New albums and singles preview - 2008 May week 2

V.O.S Vol.3 – Wonderful Things (May 15)

01 No Matter What You
02 Beautiful Life
03 And You Call Yourself a Man
04 Half
05 The Most Exciting Party Time
06 Laugh and then Cry…
07 I’m Thankful Because it’s You…
08 Candy Girl
09 Two Live
10 Victory
11 Beautiful Life (Concert Ver)

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VOS, who released hit songs such as “Everyday Everyday” and “On Days I Miss You” in 2007, have come back to the music scene this year with their third album, “Wonderful Things”. With clear voices and feelings, the members were able to express their good points. If the group were able to express their love stories well with “Everyday Everyday” they can articulate this to a higher extent with this album. The title song of this album is "Beautiful Life".


Howl Vol. 2 –Listen to the Wind’s Song (May 13)

01 Listen to the Wind’s Song (Intro)
02 Les Amante
03 Good-bye Day (feat. J)
04 Boy Meets Girl (feat. J)
05 Ciao! Let’s Go!!
06 Love, Memories (Album Version)
07 If We Loved
08 Love Story (Duet. So Nin)
09 Good-bye Day (feat. J) [Inst.]
10 If We Loved [Inst.]

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Howl, who melts our hearts, has returned this spring with his second studio album, “Listen to the Wind’s Song”. It’s been three years since his last album and all the songs on the album are worth listening to. The title track of the album is "Goodbye Day", composed by Jang Joon Ho who has done great works for other artistes such as Rain, g.o.d, and Wonder Girls. The lyrics were written by Howl himself. Howls’ great vocals blend nicely in this pop yet modern rock track. Other tracks worth mentioning are "Les Amante", which is of the jazz waltz genre, and "Boy Meets Girl", which of the electronica genre. In addition, the album includes pictures Howl took himself while he was in Japan and therefore, if you listen to the album, it seems as if you are reading his personal diary.

Lee Ji Hoon Vol. 6 – The Classic (May 13)

01 She is Leaving
02 Because I Resemble You
03 Please Stop
04 My Heart is Sorry
06 Hug
07 Goodbye
08 She Is Leaving [Inst]
09 My Heart is Sorry [Inst]

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Lee Ji Hoon, who also participated in the project group S with Kangta and Shin Hyesung, has finally returned with his sixth solo album four years after his last. With at least two years of preparation, the album consists of songs of various colors chosen from a 2000 song list. Composed by Ahn Jung Hoon and penned by Kim Yi Na, the beautiful ballad "She is leaving" (Track 1) has already generated a good response on online charts after being featured on the television programme Change in April 2008. Yoon Il Sang (PDIS) wrote "Please Stop" (Track 3), a sad ballad that will touch the hearts of fans. "My Heart is Sorry" (track 4), which features music by a 40-person orchestra from Czechoslovakia, was composed by Ha Jung Ho who has previously worked with Fly To The Sky, Kang Ta, and BoA.


Meilin – Meilin Story (May 13)

01 What About Tonight
02 Liar
03 What About Tonight (Remix)
04 What About Tonight (Inst.)
05 Liar (Inst.)
06 What About Tonight (Remix Inst)

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Who will be the new name this year after Wonder Girls, Ivy, and SNSD? We want to say 18-year-old, Meilin. In 2004, she sang a song for the animation, “Atom” for both Korea and Japan. The title track for this album is “What about Tonight”. This song is of the trendy hip-hop style with a polished melody. With strong drum beats, listeners can feel the song through the ears and the body. Meilin has already released her first single, “Save Me Soul”, in Japan last year and continued with her second single, “Innocent Girl” and her third, “Candy Boy”. She also reached No. 1 on Yahoo Japan images.

As One – Double Star (May 15)

01 Kiss Me
02 You
03 Mr. Ajo (House Remix Version)
04 To Not You (Hose Remix Version)
05 Promise (House Remix Version)

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R&B duo As One have come back this spring with a whole different color with their new mini album, Double Star. It includes two new tracks and three remixes of popular past hit songs. The remixes are made with a dance feel. The title track, Kiss Me, is a dance track with an easy melody that anyone can sing along to. The reason for this drastic change is because some fans wanted to hear a style change, so this mini album was produced with them in mind.

SNSD (single) – Haptic Motion (released)

01 Haptic Motion

DBSG and SNSD’s scandal for Anycall’s Haptic Motion drama
The song “Haptic Motion” was composed by Kenzie, who also wrote SNSD’s debut song, “Into the New World”. The genre is of rock dance as it’s of dance rhythms with sessions of rock. The main vocals are TaeYeon, Jessica, SeoHyun, and Sunny. This song will mostly likely be a new SNSD hit track.

Crown J (single) – Too Much (released)

01 Too Much (feat. Seo In Young)

Crown J, who has received much popularity with the MBC Sunday Sunday Night’s program “We got Married”, has released a digital single track titled "TOO MUCH", which showcases his hip-hop rapping skills. The song features Seo In Young (ironically his "wife" in "We Got Maried") who sings the melody lines. The song is of the hip-hop and electronica genres and Seo’s medium-tempo parts are easy to sing along to. This song could be a new Crown J hit.


Other releases:


Alex (single) – Flower Pot (released)

Enjel (single) – 그 첫번째 잔 (released)

Aquibird – Whose Dream (released)

Filmstar 1st single (released)

E.Soul Vol. 2 – The Breeze of Soul (released)

Ryu Sung Han Vol. 1 – Out of Stripe (May 15)

Super Kidd Vol. 2 – Action Lover (May 15)

Rhymer Vol. 1.5 – Brand New Life (May 16)


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