New albums and singles preview 2009 - July week 3

FT Island Vol. 3 – Cross & Change (released)
01 Bing Bing Bing
02 I Hope
03 Bad and Good
04 Angel and Woodsman
05 Boy Meets Girl
06 Marry Me
07 Even Though It’s Not a Must
08 Knew From First Sight
09 Sending One Off
10 Fool
11 Not Knowing Other Person’s Feelings
12 I Hope (Ver.2)

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This past week, FT Island finally returned with their third album, Cross and Change. Just like their album name states, FT Island has come with a transformation as well as a crossover. If their previous albums mainly consisted of rock ballads, this new one would have more summery bright songs. The title track is I Hope which is of the electronic rock genre has strong melody as well as rap. Fool and Marry Me are also of the same electronic rock genre while Bing Bing Bing is a fresh Rock and Roll song. Lastly, Knew From First Sight is a summery song with reggae sounds.





Brown Eyed Girls Vol. 3 – Sound G (July 20)
01 Glam Girl
02 Abracadabra
03 Toxication
04 Candy Man
05 Moody Night
06 Strange Happening
07 Can’t Go
08 Even If You Have a Woman
09 I’ll Do Well
10 Abracadabra (INST)
11 Candy Man (INST)
12 I’ll Do Well (INST)

01 DJ Cloud Translates LOVE (Cloud Remix)
02 Haihm Translates Second (Haihm Rebuild)
03 East4a translates You (East4a Soulsome Mix)
04 Hitchhiker Translates How (Hitchhiker (Jinu)) Dynamic Mix)
05 Saintbinary Translates Hold the Line (Saintbinary Sweet Purple Remix)
06 Junjamna translates My Style (Junjaman Wet Dream Remix)
07 Fraktal Translates Oasis (Fraktal Desert Is Land Remix)

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Brown Eyed Girls returns with their third volume with songs composed by hit composers. Consisting of two discs, the album has new songs as well as remixes of their past hits. The album was once again produced by Jo Young Chul who also took part in the girls’ LOVE and How. The title track is Abracadabra which was co-composed by Rollercoaster’s Jinu (Hitch Hiker) and Lee Min Soo; it is a fresh electronic pop dance number. Another track worth noting is Candy Man which up until the end was going to be the title track. It was composed by Saintbinary and Lee Min Soo combo.





Cool Vol. 11 – Cool 11 (July 20)
01 To Look To Look
02 In Your Eyes
03 Kiss
04 Happy Time
05 Shoes
06 A Night Like Tonight
07 Gift
08 Are We Breaking Up
09 Sweet Lie
10 Summer Melody
11 I’m so Cool
12 Go Go Sing
13 In Your Eyes (Acoustic Ver)

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Our friend, Cool does not fail to forget about fans and returns this summer with their 11th story. The title song To Look To Look is a summery track that has cute lyrics that will tickle listeners. The Yoon Il Sang and Lee Seung Ho combo who also wrote their past hit, I Want Love composed this number.





Roo’Ra Vol. 9 – A9ain (July 23)
01 Going , Going
02 Let’s Play Together
03 Dance, Dance
04 Everybody
05 I Want to Go
06 We’re Coming
07Our Festival
08 Drunk
09 Beautiful
10 Smile Again

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Roo’Ra, who was the “it” thing in the 90’s, makes a comeback after ten years with their 9th album. There are a total of ten tracks and people like Hyun Jin Young, Lee Ssang’s Gil and Roo’ra member, Lee Sang Min took part in composing some them, producing a variety of songs. The title track is Going, Going which is a dance track about moving forward despite not knowing too much about one’s life or love. The lyrics were penned by Roo’ra leader, Lee Sang Min himself. Panic rapper, Kim Jin Pyo and underground rapper, Big Tone helped with the rapmaking.





Other releases:


Dream I (mini-album) – 꿈꾸는 대로 (released)

Park Seung Hwa remake album – 다시 부르기 (released)

Big Queens Vol. 1 – It’s Okay (released)

Shin Kye Haeng – 사랑이 온다 (released)

Pinodyne – Pish (released)

U: mini-album (released)

SuHo (single) – Dayz (released)

Blazers Vol. 1 – Stubborn Guys (July 21)

Kingpin – Set Me Free (July 21)

Mikemania – Some Different Area (July 21)

Myun Vol. 1 – Bittersweet Thang (July 22)

Plastic People Vol. 3 – Snap (July 23)

Riddim – On The Terrace (July 23)



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