New albums and singles preview – 2008 May week 4

Gavy NJ Vol. 3 – The Beginning (May 26)

01 Lie
02 Blue feat Mario
03 I Guess There’s No Such Thing as Love
04 Shake Shake
05 Starlight
06 Fool
07 The Beginning
08 Payback feat Carlos
09 Tear Rain
10 Fox’s Diary
11 You Don’t Know?
12 Violet (Your Song)

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NJ have finally come back with their third studio album. The title track
is “Lie” and it was composed by Min Myung Ki and Kim Do Hoon. With
trendy beats, this song fits the style of the present music industry.
With lyrics about the irony of sad love, the melody will be absorbed by
the listeners. Consisting of a total of 12 tracks, this album includes
“The Beginning”, the lyrics of which were written by the girls themselves. The
lyrics are about their hardships in the past. The song “Starlight” has
a great chorus and adlibs with acoustic sounds that flow with the song

Shinee (mini album) – Noona’s Pretty (released)

01 Noona’s Pretty (Replay)
02 In My Room
03 Real
04 Love Should Go On
05 Noona’s Pretty (Replay Boom Track)

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Shinee is the latest artiste launched by SM Entertainment,
a contemporary band consisting of members ranging from the ages of 14-18.
They made their debut on May 22 with their first mini album, “Noona’s
Pretty.” The members are Jonghyun, Minho, Taemin, Onyoo, and Key.
Everything about Shinee is contemporary, from music, dance, to fashion.
Their name is derived from the word “shine” and the suffix “ee” to mean
“a person receiving light.” The title track of the album is “Noona’s
Pretty (Replay)” was composed and produced by famous hitmakers. The song should attract female listerners of all ages. Other songs that are
included in the album are the melodious “In My Room”; “Real” which is of a
hybrid genre-mixing rock, classic, hip-hop, and electronica; “Love
Should Go On”, and “Noona’s Pretty (Replay Boom Track)”, making it a
total of 5 tracks in the album.

Flower Go Yoo Jin Vol. 3 – Equi-vocal (May 27)

01 Romance
02 Just You
03 Hi-Five
04 Love…Ended (Overnight)
05 Poor Love
06 I Can Fly Without You
07 Your Image in the Season that has Left
08 Young Day
09 Happy Serenade (Inst)
10 High Five (Inst)
11 Poor Love (Inst)

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Go Yoo Jin has finally returned to the music scene with his third
album, “Equi-vocal,” after a two-year break. This album includes songs
of various genres and as a vocalist, Flower Go Yoo Jin is ready show his skills. The title track of the album is “Hi-Five” and it took him
seven long months to re-record and master this song. It is of the
trance-rock genre and was produced by the famous Park Geun Tae. "Just You" has been released as a digital single and is still currently on the chart. It is a tender ballad also written by Park Geun Tae.

Kim Jin Pyo Vol. 5 – Galanty Show (May 29)

02 My Fist feat Beige
03 Full Loaded Base Homerun feat. Jinho
04 Still, You feat Jung In, Gil
05 Heartbeat feat Park Jung Hyun
06 지읒오 지읒에 쌍기역 아 (Korean Alphabet)
07 Shadow Play feat Bobby Kim
08 Romanticist That gets in the Way
09 Pose feat Lee Haneul, Leo, Lisa, Dynamic Duo
10 Boonga Boonga
11 Don’t Look for Me
12 Pick me up and Play
13 Moral Hazard Romance
14 Regretful Song

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Jin Pyo re-united with Lee Juck to release Panic’s 4th album in 2006. Now he has come back with his 5th solo album, five years since his last. He
recorded the brass sessions of the songs in New York, making quality
sounds. In addition, the genres of the songs in this album are of a wide spectrum. Lastly, there is a great amount of featuring
from popular artistes. The title song is "Shadow Play" featuring Bobby Kim.

SuHo Vol. 1 – All About You (May 29)

01 Beautiful
02 One Day in a Year (Skit)
03 As Much as We Loved
04 Cinderella
05 Love (Skit)
06 Only Girl
07 Spring Summer Fall..Winter
08 Thank You Friend
09 Don’t Cry My Love
10 Drawing Paper
11 Don’t Trust Me
12 Just Like This MR
13 As Much as We Loved MR

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SuHo has come back with this first studio album “All About You”, which
is filled with the scent of love. Since 2006, SuHo was a steady seller
on online mobile charts with “Spring Summer Fall…Winter” and “More
Love.” This new album includes songs of the R&B, hiphop, funky and jazz genres. With fun beats, this album is sure to attract many listeners.

Lee Seung Ki – Leaving for a Trip (1 Night 2 Days) (released)

01 Leaving for a Trip
02 Give My All
03 Farewell’s Shadow
04 Clumsy Love
05 To Those That Make me Sad
06 Yearning
07 You In my memories
08 Goodbye
09 One and only Love
10 One Long Day
11 Behind You
12 Girl Lead
13 To Your Side

weeks since the release of the special album, “When A Man Loves A Woman,
Vol. 2", Lee Seung Gi’s title track “I’ll give my all” has risen to
number one on the charts. He has also participated in the show “1 Night
2 Days” with the role of the teacher, as well as dramas and commercials
making him one of Korea’s number one entertainers today. Noona’s
favorite younger brother has released an online single, “Leaving for a
Trip”, which was not included in the special album. This is a remake of
Jo Yong Pil’s song and Lee Seung Gi has put in his own special charms
into the song.

Park Sang Min (single) – Inside the Tears (released)

01 Inside the Tears

been 15 years since Park Sang Min’s debut back in 1993 with his first
album, “Start.” His name defines hit songs. This year, he has released
a digital single, “Inside the Tears.” This song, which showcases Park’s
upgraded voice, is a love story. It was produced by Park Sang Min. With
strong chorus lines and background instrumentals, this song flows well
from start to finish.

Rodem Tree Vol.1 (released)

01 Only You – KCM
02 Up to Here – Lee Ji Hye
03 Because She’s a Girl from the Past – Oh Yoon Hye
04 When the Wind Blows – Haru
05 Only You Inst – Various
06 Up to Here Inst – Various

Tree music was written for listeners who were sick of listening to the
same sounds. The album is like sending listeners on a vacation. The first
title track of Rodem Tree is KCM’s "Only You". This song was given to KCM
as a gift. The second title track of the album is "Up to Here", sung by
Lee Ji Hye. With a strong melody and lyrics, the song is about the times
after a couple’s break-up. The song was composed by Kang Ji Won, who also
wrote Lee Seung Chul’s "I Love You" and Lexy’s "Two People".

Other releases:

Lee Jung (single) – When I see only you (released)

Yemin Vol. 5 – Opus (released)

Sol Ji (2NB) single – 종로에서 (released)

Moon Ji Eun – Vivid:repackaged (released)

Unspoken – Midas Touch (May 27)

Kim Hyo Yeon (A-Bridge) Vol. 1 – In Dreams (May 28)

Son Ji Yeon Vol. 3 –메아리
우체부 삼아 내게 편지 한 통을
(May 29)

Kim Yong Hoon – Sad Story (May 29)

Goguryu Band Vol. 2 – 광부 (May 29)

M: Explore – Live Concert 2008 DVD (May 29)

Sweater Vol. 3 – Highlights (May 30)

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