How to Achieve the Ulzzang Look~~

This post was originally from the forums but the transformation is so amazing I had to post it here as well!


Want to achieve this look?

You’ll need the folowing
(i’m just translating this straight from the original post..the person was not very specific with which exact shade of color she used):

MAC’s eyeshadow, liquid foundation and face powder
Anna Sui’s Liquid eyeliner
L’Oreal’s mascara
Lip gloss
Fake eyelashes
double eyelid glue
PS (the author said she didn’t use any PS skills on her pix..but she must had done somethin to make her chin look so pointy..or maybe it was just the lighting~

Before make-up:

After make-up:

Here’s How:


1. Circle Lens + double eyelid glue

2. apply the toner

3. apply the liquid foundation

4. glue on the fake eyelashes along and apply the mascara along with the fake eyelashes

5. You do not need to draw your upper eyelid with an eyeliner because you already have the fake eyelashes on. So you’ll only need to draw the lower eyelide with a black eyeliner.

6. Now you need to apply the eyeshadow.

a) brighten up the entire eyelid (between the eyebrow and the eyelashes line) using the white shadow.

cool.gif now apply the black shadow as seen in the pic.

c) put on some lip gloss~


Want to see more? Here’s more before and after pics!

**Thanks to lala111 for giving permission to let me repost over here!

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