New albums and singles preview - 2008 May week 1

Kim Dong Wan Vol. 2 – The Secret (May 8)

01 Man’s Love
02 Secret (narration SNSD Tiffany)
03 What’s Wrong (feat. Heritage)
04 Honey (feat. Eric)
05 Person You Love
06 Wind’s Love
07 Kiss Between Us
08 You Can Leave
09 Witch’s Escape
10 Good Person
11 I Need to Forget
12 You Don’t Know Me (Duet with Jade Valerie)
13 Secret (Inst)
14 What’s Wrong (Inst.)

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Shinhwa member Kim Dong Wan, who shed his idol image with his first solo album Handkerchief, has come back with his sophomore album, The Secret. The title track, Secret, was supposed to be a ballad but Kim chose to come back with the electronica genre, popular in Korea at the moment. Secret includes a narration by SNSD member Tiffany. Other artistes are also featured in this album such as fellow Shinhwa bandmate Eric, Heritage, and Jade Valerie, the front woman and songwriter of Sweetbox. Some songs worth mentioning are “Kiss Between Us”, which is a 135 bpm dance track; You Can Leave, which was written by Kim Jae Suk of Wanted; What’s Wrong, a remake of the ’95 hit song originally sung by Kim Hyun Chul; and You Don’t Know Me, a duet track with Jade Valerie. There are a total of 14 tracks in the album. In addition, actress Kim Min Sun is to feature in the music video for Secret.


Son Dam Bi – Mini Album Vol. 1 (released)

01 Intro
02 Bad Boy
03 Opposite
04 Clothes You Got Sick Of
05 Let’s Stop
06 Bad Boy Ballad Ver
07 Bad Boy Inst

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Son Dambi, who possesses dancing and singing skills as well as the looks, debuted last year with the nickname "female Bi (Rain)". This year she has made a comeback to the music scene with a mini album as an electronica queen. The title track of the album, Bad Boy, was produced by the “Heroic Brothers”, who has also produced Big Bang’s Lies and Last Farewell, Lexy’s To the Sky, and other popular hip-hop based electronica music. This track was something the producer valued very much and he gave it to Son Dambi, who has definitely upgraded herself vocal-wise for this album.


EZ Life Vol. 2 – Oppa’s Feeling (May 6)

01 Busy Oppa (feat. Yoo Ji Eun) (Intro)
02 Oppa’s Feeling (feat. Yoo Ji Eun)
03 Don X 8
04 Interlude
05 If You Skew It (feat. Han Young of LPG)
06 Yong Taek, Eat (Skip)
07 Bingo (Sook So Ver.)
08 Tight Tight Tight! Feat. Joo Bi (Sunnyhill)
09 I’ll Feel Cooler
10 Live Well
11 I Love You
12 Oppa’s Feeling feat. Yoo Ji Eun (House Ver)

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EZ Life, who debuted in 2006 with the album “Not You but Your Older Sister”, have come back after 2 years with their second album, “Oppa’s Feeling”. Park Hae Woon, who has produced for Cool, Country Kko Kko and DJ DOC, has also participated in doing so for this album. Just as the name states, the songs included in this album can be listened to comfortably. The basic genres in the album are pop and hip-hop and there are songs featuring Han Young of LPG and Joo Bi of Sunnyhill. In addition, the members of EZ Life took part in the music video and the album jacket. The title track of the album is “Oppa’s Feeling”, which expresses the feelings and hardships of men that women do not know. The genre is medium easy pop with great beats and chorus.


A’Star.1 (single) – 1234 Back (released)

01 1234 Back
02 Show
03 Funky N Roll Tonight
04 You
05 I Was a Fool

New six-member boy group A’ST1 (A Star.1) have released their first single album. It consists of five tracks with genres ranging from pop and punk, to dance. The title track is 1234 Back, which was composed by hit-maker Han Sang Won, who is known for making songs for SS501 and Park Ji Hyun. This song has piano accompaniment and strong drama-like beats. The second track Show was composed by Kim Ji Hwan, who has also written songs for SS501. This song has a groovy rhythm with great melody. The third track, Funky N Roll Tonight, has a funky style and fun rhythms. The fourth song, You, is a pop R&B track with the acoustic guitar heard in the background. The group’s vocals blend well with the song.


Jewelry (remix) – Kitchi Island 2 (released)

01 Everyone Shh!
02 One More Time Remix

Korea’s jewel of 2008, Jewelry, have released a remix single with new flavors. Jewelry have already gained much popularity through songs such as Again, I Really Like You, and Superstar. This year they have come back with the song One More Time from their fifth album, hitting the charts within three weeks of the release. This remix album, Kitchi Island 2, includes remix versions of Everyone Shh! And One More Time. Through these songs, we are able to see an upgraded version of Jewelry. Fans are able to see a sexy side of the girls.


Park Hye Kyung (single) – Lemon Tree (released)

01 Lemon Tree

Park Hye Kung, who recently released a special remake album When Women Love, has come back with a digital single, Lemon Tree. This song was originally a hit song by German pop group Fool’s Garden. The song, which has folk sounds and a lively melody, will definitely be a steady seller in the Korean music industry.


Other releases:


One Two feat. Seo In Young (single) – Bad Woman (released)

Ran Vol. 3 – I Love You (released)

Song Chang Shik – 맨처음 고백 (released)

Bong Bong – 등대지기 (released)

Powerful Opponent (KBS Drama) OST (May 3)

Hooligan Vol. 4 – My Sweetie (May 6)

Jung Se Hoon – Neo Classic (May 6)

Jang Ho Suk Vol. 2 – Nothing Special (May 6)

Kim Dong Hee single Vol. 2 – Finally Now (May 7)

Yeon Woo Vol. 1 (May 7)

Choi Sung Soo – History: The Best (accustic Version) (May 7)

Trampauline – Trampauline (May 9)


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