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Name: Kim Jong Wan
Position: Vocal
Date of Birth: December 24, 1980

Name: Lee Jae Kyung
Position: Guitar
Date of Birth: May 13, 1980

Name: Lee Jung-hoon
Position: Base
Date of Birth: November 11, 1980

Name: Jung Jaewon
Position Drum
Date of Birth: August 4, 1980


Nell is a band that will appeal to music lovers, charming listeners with their unique sound and color accompanied with lyrical words. The band, made up of 4 members who were coincidentally all born in 1980, was re-named after the title of a movie Jodi Foster starred in. The quartet is made up of Kim Jongwan, the vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist who also writes the lyrics; Lee Jaekyung the guitarist; Lee Junghoon who plays the bass guitar; and Jung Jaewon, who’s handy with the drums. Nell mainly performed in the clubs around the Shinchon area, but soon they released two albums in the Indi music scene. The first one was released back in January 2001 and the other released later in the year, around September.

After their hits from the two albums "Words that shouldn’t be Trusted", "Already Said and Done", "A Somewhat Sad Story" and "The Rain of Leaves", Nell met the turning point of their career after participating in the rock festival designed by Seo Taiji in 2002. Due to their participation in the festival, Nell were able to join the Goesoo Indigene Label. It was created by Seo Taiji in order to stir up a change in the local pop music scene, which was dominated by very few genres of music. Nell finally released their major debut album, "Let It Rain", in June of 2003. The album was evaluated to display great sound along with beautiful lyricism that delivered a clear color of sorrow.

Today, Nell have established themselves as one of the leading rock bands in Korea. They were even selected by netizens as their No. 1 favorite rock band at the 5th Korean Music Awards. Nell’s albums are enjoying high sales, and their songs are winning the praise of the mainstream auidences as well. The group have come a long way since their debut, and fans can see their growth and maturity in Nell’s newest album, "Separation Anxiety", an offbeat album that once again showcases the band’s multi-dimensional talents.


1st Official Album 01 Take Me With 02 A Word I Can’t Trust 03 It’s Going to Be Like That 04 Trash 05 You 06 2nd Time 07 Those Memories 08 Eden

Speechless 2nd Official Album 01 My Resone 02 A Little Sad Story 03 Listen to me 04 Time Capsule 05 Wall 06 Stupid Angel 07 Rather Like That 08 Leaf’s Rain 09 Sheep’s Song 10 Minus 11 Choice 12 Pay Back 13 Chunk

Let It Rain 01 Ghost’s Song 02 Cat 03 Stay 04 It’s Already Like That 05 The Start of the End 06 A Word I Can’t Trust 07 Mermaid’s Star 08


Walk Though Me 01 Lost Child 02 White Dwarf Star 03 Thank You 04 Selfish Love 05 Unsaid 06 Peter Pan Died 07 Stay Within the Broken Mouth 08 Dream Person’s Real War Story 09 Self-Injury 10 Marionette 11 Last Advice 12 One Time Bestseller 13 Empty


Healing Process 01 Reality of Realities 02 Stroll on the Ice 03 Island 04 Meaningless 05 Good Night 06 Conversation with the Afternoon 07 A.S 08 Counting Pulses 09 Yearning 10 Limit 11 51 Minutes Before 12 Beautiful Day 13 Healing 14 Movie 15 Lose Your Heart 16 Bye 17 How Do You Feel


Let’s Take A Walk 01 Good Night 02 Rod That Couldn’t be Words 03 Words You Shouldn’t Trust 04 Onetime Bestseller 05 Stay 06 Thank You 07 It’s Okay 08 To Attachment 09 Down 10 White Dwarf Star


Separation Anxiety 01 Separation Anxiety 02 Moonlight Punch Romance 03 Time of Collecting My Memories 04 Drifting Apart 05 Promise Me 06 1:03 07 Fisheye Lens 08 Afterglow 09 Tokyo 10 12 Seconds 11 _

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Credits: album images from yesasia.

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