March 2008 Monthly Top 10 K-Pop Album Sales:

Hanteo Monthly Sales Information:

On our charts, Nell have hit #1 with their brand new album and have also scored the highest amount sold at this point (in one week). It’s no surprise that they sold so much considering their popularity as a rock band. Second is Gummy, who has experienced a burst in sales since February. She’s hot on the heels of Nell and has left quite a gap between her and third-placed SS501. With that said, the boyband has also taken a surge in sales. Having edged Gummy last month, the boys are now behind her, but still selling quite well considering that it is only a single. Not far behind them are So Nyuh Shi Dae, who have started promoting their repackaged album. It won’t be too long before total sales of their album hit 100,000 copies. Last in the top 5 region is Kim Dong Ryul, who was at #1 for the first two months on our charts. He is still holding on there with a significant amount of sales.

At #6 is the ballad prince of Kpop, Lee Seung Ki, with the follow-up to his smash hit cover album. After him is girlgroup Jewelry, who have recently hit #1 on the music charts with their promotional track, One More Time. Though dropping one spot from last week, they have sold slightly more. In 8th is the legendary boyband Shinhwa with their limited edition Vol. 9. The sales only counted for two days of their release, so it will be no surprise that in April, they will climb even further. Not far behind them are Kangta and Davichi. Kangta’s new mini-album was released prior to his entering the army while Davichi are pulling well through with their music video and vocal abilities.

1. Nell – Vol. 4 “Separation Anxiety”

Sales: 25,582

2. Gummy – Vol. 4 “Comfort”

Sales: 21,910

3. SS501 – Single Album “Deja Vu”

Sales: 13,945


4. So Nyuh Shi Dae – Vol. 1 “Baby Baby” [Repackaged]

Sales: 12,946

5. Kim Dong Ryul – Vol. 5 “Monologue”

Sales: 10,624

6. Lee Seung Ki – Vol. 2 Special Album “When a man loves a woman”

Sales: 9,220

7. Jewelry – Vol. 5 “Kitchi Island”

Sales: 7,627

8. Shinhwa – Vol. 9 “10th Anniversary Album” [Limited Edition] *

Sales: 6,493

9. Kangta – Eternity

Sales: 5,602

10. Davichi – Vol. 1 “Love You Even Though I Hate You”

Sales: 5,332


Sources: YesAsia, Hanteo Monthly Charts

*Hanteo monthly charts constantly update and therefore do not have a solid amount sold for the given month. Shinhwa’s Vol.9 had sold for 2 days.