New albums and singles preview - 2008 April week 3

Epik High Vol. 5 – Pieces, Part I (released)

01 Be
02 Breakdown
03 Seoul, 1:13 AM (Short Piece)
04 One (feat. Jisun)
05 Pencil Sharpener (feat. Kebee)
06 Girl (feat. Jinbo))
07 Slave (Short Peace)
08 The Future (feat. Yankie)
09 20 Fingers (Short Piece) (Feat. DJ Friz)
10 Ignition (feat. Na Yoon Kwon)
11 Eight By Eight (feat. Dynamic Duo, Dok2, Double K, TBNY)
12 Decalcomanie
13 Icarus Walks (Short Piece)
14 Fallen Blossoms
15 Umbrella (feat. Younha)
16 Your Piece (feat. Jisun)
17 B-side 01: Breakdown (Supreme Mix)
18 B-side 02: One (Planet Shiver Remix)

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Epik High, who debuted in 2003, have already produced many hit songs such as Fly, Paris, Fan, and Love Love Love, and have reached No 1 on the charts. What makes Epik High’s music special is the deep messages in the songs. This new album, “Pieces, Part 1”, as the title suggests, is about the different parts of life such as the community, love, and broken hearts because of a person. During the past couple years, the group received many fan letters expressing their hardships and therefore Epik High released this album in hopes of being their “savior”. Even if they can’t, they hope that these people would be able to relate to the songs. In actual fact, a member of Epik High went through similar hardship himself. The songs in the albums were all composed, written, and arranged by the members themselves and they sampled many different genres such as electronica, lounge, rock, and classical, in addition to their hip-hop style, bringing in new flavors. The title track of the album, “One”, is a pun on the word “Savior” (said as Gu-won in Korean). The song is about wanting to help save people and how anyone can be a savior to another.


Fly To The Sky Remake Album – Recollection (April 22)

01 Person that Gives me Happiness
02 Saying the Truth When Drunk (feat. AND)
03 Last Love
04 Recollection
05 After the End of Tonight
06 Snail
07 The Beginning of the World’s End (Brian’s Solo)
08 Wish (Hwanhee’s Solo)
09 Gathering My Tears
10 Page of Memories

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Fly to the Sky bring hope to fans with just their name. After the release of their seventh studio album, the group was very busy with concerts, individual works, and so on and so forth. But they have come back with a remake album and have released three songs in advance. The album consists of hit songs from the 90s, such as Kim Dong Ryul’s “Saying the Truth When Drunk”, Park Ki Youing’s “Last Love”, Cool’s ballad track, Page of Memories”, Solid’s “After the End of Tonight” and Turbo’s “Recollection”. The title track, “Saying the Truth When Drunk” is an accapella track. Hwanhee and Brian are able to bring in their own styles with their version. With the accompaniment of the guitar and drums in the middle of the track, fans will definitely fall for their voices.


Lee Seung Hwan – Dim (April 21)

01 Superhero (feat. Super Kid)
02 Timid Dog Life
03 Jingle Ha-Day (feat. 35RPM, Park Shin Hae)
04 My Heart’s Not Like That
05 Love Misunderstanding Scar
06 First Love
07 A Wind’s Song isn’t Sad (feat. Jung Sung Mi)
08 Do You Love
09 Jerry Jerry Go Go
10 Dunk Shoot

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Lee Seung Hwan has come back to save the earth with the superheroes. Lee, who has released a mini album recently, has repackaged it and titled it “Dim”. Consisting of a total of ten songs, five of the songs are from the previous mini album. The title track is "Superhero" and to match the title, Super Kid is featured in the song. The music video is also very special as its graphic designs took two months to accomplish. The music video includes a variety of different superheroes.

Jadu Vol. 5 – Happy Network (April 23)

01 Happy Network
02 Fly
03 A Cup of Coffee
04 Let’s Begin with the Meal First
05 It Can Happen
06 Monopoly
07 Go Go
08 Flower
09 Ok! Love
10 Smile Today
11 Love Score (feat. MC the Max J Yoon)
12 Hello

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Jadu has come back solo as a solo act with her fifth studio album, three years since her last. The entire album was produced by Lee Jae Hak, a member of rock band Loveholic. There are a total of twelve tracks and they are all cheerful and happy. The title track of the album, “A Cup of Coffee”, has fast shuffle rhythms and the piano can be heard throughout the song. The bass and brass sounds further emphasize the melody and lyrics of the song. Among the twelve tracks, Jadu wrote eight of them herself.

Wax (single) – Lucky (released)

01 Lucky

Wax, who has recently promoted her seventh album with the title track “Women Eat Their Love”, has come back with a digital single titled, “Lucky”. Like her past hit songs, “Oppa” and “Money” this track is also a dance track so fans can once again hear her previous styles once again. “Lucky” is a remake song originally sung by Swedish dance pop duo Lucky Twice, but Wax has put her own mark to it. The lyrics were written by Hong Ji Yoo.

2008 SBS Hope TV24 single (released)


01 Holding Hands

Popular singers SNSD, SS501, Super Junior, Jewelry, Brown Eyed Girls, Lee Hyun, T.G.U.S have collaborated to record a song, “Holding Hands”, for the show, “Hope TV 24”. Despite their busy schedules, the singers have taken the time out to produce this song. Newcomers T.G.U.S also produced this song themselves. This song is sold online via cellular phones for 1000 won each.


Other releases:


Yeon Woo (former member of TT Ma) Vol. 1 (released)

Mario 1st single (released)

My King Vol. 1 (April 21)

Kim Mok Kyung Vol. 6 – Blues (April 22)

Lomptimist Vol. 2 – Mind Expander (April 22)

Burning Hepburn – Punk Rock Radio (April 24)


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