MC Mong Vol. 4 – Show’s Just Begun (April 17)

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01 Radio Revers and Rhyme
02 Circus
03 Persian Cat
04 Cloud Nine (feat. Yangpa)
05 Love You to Death (feat. Park Jung Hyun)
06 Drunk By Her
07 Feel Crazy
08 Kill the Love in Me
09 Beautiful Life (feat. Big Mama)
10 Hide and Seek
11 Pierrot
12 Tell Me
13 Back in the Old Days
14 Wandering Mong

Show’s Just Begun!
MC Mong’s 4th Album

MC Mong, who has released three albums and a digital single in addition to acting and mc-ing, has come back after one year and 7 months with a fourth album. This time, MC Mong has taken part in producing his own album and in all the songs. These days, many artistes follow the trend, but MC Mong has taken the step to be the trend-setter. MC Mong has always had many famous artistes featured in his albums and this time is no different. These artistes include ballad queen Yangpa, Korea’s best female group Big Mama, and R&B queen Park Jung Hyun. The title track of this album is Circus and it fits the overall album theme. Anyone who listens to this song will feel happy. This song has an old school rhythm to it as it is reminiscent of hip-hop in the 70s. Other songs to watch out for are Cloud Nine featuring Yangpa and Beautiful Life featuring Big Mama. The later song has a disco feel to it as well as incorporations of strings and brass. Love You to Death features Park Jung Hyun and is an R&B track where listeners can hear her sweet voice.


ISU Vol.1 – I Am (April 15)

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01 I Just Want to Sing
02 Pierrot
03 What Comes After Love
04 Song 4
05 Thorn
06 The Sound (Feat Jang Hee Young of Gavy NJ)
07 Love Sick
08 If
09 Words You Say When You Love
10 Praise
11 Pierrot (Piano Version)

MC the Max’s main vocal ISU, who debuted in 2002, has released his first solo album. Hitmaker producer Kim Do Hoon is responsible for composing the title track, Pierrot, along with five other songs in the album. Listeners can hear strong emotions in this song as well as a different side of ISU. This album, which has 11 tracks, also includes a track featuring Gavy NJ member, Jang Hee Young. ISU, who once acted, will also participate in the music video directed by Yang Jin Ho. The album jacket was photographed by Lee Jae Yoon, who has done works for Bi and Lee Hyori.


Paran Vol. 3 – U.r.m.s (released)

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01 Intro – Day Break
02 U.R.M.S
03 Missing Number
04 Don’t Cry
05 You
06 I’m Going to Go Meet Her
07 One Pair of Suit
08 Inside Me
09 If You Had Come Back
10 Confession
11 Footstep
12 Hey Girls

Paran return with their third album “U.r.m.s”, which stands for “You Are My Song”. The group believed that every person is “making” a song whenever they are happy, sad, hopeful, or disappointed. It’s been two years since their last activity in the Korean music scene and they have come back with the title track, “Don’t Cry”. The song is about how one can’t call a loved one love. This pop ballad has great organization and melody so that listeners would not get bored. Rhythmical guitar instrumentals liven up the song and Paran’s vocals.


Baek Ji Young (single) – Gypsy’s Tears (April 16)

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01 Gypsy’s Tears
02 Not Even One Phone Call
03 Like an Old Habit

Husky voice ballad queen Baek Ji Young has released her last digital single before her surgery and so many people are taking notice of it as she will be taking some time off after the operation. The title track, Gypsy’s Tears, was produced by PJ and Soul-Shop (Lee Jong Hoon and Lee Chae Gyu) who are known to make hit songs for Byul, Ha Dong Gyun, Jang Woo Hyuk, Wax, and many others. Although the song is a ballad, it has a medium-tempo rhythm to it and listeners can hear Baek Ji Young’s emotional vocals.


Yangpa/Miho (single) – Secret (April 17)

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01 Where’s the Secret
02 To Not Stop
03 Lovely S.Y
04 I
05 I (Acoustic Version)
06 Where’s the Secret (Inst.)
07 I (Inst.)

The album, Secret, was produced by female producer Miho over a span of a year and has gained much interest because of Yangpa’s participation. Yoo Young Suk also contributes to this album as the male vocal. The title track of the album, “Where’s the Secret”, is about how secrets are part of life. It is a duet track with Yangpa and Miho herself. The sub-title track is “I” and listeners can hear Yoo’s charming voice.


Moon Ji Eun (single) – Vivid (released)

01 The Fox (Feat. Eun Ji Won)
02 I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know
03 I Do (feat. Gary of Lee Ssang)
04 I Don’t Know, I Don’t Know (Dogg House Mix)

Moon Ji Eun makes her introduction to the music scene with her first single, Vivid. With powerful vocals and beautiful looks, she debuts with the title track, “The Fox”. In order to make a great impression, many famous Korean people took part in the works. The track, “The Fox” was produced by Kim Do Hoon and Wheesung, who also wrote tracks such as Younha’s Password 486 and Sonata of Temptation. In addition, Eun Ji Won is featured in both the track and the music video. The song, “Don’t Know Don’t Know”, was written by Bang Shi Hyuk, who has done works for Lim Jeong Hee. With strong rhythms and electronica sounds, listeners can hear Moon Ji Eun’s powerful vocals in this dance track. Lastly, the song, “I Do”, was written by Park Chang Hyun, who has done works for Fly to the Sky and it features Lee Ssang.


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