New albums and singles preview - 2008 May week 5

Wonder Girls – So Hot (June 3)
01 So Hot

02 This Time
03 You’re Out
04 Tell Me (Rap Ver.)

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Wonder Girls, who represented Korea with Irony and Tell Me in 2007, have come back with their third project album, So Hot. In their title track, So Hot, listeners can feel the girls’ charms. In addition, the girls’ new look, fashion, and dance moves have all been upgraded. The song, which was produced by Park Jin Young (JYP), has fun lyrics about how it’s tiring to be pretty. With playful rock & roll rhythms and bokgo analog instrumentals, the song is definitely a Wonder Girls’ style dance track.


OneTwo (mini-album) – Fun’ch (June 4)
01 Rollercoaster
02 Reforming Oneself feat. Ji Hoon Mam
03 Mania feat. Kim Chang Ryul
04 1+2 feat. Narsha
05 Bad Woman feat. Seo In Young

OneTwo, who released their first digital single titled, “Bad Woman” last April, have come back to the music scene with their first mini album, Fun’ch. Many renown producers such as Park Hae Woon and Lee Min Soo have helped with this album. MC Mong, who had a hand in the lyrics and directing of Bad Woman, has once again helped out with the song, Rollercoaster, strengthening their ties as friends. In addition many famous artistes such as Narsha and Seo In Young took part in the album. The song Reforming Oneself is a dance track with Miami beats and is perfect for the summer. 1+2 is a funky electronica track. Mania features Kim Chang Ryul and it showcases his voice.


See Ya & Davichi & Black Pearl (single) – Color Pink (released)
01Blue Moon
02 Blue Moon (MR)

We wanted to see, hear, and meet it and it has now appeared in front of us: the newly-created "The Color Project". We start first with the Color Pink. The title track, Blue Moon, was composed by Kim Do Hoon, with the lyrics written by Choi Gap Won. It is a fast beat song with a minor melody, making it a unique dance track. There are more songs in the future by great artistes for the Color Project, so do look out for that.


Wanted Kim Jae Seok (single) – Farewell Phone Call (released)
01 Farewell Phone Call feat. Kim Dong Wan
02 I Litre of Tears
03 Farewell Phone Call (Inst.)

After finishing up the WANTED & Lee Jung concert last winter, Kim Jae Seok, the leader of WANTED, started recording his solo album, which is released this month. Kim Jae Seok has contributed a lot to the music industry as he produced many songs for artistes such as Gummy, Wheesung, Ha Dong Kyun, Lyn, Shinhwa, and Kim Dong Wan. This year, he is to come to the audience with the song, Farewell Phone Call, which features Shinhwa member, Kim Dong Wan. The two singers’ voices blend well in this song and their friendship shines through.

Wheesung (single) – Wheesung with D.O. (released)
01 We Haven’t Gone Crazy
02 We Haven’t Gone Crazy (Inst.)
03 We Haven’t Gone Crazy (Original Version)

The single project produced by Lee Hyun Do is released. In this project, various artistes are featured in his songs. The first artiste is Wheesung and the song is We Haven’t Gone Crazy, which was already recorded before the release of Wheesung’s fifth album. This song is a slow jam with its slow tempo that expresses sweet love. This song is a jewel worth listening this summer.

Rhapsody Part II (single) – T & Drunken Tiger (released)
01 Baby Bye Bye – Yoon Mi Rae (T)
02 Word Play (Feat. Yoon Mi Rae) – Drunken Tiger

Not too long ago, ballad king Sung Shi Kyung and live diva Naomi released the first part of the Rhapsody project. The second part of this project features one of the best hip-hop artistes, Drunken Tiger, and Yoon Mi Rae, making this a great gift for hip-hop manias. The title track of the album is Baby Bye Bye, sung by Yoon Mi Rae. With great rhythmic patterns, this song is of the R&B, hip-hop and soul genres. In addition to this song, World Play by Drunken Tiger is included. Yoon Mi Rae is featured in this track.


Other releases:


G-Idea (feat. Bae Sul Gi – single) – Summer Dream (released)

Ryu (single) – 알고있는지 (released)

H7美人 Sun & Love Project (single) – The B (released)

Tae In (single) – 사랑은 안녕 (released)

Seo Yeon (single) – The Love Part 3 (released)

Moonshine – Eternal (June 3)

Yeoni – The Love (June 3)

DJ Juice Vol. 1 – Sweet Dream (June 4)

Swagger Vol. 1 – Hello New World (June 4)



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