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Name: Kim Jong Wook
Date of Birth: February 1, 1982
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 62 kg


Kim Jong Wook spent many years prepping for his debut. His first album, "For A Long Time," contains many songs that are easy to listen to, with his delicate voice and a touch of melancholy. Instead of trying to impress the listeners with elaborate techniques and overly emotional lyrics, Kim Jong Wook tries to present the most frank portrait of himself with a simple and unaffected singing voice. Although he crept into the music scene quietly, he has already scored two top-20 hits this year with "Bad Man" and "Only You". Both are written by Cho Young Soo, Korea’s top songwriter. Kim’s current hit, "Only You", has been receiving much love and attention after seeing this track being used as the main OST for Alex and Shin Ae’s "We Just Married" episodes. That is a blessing for the young singer, as it has gained him a lot more attention.

Under the same management company as popular artistes Park Hyo Shin and Park Hwayobi, the younger singer has big shoes to fill but he is already well on his way. This album was in the making for more than three years, bringing together a team of talented Korean, American, Japanese, and Australian musicians and staff. With 12 new songs, "Kim Jong Wook Vol 1" marks a great beginning for the young ballad singer.


Kim Jong Wook Vol. 1 (2007) 01 Someday, When Our Rain Stops 02 Poor Love 03 Separation is Joyful 04 If I Only Have You (feat. GINA) 05 Again as Friends 06 Sometimes, A Guy Is 07 After 10 Minutes 08 Ba Ba Bu Ba Ba Bu 09 Asking a Day 10 Call On Me 11 If I Throw you Away, So Does Sadness 12 As Time Passes


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credits to KBS World, xsimply juicy, & Kim Jong Wook’s Official Thread @ Soompi


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