Jeong Da-yeon is set to play a fitness trainer to the characters "Kyung-ran" and "Eun-young" in the TV drama "Aquarius".

Shooting begins on the 30th and the drama will begin broadcasting in the middle of April.

The director for "Aquarius", Kim Soo-ryong, explained in a phone interview that the morning drama is targeted at stay-at-home wives and that Jeong will be able to "provide useful information about exercise and nutrition through the role of her character".

He added, "Jeong Da-yeon and her husband live in Ilsan close to where I live. I asked her, as a friend, to be in this drama because I thought her exercise expertise would be an incentive for health-conscious housewives to watch our program".

Jeong was formerly a housewife herself, who succeeded in losing weight through exercise and became well-known through her physical training and exercise knowledge.