New albums and singles preview - 2008 April week 1

Shinhwa Vol. 9: First Limited Edition (released)

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01 Last Train Home
02 Voyage
03 Just One More Time
04 Free Style #1
05 RUN
06 2 Ma Luv…
07 We Can Get It On
08 So In Love
09 Do You Remember?
10 Unfinished Story

Six Men Making History – Ten Year History
This past Wednesday, Shinhwa released their ninth studio album in commemoration of their ten year anniversary. The album consists of ten tracks which includes “Just One More Time”, which was released before the actual release of the album, and the title track, “RUN”. The song “RUN” which has powerful vocals and rhythms, is about how far the boys have come as a group. This song was personally produced by Minwoo and Eric.

Monday Kiz Vol. 3 – Inside Story (released)

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01 Intro
02 Mirage
03 Shout to the Heart (Rap feat. Rhymer)
04 Scar
05 Footstep
06 It’s Like This
07 The Day You Left
08 Under the Sun
09 Sad Favor
10 You’re the Only One I Have
11 In Front of Her
12 Outro

Monday Kiz debuted with “Bye Bye Bye” and pushed out a second album and a single. They also participated in many soundtracks and in the project group, Voice One. They have now released their third album and have now tried many different styles and genres. The title track, “Shout to the Heart” is an up-tempo R&B track written by Korea’s best composer, Kim Do Hyun. In addition, Rhymer himself wrote the rap and is also featured in the song. Another title track is “Scar”, which is a ballad composed by famous Park Hae Woon and written by Kang Eun Kyung. There are other great tracks such as upbeat “Footstep” and pop ballad “It’s Like This” to look out for.

Maya Vol. 4 – Maya 4 (April 8)

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01 Maya Four
02 Even the Common Ring
03 BC 2500
04 Story In Your Eyes
05 Doughnut
06 My Arirang (Maya+Arirang)
07 Maria
08 Footstep
09 Dead or Alive
10 1995..That Spring
11 Ironic Report
12 Dark Tears

The most important part of Maya’s music is her vocals. Ever since her debut song, “Azalea”, to the last song from her third album, she has showcased her voice through rock music. However, in this fourth album, she is starting to show much more diversity. The title track of the album is “Even the Common Ring”, which is of the soft modern rock genre. The lyrics are about never losing hope. Other genres that are included in this album are modern rock, lounge, hip-hop beats, and electronica.

Yurisangja Vol. 10 – All That Yurisangja (April 10)

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01 Honeymoon
02 The Story After the Last One
03 Is It Okay If I Love
04 The First Love I Received
05 Innocence
06 For My First Angel
07 Phone Date
08 If He/She Asked Me
09 As Always
10 To a Bride
11 Good Day
12 I Love You
13 Angel of Sorrow
14 Wonderful World
15 10 Years is like One Day

01 Finding a Person
02 The Day of 1 Year
03 I Can Now Love
04 To a Lady
05 The Subway Station in Front of the City Hall
06 December Romance
07 Memory
08 Rehearsal Room
09 A Supper’s War
10 30 Year Old Admiration
11 To You Who Knows My Pains
12 Sad Smile
13 Obvious Love Song
14 You Are My House
15 Last

This album, which was produced for Yurisangja’s ten-year anniversary, consists of songs that many fans enjoyed, in addition to seven new songs. Some of the songs included are “To a Bride”, “Is It Okay If I Love”, and “I Can Now Love”, which is from the KBS drama ‘Spring Waltz’. The title track of the album, “Honeymoon”, fits the mood of a newly-wedded couple, while the song “Is It Okay If I Love” is perfect for proposals.

Smile Project Vol. 2 (single) – Love Seat (released)

01 Love Seat feat. Taru (Humming Urban Stereo)

Love Seat, written by Lee Ji Rin of Humming Urban Stereo, is a duet with vocalist Taru of Humming Urban Stereo and Wheesung. This is the second song for the Smile Project. It has a lovely melody and is a conversation between a male and a female. Because this is the last song of Wheesung before he has his vocal cord surgery, many people are anticipating this song. This song is also a promotional track for the movie U-Turn, which stars So Ji Sup and Lee Yeon Hee.

Other releases:

Flower Go Yoo Jin (single) – Just You (released)
Loptimist Vol. 2 – Mind Expander (April 7)
Cho PD Vs. Postino – Soulmate Forever: Remix Project (April 7)
Oriental Funk Stew – The House Keeper (April 8)
Kim Dong Wook Vol. 1 – Kim Dong Wook (April 8)
Siderique – Something Else (April 10)
Green Cheese Vol. 1 – Green Cheese (April 10)

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