New albums and singles preview - 2008 March week 5

Ahn Jae Wook: Mini Album – For Her (April 1)
1. Whether It Is Break Up (Radio Version)
2. Goodbye
3. She is…
4. Whether It Is Break Up (Original Version)
5. Goodbye (MR)

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– A story I want to tell to the woman I broke up with. Ahn Jae Wook’s single “For Her…”

With his friendly image and warm vocals, Ahn Jae Wook is back with his new mini album after a long hiatus of two years. Ahn Jae Wook worked on this album with talented singer and songwriter Lim Hyun Jung, who composed songs such as “First Love” and “Love Is Like The Spring Rain and Break Up Is Like The Winter Rain”. For this mini album, Lim Hyun Jung composed and wrote all three tracks and also produced this album. Ahn Jae Wook had been singing songs that were popular and familiar to Korean listeners for several years, but for this mini album, he will be showing a new side of him by expressing deep sorrow and a variety of emotions as he sings songs about break-ups. The title track “Whether It Is Break Up” is a medium-tempo ballad that talks about the three stages of breaking up: the beginning of a break-up, during a break-up and after a break-up. The string orchestra does a good job of putting all the sad emotions and feelings into the song.

# Track 1-Whether It Is Break Up (Radio version)
Lyrics. Music. Lim Hyun Jung
Drum. Jang Hyeok
Bass. Min Jae Hyun
Guitar .Yum Joo Hyun
Piano. Park Man Hee
Chorus. Lim Hyun Jung
String. K-String (3 besides Shim Sang won)
Arrangement. Lim Hyun Jung. Min Jae Hyun. Park Man Hee

# Track 2-Goodbye
Lyrics. Music. Lim Hyun Jung
Drum. Jang Hyeok
Bass. Min Jae Hyun
Guitar. Lee Seong Ryeol
Piano. Park Man Hee
Chorus. Shin Ji Ah
String. K-String (11 besides Shim Sang won)
Arrangement. Lim Hyun Jung. Min Jae Hyun, Park Man Hee

# Track 3-She Is…
Lyrics. Music. Lim Hyun Jung
Drum. Jang Hyeok
Bass. Min Jae Hyun
Guitar. Lee Seong Ryeol
Piano. Park Man Hee
Chorus. Shin Ji Ah
String. K-String (11 besides Shim Sang won)
Arrangement. Lim Hyun Jung. Min Jae Hyun. Park Man Hee


Yuri Vol. 2 – The Ring of Diamond (April 3)
1. Oh Heart, Please…
2. What Am I To Do Now?
3. Come Slowly
4. Blissful Woman
5. Man
6. Gift Of God
7. Why Is My Cell Phone Shutting Off?
8. Sexy Night
9. Mine
10. Wet Butterfly
11. Foxy
12. Antonym
13. Fly High
14. Oh Heart, Please… (Instrumental Version)

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Yuri was first introduced into the music industry in 2001 as a talented singer and songwriter. She has finally returned with her second album after a long hiatus of seven years. Famous composers such as Shin In Soo, Kim Gun Woo and Yoon Il Sang contributed to this album. There are songs that Yuri personally composed and wrote, and this album consists of songs that have wonderful melodies and rhythm. Yuri put all her effort and confidence into this album while working on it for several years. The title track, “Oh Heart, Please…”, is a sad song with a deep and trendy melody. The song is about a woman who broke up with her boyfriend, but in her heart, she wishes for him to come back to her. The piano and orchestra sounds blend well with Yuri’s voice. This is also a very special album for Yuri because her close colleagues (Lee Soo Young, Wheesung and Lee Ji Hoon) contributed to this album as well. This album is expected to be very highly anticipated as it is a long-awaited album that was worked on by very talented musicians.


Lug – The second single (April 2)
1. Today, She…
2. Delete
3. Request

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Group “Lug” is a male duo and they have released their second single that consists of three tracks. The title track for their second single, “Today, She…”, is about a man who suffers in pain after his break-up with his girlfriend and the only thing he can do is look after her from faraway. This track is a nice rock ballad that brings out strong guitar and drum sounds. Two famous composers, Kim Do Hoon and Kim Sae Jin, composed the songs in this single.


The Nuts Vol. 3 – Could’ve Been (released)
1. Once Or Twice
2. Look At Me
3. Broken Love
4. Dot Dot Dot (Pop Version)
5. Long Stone Wall
6. Blissful Tears
7. I’m Alone
8. We Again
9. I Love You
10. Dot Dot Dot (Rock Version)
11. Broken Love (Instrumental)
12. Dot Dot Dot (Pop Version Instrumental)
13. Blissful Tears (Instrumental)

– The Nuts’ 3rd album <Could’ve Been> release!!!

The Nuts have returned with their 3rd album after a hiatus of one year. The main theme of this album is love. All the tracks in this album are about people’s experiences on love and breaking up. Many talented composers such as Lee Tae Yoon, Shin Dong Woo, Han Sung Ho and Kohmi Hirose contributed to this album. The track “Once Or Twice” is about a man who promises himself by saying that he will never love again after his break-up with his girlfriend that he loved dearly. This track has nice drum and piano sounds. Japanese singer and songwriter, Kohmi Kirose, composed another track called “Dot Dot Dot”. This song is about a man who wants to express his feelings to the woman that he loves, but does not have the confidence to do so. Although many of the tracks in this album are about love and breaking up, it sends a deep message to people that someday true love with happen to everyone.


Shinhwa (single) – One More Time (released)
1. One More Time

– Never stopping “Shinhwa”!!!
– March 24th, 2008…The start of another story!

Celebrating their tenth anniversary since their debut, “Shinhwa” are back with their new single “One More Time”, a special surprise for their fans before releasing their official 9th album. It is a ballad track with a very nice chorus. As always, we will be able to hear Shin Hye Sung, Lee Min Woo, Kim Dong Wan and Jun Jin’s lovely vocals and Eric and Andy’s smooth and strong rap. Following this single will be the release of their 9th special limited edition album (April 3) and their official 9th album (April 10).


ERU (single) – Last Concert (released)
1. Last Concert (Feat. MC Mong, Brian, Mithra Jin)
2. To Be Single

– Eru’s digital single album <Last Concert>

Eru wrapped up his promotional activities for his third album this year and also held his first concert. Eru is back with his first digital single album, his title track being “Last Concert”. This is a remake song that was originally sung by talented singer Lee Seung Chul. With permission, Eru was able to remake this song and three of his close friends are featured in this album: MC Mong, Brian Joo from Fly To The Sky and Mithra Jin from Epik High. This is a wonderful ballad that was rearranged with Eru’s gentle voice and it also includes a rap part done by MC Mong, Brian and Mithra.


Other releases:


Turtles Vol.5 repackaged version (released)

Lyrical D – Lyrical Harmonics (March 31)

Kim Kwang Jin Vol. 5 – Last Decade (April 1)

Lee Hyun – The One (April 1)

Vidulgi Ooyoo – Aero (April 1)

Ibadi Vol. 1 – Story Of Us (April 3)

Jung Jae Hyung Vol. 3 – For Jacqueline (April 3)

Kim Dong Wook Vol. 1 – Kim Dong Wook (April 3)


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