Monthly Top 10 K-pop Album Sales: April 2008

Hanteo Monthly Sales Information:

Not surprisingly, Epik High have taken the top spot for sales this month. Leading well over the contenders, Epik High currently have the highest first-month sales of the year. Hopefully, they can reach 100,000 copies like their previous album and be the first album to reach that statistic this year.

Very far behind them is Lee Seung Ki who took a surge in sales, selling slightly over twice as much as last month. Right behind him is Nell, with a strong follow-up to last week’s sales. It seems this album will be quite successful sales-wise. MC Mong’s new album is less than 1000 copies away from them and it seems it will be another hit for the artiste. Close behind him are SG Wannabe, who recently lost and gained a new member. Whether this album will sell close to last year’s hit by the group, we’ll have to see. The Korean industry is declining quite a lot each year and the decline can definitely be seen in the group’s sales.

Still charting since the beginning of the year, Kim Dong Ryul continues to sell well over 10,000 copies, which is very surprising considering most albums’ sales drop quite quickly nowadays. It’ll most likely hit 100,000 copies at this rate. Monday Kiz are right under them. Though the group recently suffered misfortune due to the death of a member, they are still fighting strong as a duo. Hopefully, the album will prove successful as their new album has been doing decently on the charts. Not too far behind them is Gummy, who is still charting. Though she had a drop from last month’s sales, she is still holding on strong to the eighth position. Surprisingly, Shinhwa are charting with both versions of their latest album in the last two positions of the top 10. Shinhwa’s last album, released in 2006, was very successful, so this will probably do quite well as well.


1. Epik High – Vol. 5 "Pieces, Part One"

Sales: 43,321

2. Lee Seung Ki – Vol. 2 Special Album "When a man loves a woman"

Sales: 18,508

3. Nell -Vol. 5 "Separation Anxiety"

Sales: 15,133

4. MC Mong – Vol. 4 "Show’s Just Begun"

Sales: 14,458

5. SG Wannabe – Vol. 5 "My Friend"

Sales: 13,864

6. Kim Dong Ryul – Vol. 5 "Monologue"

Sales: 11,434

7. Monday Kiz – Vol. 3 "Inside Story"

Sales: 9,112

8. Gummy – Vol. 4 "Comfort"

Sales: 8.086

9. Shinhwa – Vol. 9 "10th Anniversary Album" [Limited Edition]

Sales: 6,682

10. Shinhwa – Vol. 9 "10th Anniversary Album" [Regular Edition]

Sales: 6,547

Sources: YesAsia, Hanteo Monthly Charts

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