funky track that fits the spring season perfectly.


Evan Vol. 2 – Pain Reliever (March 18)
1 It’s Okay If You Cry
2 Still Got the Blues
3 Now (Since 1992)
4 Kick Ass Song
5 Why?
6 Let It Rain
7 Reason My Finger Tips Hurt
8 Taxi Driver
9 I Still Cry
10 Love is Gone
11 Why? (Inst.) / Guitar Solo
12 Now (Inst.)

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Evan, who appeared on the music scene last year with the ballad track, ‘Sometimes Men Are Helpless Too’, and later with ‘Eternal Sunshine’, has come back this year with his second album. If one were to describe Evan’s second studio album, it would be ‘Music For the Growing Heart’. The second album, titled ‘Pain Reliever’, consists of more refined sounds, straightforward lyrics, and songs of various genres. From the beginning, the soothing sounds of the guitar in the the title track, ‘It’s Okay If You Cry’, set the mood. The song is bound to do well in the Korean music scene. Evan’s new album definitely had great preparation and lots of hard work were put in by composers, producers, staff, and the like. (from motoway065)


Movie "Fate" OST (released)
1. Half Love (Cho Kwan Woo)
2. Remember (Gavy NJ)
3. One Person Inside My Heart (See Ya)
4. Time Difference (See Ya, Davichi, Black Pearl)
5. Until Then (SG Wannabe)
6. 순애보 (See Ya)
7. Separation (Inst.)
8. Sigh (M to M)
9. Guiltiness (See Ya)
10. Emptiness (Inst.)
11. Lonely Dawn (Inst.)
12. Hurt (Inst.)

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– The OST for the anticipated movie starring Song Seung Hun and Kwon Sang Woo is going to be released!

This movie "Fate" is being highly anticipated, as it is Song Seung Hun’s first appearance after serving his military service, and Kwon Sang Woo’s first time playing an antagonist. This is an action-packed movie about two best friends who end up battling each other because of another friend who betrayed both of them.

Two talented musicians who took part in singing the songs for this OST are “Cho Kwan Woo” and female group “Gavy NJ”. The title song sung by Jo Kwan Woo is called “Half Love”, which was composed by hit maker Kim Do Hoon. It is a wonderful ballad that showcases Cho Kwan Woo’s unique vocal skills. Min Myung Ki composed Gavy NJ’s song “Remember”, which is a medium-tempo ballad. Through this song, we will also be able to hear the vocal skills of Gavy NJ’s new member.

Besides the above two songs, an all-star lineup is participating on this OST includes See Ya, SG Wannabe, Davichi, Black Pearl, and M to M. Track 4 "Time Difference" is a collaboration between See Ya, Davichi, and Black Pearl. This is definitely an OST that fans should not miss!


Xeno – Who Are You? Sexy My Boy! + Vol. 1 (March 17)
1 Who Are You? Sexy My Boy! (feat. MANIAC)
2 Who Are You? Sexy My Boy!
3 Who Are You? Sexy My Boy! (feat. MANIAC) (Inst.)

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XENO, the young talent who was known through the UCC site, debuted last year with her powerful vocals and dancing. She even took to the stage for the opening performance in Japan’s Hallyu Romantic Festival 2007. This year, she has returned with a remix single, ‘Who Are You? Sexy My Boy’. This single has a dance as well as a techno concept. Xeno’s producer, who went to France for vacation, happened to see a teenager dancing to Tecktonik music on the streets and found the style perfect for Xeno’s single. So Xeno is to come back in the Korea music scene with this ‘Tecktonik’ style. Last year, Korea was affected by the ‘Tell Me’ dance; this year it will be the ‘Who Are You? Sexy My Boy’ dance. (from motoway065)


SG Wannabe & Zi-A (single) – Like the First Time : All Star Vol. 2 Part 3 (released)
1 Like the First Time (SG Wannabe)
2 Like a Habit (feat. Mino) (Zia)
3 Like the First Time (Inst.) (SG Wannabe)
4 Like a Habit (Inst.) (Zia)

SG Wannabe, Zia, Freestyle, and their story about memories and separation. Composed by Jo Young Soo. All Star’s Project Part 3.

SG Wannabe who have many hit songs such as ‘Partner for Life’, ‘Arirang’, and ‘One Summer Night’s Dream’, have once again joined hands with popular composer, Jo Young Soo. In this medium-tempo single ‘Like the First Time’, one can hear Chae Dong Ha’s softness, Kim Yong Jun’s sweet vocals, and Kim Jin Ho’s powerful vocals. The song is about separated lovers thinking about their past memories. Rookie singer last year, Zia, who did well with ‘Absentmindedly’ and ‘Violin’, and Freestyle rapper Mino have also collaborated with Jo Young Soo in ‘Like a Habit’. This emotional song will wrench people’s hearts. (from motoway065)


Min Hyo Rin (single) – Touch Me (released)
1 Touch Me
2 Touch Me (Inst.)

Min Hyo Rin who showed her charms both vocally and visually with ‘Stars’, has come back this spring with a single, ‘Touch’. It is a bright song with a fresh tempo, written by Han Sang Won who has also made hit songs for Park Ji Hyeon (On the Days I Miss You) and VOS (Now). With cute, lovely lyrics such as ‘Touch me, feel me, the feeling of hugging, the feeling of our cheeks touching, the feeling of exchanging love’, it definitely brings out the spring mood. (from motoway065)


Sol Flower (single) – Even If You Hate, Even If You Hate Me (released)
1. Even If You Hate, Even If You Hate Me
2. Dating For Three Years
3. Even If You Hate, Even If You Hate Me (MR)
4. Dating For Three Years (MR)

Sol Flower has returned with a great R&B ballad track “Even If You Hate, Even If You Hate Me”. Sol Flower is known for her spectacular vocal skills. This is an artiste who can express the emotions through her voice flawlessly and is highly praised by many musicians for her singing, writing and producing abilities. There is no end to her musical talent. The title track for this single is also the main theme song for the upcoming movie “Humming”, starring Han Ji Hye and Lee Chun Hee.



Other releases:


Green Tomato Fried – I am missing you (released)

Island City – Chili Sauce (released)

YC – The For Chance (released)

Venny (from Sang Sang Band) single (released)

Sunstroke – When the sun strokes you (March 17)

Xing – My Girl (repack) (March 17)

3rd Coast Vol. 1 – First Collection (March 18)

Deegie – Insane Deegie 2 (March 18)

Deb Vol. 1 – Parallel Moons (March 18)

The Ratios – Burning Telepathy (March 19)

KBS2TV미녀들의 수다 OST (March 19)

Kim Sane Vol. 8 – 물수건 (March 20)

Best Drama Hits Vol. 2 (March 21)


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