SG Wannabe Vol. 5 – My Friend (released)

01 Lalala
02 A Neat Breakup
03 Because I Love You
04 I Miss You
05 Her News
06 Melody
07 Kiss
08 Hello
09 How to Love (feat.Mario)
10 Keep in Touch
11 Happy!
12 Crime and Punishment Part II
13 Very Beautiful
14 I Miss You (Japanese Version)

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SG Wannabe, who debuted in 2004 with the song “Timeless”, have gained much love and recognition with each successive album. Up to their third album they received a lot of attention due to their medium-tempo songs and for their fourth, they were famous for their traditional song, “Arirang”. For their upcoming fifth album, they have come back with the title track “Lalala”, which is of country style. Despite the American feel to it, it fits well for Korean listeners. In addition, SG Wannabe member Chae Dong Ha has left the group and Lee Suk Hoon has replaced him. "I miss you" is the only track in this album that Chae participated in.

Jun Jin Vol. 1 – New Decade (released)

01 Intro
02 Wa (feat. Joo Hee)
03 Hurtful Love
04 One Step
05 For You (feat. Lee Ji Hoon)
06 Good Person (Rap. Kang Jin Woo)
07 You’re Cute (feat. Joo Hee)
08 Fancy Lounge
09 Even If It’s 1000 Times (Remake)
10 Wa (Inst. Edit Ver.) (Rap. Kang Jin Woo)
11 Epilogue

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Shinhwa’s Jun Jin had found success with the release of a mini-album more than a year ago. Now he is releasing his first full album. The album starts off with Intro, which is of trance sounds and hip-hop rhythms. It then continues with the title trac, Wa, which is of the melody trance genre. In the middle of the song, FX sounds and filtering can be heard, which liven up the club feel and the lyrics further enhance this mood. In this album, there are ballads such as Hurtful Love and medium-tempo tracks like One Step. In addition, For You is a collaborative effort with Lee Ji Hoon, and there’s a nice house beat ballad titled Good Person, making it a total of 11 tracks.

Tony An special album – Look Blank (released)

01 Wallet
02 Absent Mindedly
03 I Thank Even Loneliness
04 Wallet (Saxophone Version)
05 Wallet (Inst.)

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Tony An comes back this year with a special album titled “Look Blank”. Tony, who had success with past title tracks off his previous albums, has returned with ballads. This album includes three songs and two instrumentals, making it a total of five tracks. In this album, Tony particularly thought of the message “Love, Separation, and Memories”. The title track, “Wallet”, includes melodious piano arrangement and Tony’s sad vocals define the song well. The second track of the album is "Absent-mindedly’ which arguably fits Tony best. The lyrics were written by Tony himself. The last track of the album, “I Thank Even Loneliness”, was a production of both foreign and Korean producers.

Choi Jin Yi Mini Album – A Shiny Day (released)

01 A Shiny Day
02 Since You Say You Love Me
03 If It’s You
04 Requiem (duet ISU)
05 A Shiny Day (Inst.)
06 Since You Say You Love Me (Inst.)
07 If It’s You (Inst.)

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In 2004, Rumble Fish debuted with the groovy pop track “A Good Day” and continued on as they gained more and more popularity over the years. It’s been four years since their debut and lead singer Choi Jini has finally debuted with her first solo mini album. When Choi was in Rumble Fish, they went with the soft pop rock style but as a solo artiste, she leans more to the ballad side. There are three new songs in this album, “A Shiny Day” being the title track. This song, which is reminiscent of Rumble Fish’s style, was written by Choi herself. The second track, “Since You Say You Love Me” is a ballad track that most defines Choi as a solo singer, while the last track, “If It’s You” is of the bossa nova genre.

Andy Vol. 1 – The First Propose: repackaged version (April 29)

01 Propose
02 Love Song
03 Timing feat. Chae Yeon
04 U Turn feat. Rock
05 Looking at You, and Looking at You Again
06 Shall We Love feat. Byul
07 Face turned Red
08 Thinking of You feat. Eric, Amin. J
09 Never Give Up feat Eric, Dongwan, Minwoo
10 Clumsy Love feat. Wonder Girls Yoobin
11 Lie
12 Music In My Heart (Duet with An Yoo Jin)

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Andy of Shinhwa has debuted with his first solo album since the ten-year anniversary of his group. With various hit makers such as Park Chang Hyun, Hwang Sung Jae, and Wi Jong Soo to help him, Andy sings a wide range of genres such as dance, rap and ballad. For this album, he wanted to show not only his rapping but his singing skills as well. This twelve-track album also features Wonder Girls member Yoobin in the song "Clumsy Love", which originally was a digital single in addition to songs Andy sang in his first musical, “Music In My Heart”. These songs are “Music In My Heart” and “Lies”. A new song from this version is "Propose", written by the same team who brought us his first hit "Love Song". The album includes a 40-page photo booklet.

Rhapsody Part I (Sung Shi Kyung and Naomi) (released)

01 Loving What You Do (Sung Shi Kyung)
02 Are You Happy (Naomi)

The first part of the mobile compilation, “Rhapsody, the Soul of Sound”, which includes famous artistes such as Sung Shi Kyung, Bobby Kim, Son Ho Young, Drunken Tiger and T, has finally been released. It includes Korea’s ballad king, Sung Shi Kyung, and four-octave live female singer, Naomi. Sung Shi Kyung’s is a sweet, melodious ballad composed by the singer himself. The song is about old lovers not being able to forget each another. Naomi, on the other hand, is featured in the second song due to her exceptional skills.

Lisa (single) – Person I’m Going to Meet (released)
01 The Person I’m Going to Meet (feat. Eun Ji Won, Harim)
02 The Person I’m Going to Meet (Inst)
03 The Person I’m Going to Meet (Milab Ver) (Inst)
04 The Person I’m Going to Meet (First Mix) (Inst)

Lisa, an artiste both painting-wise and singing-wise, has come back with another song, “The Person I’m Going to Meet”, which features Eun Ji Won. The song was inspired by Elvis Presley’s song, “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. This song has a hip-hop, soul feel to it. Lisa, who has sang many ballad duets with great artistes such as Park Hyo Shin and Lee Seung Chul, has spread her horizons, trying out new styles for this single.

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