New albums and singles preview - 2008 March week 4

Jang Nara Vol. 6 – Dream of Asia (March 25)

01 [Vol. 6 Dream of Asia] Mirage
02 Jump!!Jump!!
03 Scar
04 Stupidity What is Stupidity
05 Thinkin’ of You
06 Liar
07 Long Good-Bye
08 Evening Primrose
09 Snow Child
10 I Want to Marry
11 Shining Day
12 Fairytale
13 Mirage [Japanese]
14 Jump Jump [Japanese]
15 We [Japanese]
01 Our Dream
02 Celibacy
03 Mirage
04 Jump Jump
05 All That’s Left is Memories
06 Follow Me
07 Bad Personality
08 Halted Love
09 Little Bit
10 The Moonlight Instead of My Heart [Cantonese]
11 The Moonlight Instead of My Heart [Chinese]
01 Music Video VCD
03 Mirage
04 Jump Jump
05 Mirage_3d
06 Jump Jumo_3d

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Jang Nara has come back with her sixth Korean album, which is meant to unify Asia. Jang has been going back and forth doing activities in both Korea and China, but this time she has set her goals to encompass all of Asia. Therefore, she is to promote in a number of places: Korea, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Japan. There are 12 tracks sung in Korean, nine in Chinese, one in Cantonese, three in Japanese, and one in English, making it a total of 24 different tracks. In addition, there is a VCD of the music videos. This album is special as Jang Nara has produced it herself and written all the lyrics for the 12 Korean songs.


Lee Seung Ki – When a Man Loves a Woman Remake Vol. 2 (March 24)

01 Give My All
02 Breakup’s Shadow
03 Stupid Love
04 To the People that Make Me Sad
05 Yearning
06 You In My Memories
07 Farewell
08 One’s Love
09 Long Day
10 Behind You
11 Amyun
12 To Your Side

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‘Lee Seung Ki has already started loving you’

Lee Seung Ki has previously released an album where he remade sad songs sung by female artistes. This spring, he has come back with another remake album. This time, the love songs were originally sung by Korea’s male artistes. A total of 12 tracks, these include songs originally sung by Jo Kyu Man, Park Hyo Shin, Yoon Sang, JK Kim Song Yook and Park Jin Young (JYP). The title track of the album is Give My All, which was sung and arranged by Jo Kyu Man.


Nell Vol. 4 – Separation Anxiety (released)

01 Separation Anxiety
02 Moonlight Punch Romance
03 Time of Collecting My Memories
04 Drifting Apart
05 Promise Me
06 1:03
07 Fisheye Lens
08 Afterglow
09 Tokyo
10 12 Seconds
11 _

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Nell have finally returned with a fourth album titled ‘Separation Anxiety’ this March, 1.5 years since their last album. The album consists of 11 tracks. The title track, ‘Time of Collecting My Memories’, is a song only Nell could master. It is about the psychological state one is in after reminiscing the events spent with a loved one. Kim Jong Wan’s vocals and the emotions he brings into the song express the lyrics well. In addition to the title song, there is a single named after the album title, ‘Separation Anxiety’. It has great beats and musical backgrounds, which flow well into listeners’ ears. The track, ‘Drifting Apart’, has an acoustic feel to it and is about how as time goes by, one just drifts more and more apart from one’s loved one. The drums and the piano help set this mood.


Lexy Vol. 4 – The Lexy (March 25)

01 (Intro) I Told Ya
02 Ma People
03 Don’t Lie
04 Let Me Dance 2 (feat. VOS Hyun Joon)
05 Immature Girl (feat. Crown J)
06 Tonight (House Rulez)
07 Erase the Number
08 Selfish Love
09 Two People
10 I’m a Girl
11 Don’t Lie (Remix)

Charismatic Lexy, known for her skilful rapping and powerful vocals, has already released many hit songs throughout the years [Vol. 1 – Novice, Let Me Dance, Girls; Vol. 2 – Wipe My Tears, Put on Makeup; Vol. 3 – To the Sky, Rush], and has come back again with her fourth album. In this album, there are R&B ballads which Lexy has never tried out before, changing her image of solely being a rapper. Let Me Dance 2, which features Choi Hyun Joon from group VOS, was composed and written by Lexy herself. This track is full of fun rhythms which will have listeners move their shoulders to the beat. Fans will be able to see a more mature side of Lexy through her R&B track, Two People, which was written by hitmaker Kang Ji Won. This soothing track will flow in the listeners’ ears.


Cho Young Soo – All Star Vol. 2 (March 27)

01 Come Back – Jo Young Soo
02 Hana’s Flower
03 Like Love – Baek Ji Young
04 Like the First Time – SG Wannabe
05 Stupid – Seeya
06 Like a Habit – Zia (feat.Mino in Freestyle)
07 I Just Need You – KCM
08 My Love Bear – Lee Ji Hye
09 Honey – M to M
10 Love Rides the Rain – Lee Seung Woo in Soul Star
11Coffin Lid’s Loneliness – Davinchi
12 Open the Window – Na Yoon Kwon & Byul
13 Young Day – VOS

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Cho Young Soo who has composed many hit songs for famous artistes such as SG Wannabe’s ‘Partner for Life’, ‘Arirang’, and ‘One Summer Night’s Dream’, Seeya’s ‘A Woman’s Scent’, I Hate You’, ‘Crazy Love Song’, Lee Ki Chan’s ‘Beautiful Woman’, and much more, has come back with his second All Star album. This album includes thirteen tracks from various artistes including Baek Ji Young, SG Wannabe, Seeya, KCM, VOS, Zia, Freestyle (mino), Lee Ji Hae, Byul, Na Yoon Kwon, SoulStar (Lee Seung Woo), M to M, and DaVinchi. The first title track of this album is ‘Like Love’ sung by Baek Ji Young and it’s about the extent to which a person despises the man she once loved, but in a small corner of her heart, she yearns for his return. The second title track is Hana’s Flower and it’s sung by the previous artistes of the first All Star album. It’s about their gratitude towards the fans. This album consists of R&B, dance, and other genres.


Cho Young Soo All Star Vol. 2 Part 4 (Fool) – See Ya + Lee Ji Hye (released)

1. Fool
2. My Love, Bear
3. Fool (MR)
4. My Love, Bear (MR)

Note: This is the 4th digital single of the All Star Vol. 2 album which is scheduled to release next week.

– All Star, fourth story! Featuring Seeya and Lee Ji Hye
– It’s time for the female singers to show their power!

This is the fourth installment of the All Star project album series. For this single, composer Jo Young Soo has worked with Seeya and Lee Ji Hye. Female group Seeya are known for singing sad ballads, but they took this opportunity to sing a fun house dance song. The song is called “Fool” and it’s about a foolish woman who wishes for her ex-boyfriend to come back to her whenever she looks at her current boyfriend’s face, which resembles her ex-boyfriend’s. Lee Ji Hye sings track two and the song is about a woman who has a boyfriend that lacks the looks, but is very caring and protective of her, just like a big bear. Lee Ji Hye was the main vocalist of the disbanded group “S#arp”. After the group broke up, she released her own solo album. (from purpletiger86)


Other releases:


2NB (single) – 사랑했던 날 (released)

Peppertones Vol. 2 – New Standard (March 25)

Oh Hyun Ran – She’s Story: Special Album (March 25)

Riaa – Bridge: Music 2.0 Special Editon (March 26)


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