PDIS (project album) – PDIS

PDIS (project album) – PDIS

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1. Intro (In To The Story 2008)
2. Drag (Feat. May Doni, Lee Han)
3. Pride (Feat. Tiger JK, May Doni)
4. I Love You (Feat. Joo Hyun Mi)
5. Queen Of Charisma (Feat. Um Jung Hwa)
6. You
7. Woman On The Beach (Feat. Lee Jae Hoon, Yuri, Kim Gun Mo, DK4RG)
8. Love For All (Feat. Jung Joon Ha)
9. Hold The Line 08’ Remix (Feat. Brown Eyed Girls)
10. Free Music (Feat. Brown Eyed Girls)
11. Sweet Potato
12. Outro (Hold The PDIS)
13. Drag (Bonus Track) (Original Mix)

Quoted from the album cover: "P is producer D is director I is instructor S is supervisor.

That is a very good description when two talented musicians team up on this project album. PD is Cho PD, a well-respected rapper. IS
is Yoon Il Sang, a well-known producer and songwriter. Together they
collaborate on this special album with the help of many artistes.

this album was released, a digital single "I Love You" (track 4) was
first released back in January. This song is perhaps a first in Korea –
mixing modern hip-hop with traditional trot music. Joo Hyun Mi, one of
the most famous female trot singers in Korea, was the guest vocalist
for this song. Her vocal, plus Cho PD’s fluent rapping, make it a very
unique song. Joo Hyun Mi even performed with PDIS live on Yoon Do
Hyun’s Love Letter programme. (watch here).

real title song of this album is Drag (track 2). PDIS introduced new
singer May Doni, who used to be trained under YG Entertainment. Unlike
"I Love You", "Drag" is of the electronic and house genre, which is a
far more familiar type of music that Yoo Il Sang is writing. This song
is really a coming-out party for May Doni as she stole the spotlight.
Her powerful vocal and dance moves showed viewers that she’s one of the
next generation of up-and-coming k-pop female singers.

The Line 08 Remix (track 9) is probably a song that most people have
heard of. It was one of the first Brown Eye Girls hit songs, written by
Yoon Il Sang and rap by Cho PD. It was after the success of this song
that Cho PD and Yoon Il Sang wanted to do a full album of crossover
concepts together. Now this song is being remixed by Yoon Il Sang again
for this album.

Many other tracks in this album are worth
noticing. "Queen of Charisma" (track 5) features the real queen of
charisma, Uhm Jung Hwa. It is an up-tempo song which reminds us of many
of Uhm Jung Hwa’s hits. Melody-wise, "You" (track 6) is the song I like
most. This is one of only two songs in this album in which no other
artistes are being featured. "Woman On The Beach" has a good summer
feel. Why? Because ex-Cool members Lee Jae Hoon and Yuri were being
featured, along with Kim Gun Mo, and DK4RG.

Since this is a
project album, artistes are usually more liberal in trying different
kinds of music. As with the case here, PDIS are mixing different genres
such as electronic, house, and hip-hop flavors. The songs are not
considered very commercial, yet they are mainstream enough to attract
many listeners. I’d say even if you are not a fan, you should give this
album a try.


5/5 – Even if you’re not a fan of this artist/group this album is a must buy.
4/5 – If you’re a fan of this artist/group, you must buy this album.
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2/5 – I don’t think a fan would even buy this.
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