New albums and singles preview - 2008 May week 3

Tae Yang (Big Bang) Mini Album: Hot (May 22)

01 Hot (Intro)
02 Prayer feat. Teddy
03 Watching Only You
04 Criminal
05 Baby I’m Sorry
06 Make Love feat. Kush

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TaeYang, the main vocalist of one of Korea’s most popular groups Big Bang, has his first solo album, titled HOT in store for fans. The title track of the album, Watching Only You, was co-produced by Teddy of 1TYM and KUSH of Stony Skunk. Teddy is also featured in the song as the rapper. The R&B track I’m Sorry brings out TaeYang’s specialty as well as his rapping skills. In Criminal, Gummy’s vocals can be heard in the chorus and in Make Love, KUSH is featured. G-Dragon, who has been friends with TaeYang since elementary school, produced the Intro-Hot as a gift and also wrote the lyrics to Baby I’m Sorry.


Suh Young Eun Mini Album: Walk In The Desert (released)

01 What am I to Do
02 Love Ends Like This feat Hong Kyung Min
03 Goodbye feat Han Kyung Il
04 First Love
05 Easy Talk feat Oak Soo Photo Studio

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The title track, Goodbye, was composed and written by Yoon Min Soo of VIBE himself and it’s about the sadness a break-up brings. It is a duet track with Han Kyung Il. This is Seo Young Eun’s first time collaborating with a male artiste. Hong Kyung Min is also featured in Love Ends Like This. This mini album includes three new tracks and two tracks, First Love and Easy Talk from the Lovers OST.


Kil Gun Vol. 3 – Light of the World (May 20)

01 Intro
02 Light of the World (Do It)
03 LMs
04 I Want U
05 Wine x3
06 Shake It
07 Shower
08 Fool
09 Spin Around
10 Temptation
11 Color

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Kil Gun has come back this year with her third album, “Light of the World”, with the title track of the same title. This album has five new songs and six tracks from her 2.5 album, making it a total of 11 tracks. The title track was composed by Shin Sa Dong Ho Rangi and Jun Hae Won, and the lyrics were written by Wheesung. The genre is dance with a mixture of brass punk.


Gavy NJ (single) – Lie (released)

01 Lie

Gavy NJ are getting ready to release their third album, and Lie will be their title track for this upcoming album. It is a minor ballad which shows off the group’s vocal skills. The song was composed by Min Myung Gi and Kim Do Hoon, who made the song fit the present trends. The melody of the song will appeal to listeners on the spot and is about the sad irony of love.


Brown Eyed Girls (single) – Ready to L.O.V.E (released)

01 Ready to L.O.V.E

Brown Eyed Girls, who had much success with L.O.V.E, have returned with a single, Ready to L.O.V.E, which matches the present season. The song was composed by Han Sang Won, who has also made songs for Park Ji Hyun of VOS and Monday Kiz. The song, which is perfect for the spring, expresses the feelings of love. This single is part of the LOVE album and the girls are the second musicians to participate in this project.

Saori Band – Happy Virus (released)

01 Player (feat. Bbaekka)
02 Hakuna Matata
03 Wish Upon a Dream
04 Pipipi
05 Japanese Study Song
06 Player
07 Hakuna Matata (inst.)

Saori, who is gaining popularity by appearing in MBC’s Sunday Night show "We Got Married", has finally debuted as a singer with her first album, Happy Virus. It took her eight long months to pick, record, and master the songs. All the songs included in this mini album are great enough to be title songs. The title track is Player, which is a lively track that shows off Saori’s cute voice. Koyote member Bbaekka is also featured in the song. A bonus song would be Japanese Study Song, which is Hakuna Matata sung in the Japanese language. This song can help listeners in studying the Japanese language. The track Pipipi is a remake of a Japanese hit song in 1998 by artiste Noriko. This cute and happy song will help listeners forget their busy lives and problems for the time being.



Other releases:


Kang Sung (single) – 널 만나러 간다 (released)

Chun Ja – Lucia Chunja (released)

Super Junior – Super Show: Live Concert Album (May 19)

No. 1 Korea Vol. 2 – 왁자지껄 우당탕탕 (May 20)

Soulzean Vol. 1 – Soul For Real (May 20)

Kingston Rudieska Vol. 1 – Skafiction (May 20)

Vistee Vol. 1 – Vista Eternity (May 21)

T-Formation Vol. 1 – Paul Bazooka Touched (May 21)

Dbray – Lacking Track (May 22)

Brownie Speaks – 13th month (May 23)



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